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Holy Shit Shopping 2019 - Pictures, videos and experiences

We always go to trade fairs with GUYA. Most of these are food fairs. This year, however, we went to the Holy Shit Shopping in Berlin for the second time just before Christmas. For all those who are now wondering whether they are in 2020 for the Holy Shit Shopping should come, we would like to provide some impressions in the form of pictures, videos and text.

What is Holy Shit Shopping?

Holy Shit Shopping is a pre-Christmas design market that first took place in Berlin 15 years ago. The idea was and is to offer creative designers and start-ups the opportunity to present themselves in the form of a trade fair/Christmas market.

What is there to see?

Unlike the well-known markets at this time of year, you will hardly find any Christmas products such as roasted almonds, macaroons, mulled wine and nutcrackers at Holy Shit Shopping, but you will find clothing, sustainably & fairly produced household items, drinks and food from all over the world, exciting start-ups with crazy ideas and things that you would not have thought existed before, or that you will need them!

Above all, the quality of the goods offered is very high.

Audience and Atmosphere - Holy Shit Shopping Berlin

You will be surprised because you will not find the typical Christmas music at Holy Shit Shopping and the general atmosphere is also significantly different. If you are looking for a cozy little market to drink mulled wine, then you have come to the wrong place. The atmosphere is very energetic and accompanied by loud music. People are a bit faster on the move, of course people also stroll, but the vibes are different! You will see hundreds of stalls with a wide variety of goods, so deciding on something can be difficult.

Pictures and videos from Holy Shit Shopping Berlin

Holy Shit Shopping Berlin 2019

Holy Shit Shopping Berlin 2019 GUYA Guayusa Tea

Guayusa tea tasting

Guayusa caffeine comparison coffee mate

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