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How to increase your motivation with the right food!

there are days when we could uproot trees and days that we would rather just spend on the sofa. As the days pile up when you're tired, listless, and unmotivated, you should question your habits. Your diet plays a particularly important role in this regard.


Fresh and largely unprocessed foods provide your body with important minerals and vitamins as well as living enzymes. As a result, little energy is required while you are digesting, so you have more energy available for other tasks. Above all, the good fructose in fruit gives you energy and, in combination with wild herbs or green leafy vegetables such as rocket and lamb's lettuce, is very nutritious.

Dried fruits are also hardly processed. Dates, figs, raisins - they contain a high proportion of L-tryptophan. This is converted in the body to serotonin, the happiness hormone. Your body is then in a happy, relaxed state and can draw strength from rest - it is not in digestive stress.


L-tryptophan is the precursor of melatonin, which is sometimes responsible for sleep. Depending on the amount of light, the body produces serotonin or, in the dark, melatonin. Therefore, in order to promote natural melatonin production, you should not use any artificial light sources such as monitors or smartphones for about an hour before going to sleep. Also, try to soak up as much daylight as possible during the day to replenish your good mood storage.

You can influence your sleep with herbs and foods. Lavender has a stress-reducing effect and contributes to relaxation and thus to a restful sleep. You can eat young lavender leaves well chewed - this is how you get the essential oils - or infuse them as tea.

Foods rich in magnesium and potassium also help to sleep better and more restfully. Conversely, this means that a magnesium or calcium deficiency can cause insomnia. Good sources of magnesium are bananas, sprouted cereals, wild herbs and green leafy vegetables such as lamb's lettuce and spinach.

Foods rich in magnesium and potassium also help to sleep better and more restfully. Conversely, this means that a magnesium or calcium deficiency can cause insomnia. Good sources of magnesium are bananas, sprouted cereals, wild herbs and green leafy vegetables such as lamb's lettuce and spinach.
B vitamins have a variety of different functions in the metabolism and nervous system. It is important to meet daily needs. Bananas, cereals and legumes such as beans and chickpeas, with their high vitamin B6 content, help to stimulate melatonin production in the body. (e.g. chickpeas: 0.54 g to 100 g - daily requirement ~ 1.5 mg)

You can find more about sleep and how you can optimize it in the article: SLEEP BETTER - PERFORM MORE - LIVE HAPPIER


Ziele setzen und besser lernen

Especially in stressful times, you can positively influence your state of mind by supplementing your diet with sprouts, germinated seeds and nuts, as well as germinated pseudo-cereals such as quinoa and amaranth. Sprouts are considered to be rich in vitamins, they also provide fiber, proteins and phytochemicals that stimulate digestion, fight bad bacteria and strengthen the immune system.

Adequate water intake is also important. Our body consists mostly of water, which is why it is all the more supportive to consume water-containing foods in the form of fruit and raw vegetables. Very dry and processed products, such as bread and pasta, consume a lot of water for the body to metabolize. Water makes you alive and gives you energy again.

The tea from the Guyausa plant also offers a wide range of ingredients that have a positive effect on your state of mind. Among other things, Guyausa contains L-theanine (increases stress resistance), magnesium (stress-reducing) and a variety of antioxidants that intercept free radicals in the body.

With the right foods, you can protect your body and mind from stress, have more energy, and live a happier life.


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