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6 Incredible Benefits of Guayusa Tea - For Creative Thinkers & Athletes

In this article, you will learn 6 incredible benefits of Guayusa tea.
In order not to go beyond the dimensions of this article, each advantage is briefly examined and discussed in more detail in other articles.

The benefits of Guayusa are just being discovered by us here in the country. However, the indigenous people of the Amazon have been using them for over 1,500 years.

The Kichwa Indians, for example, use Guayusa before the nightly hunt - in the conviction that they will be successful with full energy and that they can read the tracks of the forest with a steady hand, clear mind and focused gaze. Not only do the indigenous people believe that Guayusa guides them on the hunt with creative and new ideas, but also gives them mental strength at every step of the day. On the other hand, they completely avoid coffee, as they believe that it makes them restless, moody and thoughtless.

You too can use Guayusa and its benefits for your day.

Teeth stay white

Unlike other caffeinated beverages like coffee or black tea, guayusa won't darken your teeth a shade. Guayusa does not contain any ingredients that leave deposits on your teeth, they stay white!

Guayusa contains a very high number of natural antioxidants. Antioxidants are, among other things, effective preparations against bad breath, as they contain active ingredients with oxidizing properties and thus have a positive effect on the oral flora. 1

immune system

Guayusa contains saponins and polyphenols. These can protect against diseases by strengthening the immune system. Saponins and polyphenols reduce stress reactions in the cells and thus prevent unnecessary inflammation. Saponins in particular have an antibiotic and blood pressure-lowering effect. 2.3

Would you like to learn more about Guayusa?
Ingredients and effects of Guayusa

cardiovascular system

Guayusa also contains theobromine. Theobromine is known from chocolate and strengthens the cardiovascular system. It has a draining effect and helps with bronchial diseases. In addition, it increases the performance of the heart and thus enables the improved supply of oxygen-rich blood to all cells. Ergometry tests even showed an increase in work performance of up to 70% and a significant reduction in fatigue after taking theobromine. 4.5


Antioxidants are becoming increasingly important, especially in today's world. We face tremendous environmental stresses, from exhaust fumes to pesticides in our food. Your body has to deal with all of these things on a daily basis. One of the benefits of guayusa is the extremely high number of antioxidants. Antioxidants reduce oxidative stress on your cells and help bind free radicals. 6 Two in-depth articles on antioxidants in guayusa can be found HERE and HERE .


Guayusa has many benefits. The caffeine in Guayusa stimulates your metabolism and at the same time reduces the feeling of hunger - which also has a supporting effect during sporting activities, since your organism can quickly provide additional energy through the metabolism stimulated by the caffeine. 7.8


The indigenous people of the Amazon also use Guayusa to dream more intensely and to interpret their dreams. They believe that Guayusa stimulates creative thought.

Curious about Guayusa?

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8. Fischer TW, Hipler UC, Elsner P: Effect of caffeine and testosterone on the proliferation of human hair follicles in vitro. Int J Dermatol 2007;46:27-35.

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