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Bulletproof Guayusa - Biohacking for the good morning


Bulletproof Guayusa Tee Alternative zu Bulletproof Kaffee

W e live in a society in which people are always looking for new ways, means and methods to further increase themselves and their performance potential. Bulletproof Coffee is now appreciated by many people worldwide who are on this path of self-optimization and performance improvement. People like Tim Ferris and Dave Asprey, who is considered the inventor of Bulletproof Coffee, are seen in the biohacking scene as role models and driving forces who are always making new discoveries. With Bulletproof Guayusa there is now a guayusa tea alternative to Dave Asprey's popular coffee version. Why it makes sense to take a closer look at the Bulletproof concept, how you can prepare a Bulletproof drink and get the promised effect without it you can do a lot of work yourself - you can find out here in the blog post:


Bulletproof coffee - also known as keto coffee or butter coffee - has been heard of by a relatively large number of people. For those of us who don't know yet: A Bulletproof Coffee is an energy drink that combines coffee with high-quality fats and seems to be perfect for anyone who wants to really strengthen and energize body and mind in the morning. The drink is often part of intermittent fasting or the ketogenic diet. With Bulletproof Guayusa there is now a tea alternative to the coffee version.


Translated, “bulletproof” means bulletproof. And something bulletproof is made out of a strong material that bullets can't penetrate. That description fits it very well. Because if you make your morning drink “bulletproof”, then you enable your body, for example, to have an extended fasting phase and thus support it in cleaning the cells, improving the sugar and fat metabolism and thereby also preventing infections. Incidentally, intermittent fasting is a natural one Process that our ancestors went through regularly. Simply because there wasn't that much food back then. Not to be confused with a diet, which is supposed to involve a change in lifestyle.

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The "Bulletproof" or "Bulletproof Guayusa" concept works very simply in a sensible and practical way: You replace your breakfast with a 300 ml cup of Bulletproof Guayusa and only eat it again for lunch - or stop when you get hungry. You can not manage? Of course you can do it! One of the main reasons Bulletproof drinks exist is that they are hunger-busting yet energizing. That's why they can also help you lose weight. So make Bulletproof Guayusa your new breakfast.


The best way to find out if Bulletproof Guayusa is your drink? Try out. If you like it, you can integrate it into your everyday life and try to boost your energy and further increase your performance. Do you sometimes wake up in the morning and feel little or no hunger? Then trust your instincts and just skip breakfast. Instead, try swapping your usual - possibly high-sugar - breakfast for an entire week for bulletproof guayusa, which is fat as your fuel. It may take a few days for your body to adjust to the adjustment and extra fat. But if you then feel awake and full for hours, then you know you did something right with this switch.


To serve up a Bulletproof Guayusa, prepare a 250-300ml cup of Guayusa tea. Then put the tea in the blender with coconut or MCT oil and butter or ghee. Blend until the mixture looks like a creamy latte. Find out for yourself which combination - i.e. coconut oil or MCT oil or butter or ghee - suits you the most. Also, experiment with the amounts to see what feels best for you.


  • Boil 250-300 ml cup of GUYA Guayusa tea as usual
  • then into the blender with it
  • Add 1-2 teaspoons unsalted butter or 1-2 tablespoons ghee
  • Add 1-2 teaspoons coconut oil or better MCT oil (alternatively cocoa butter)
  • a pinch of cocoa and/or cinnamon to taste
  • mix everything
  • pour - and done!


  • Industrial butter or margarine
  • Sugar (if sweet, better stevia or monk fruit extract)
  • Other oils, edible oils
Bulletproof Guayusa Zubereitung Bulletproof Coffee
Kaffee Verkostung Guayusa Verkostung


Bulletproof Guayusa is not just “any trendy drink”. There is a science behind the mix of tea, butter and oil. Of course, the most important ingredient is and remains guayusa itself. Guayusa provides valuable antioxidants, its caffeine keeps you awake for long periods of time, guayusa can boost your metabolism and thus help you burn fat for energy. Guayusa is in itself an absolute power drink. Butter or ghee gives the whole thing a creamy consistency and adds high quality fats and nutrients to the tea.


MCT oil is an important part of the recipe. MCTs are special types of saturated fat derived from coconut oil that provide a source of energy that is easily absorbed. The brain and body can be fueled and run using these fats instead of sugar. However, coconut oil also contains unsaturated fats.


Bulletproof Guayusa instead of a breakfast (high in carbs or high in sugar) will provide you with hours of quality fats and plenty of nutrients - all without a full stomach. Bulletproof Guayusa is also a drink that does not contain any sugar or dairy products. So a morning ritual that is at least as satisfying as coffee - and also achieves a completely different effect. Give it a try and find out if Bulletproof Guayusa can be the fuel for your good morning!

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