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Guayusa Tea - the tea without side effects?!

WAS has this extraordinary tea from Ecuador with the difficult name to be expressed Guayusa (English - why you sa) everything to offer? What side effects does he have? Are there any? Are these "side effects" perhaps even positive?
In this article we would like to give you an insight into these questions. What effect Guayusa still has and what these are due to, you can also find out in the numerous articles in our blog area: Ingredients and effects of Guayusa.

Side effects of Guayusa tea

We are often asked by our customers whether we have tips on using Guayusa can give so that there are no unpleasant side effects. But the fact is Guayusa Has no known unpleasant side effects. The tips that we give to use the positive properties and strengthen their effects. If you do not apply our tips, it has no known negative effects.

We have found that the reason why this question is asked again and again is that most people have had uncomfortable experiences with other guard makers, we have had coffee, mate and guarana.

Hence the most common questions about any side effects - and our answer to that.

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Question 1. I get from Guayusa Heart racing?

Answer: No. Guayusa Has about as much caffeine as coffee and is even the most caffeous leaf in the world, but there is no racing heart due to an extremely balanced active ingredient complex.

Question 2. caused Guayusa Hibbeliness?

Answer: No. The uncomfortable and jetty known from coffee will feel you Guayusa do not meet. This is also due to the special composition of the ingredients.

Question 3. Has Guayusa A habituation effect?

Answer: Unlike coffee, you can find Guayusa Hardly anything like a getting used to. That means that your body not After a while more Guayusa needs to be just as awake.

You want the perfect one Guayusa prepare?
Here you will find our tips and tricks.

Question 4. over acidified Guayusa the body?

Answer: No. Guayusa is pH-neutral and accordingly a basic food or drink. The tea can also be drunk on empty stomach. This is even our express recommendation, since this increases the effect!

Question 5. I can from Guayusa still sleep?

Answer: Yes. Use the Kichwa Indians Guayusa Even extra for promoting your dreams. However, our recommendation is Guayusa Rather in the morning hours and to drink on an empty stomach. 1 liter about. The effect then lasts until late in the evening.

Question 6. I get from Guayusa yellow teeth?

Answer: No. Guayusa Tea is not fermented or roasted. The discoloration of the teeth over coffee mainly takes place through the coffee acid and the light fermentation of the beans. With black tea it is the very strong fermentation of the leaves.

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