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Lemongrass properties and effects

I n this article, we look at lemongrass properties. If you want to know more about the origin, the cultivation and the cooperation with the farmers, you have the opportunity to inquire in detail in the following article.
You can also find our short documentation on YouTube.


The bushy perennial can easily reach 2 meters in diameter and half to 1.5 meters. The culm leaves are packed with essential oils that give off the well-known citrus smell. The scent is clearly perceptible just by walking past without touching a leaf. It differs from that of a lemon but has similarities. We describe it as citrusy. It is reminiscent of a sauna infusion or mosquito candles. The smell of lemongrass is anything but pleasant for mosquitoes. When brewed in the tea, a fresh, gentle citrus taste is created that harmonises very well with the herbal note of guayusa. A slight sweetness also resonates in the first few minutes of the brewing time. The longer the brewing time, the lower this grade becomes.

Lemongrass Zitronengras Geschmack Wirkung
Lemongrass und Guayusa Geschmack


As with most natural remedies, no specific health statement can be made about lemongrass. Nevertheless, there are some exciting studies that indicate that lemongrass counteracts high blood pressure, infections, headaches, abdominal pain, fever and infections. There are over 50 different varieties, of which 2 in particular are used in Ecuador. One is described as having a calming effect and the other as energizing. For our Guayusa tea with lemongrass we have therefore of course chosen the invigorating


The lemon grade oil and the plant itself contain a lot of vitamin A or provitamin A (β-carotene), flavonoids, antioxidants, terpenes and phenols.Vitamin A is an important building block for our body in the formation and development of cells and tissues. It also plays an important role in the ability to see light and dark. Antioxidants protect our cells from oxidative damage. You can find a separate article on this in our blog.

Zitronengras Lemongrass drinkguya guayusa.jpeg
Guauysa mit Lemongrass Zitronengras Geschmack


Our goal is to gradually combine more and more plants from the forest gardens with Guayusa to create a stable income for the farmers and to support our reforestation projects. The taste of both plants harmonize perfectly. It's not too penetrating a citrus taste that often predominates in aromatic teas, but a gentle, refreshing one. Both plants have an invigorating effect. Our "Lemongrass" variety is therefore perfect as an energizing companion for your day. The mixing ratio between guayusa and lemongrass is very balanced, which means that the variety is about half as intense as PURE.

Guayusa tea

Organic Guayusa from GUYA is original Guayusa from Ecuador. You can order our Guayusa directly from our shop and have it delivered to your home.

GUYA is Europe's first and largest Guayusa brand that offers you a large selection of Guayusa products. Our versatile Guayusa blends bring variety to your everyday life, keep you awake, focused and relaxed at the same time.

Since 2016 we have been working directly with farmers from Ecuador without intermediaries and have learned a lot about the processing of guayusa.

We look forward to your Guayusa order. 

Powder Guayusa

Buy pure guayusa tea powder. Our Guayusa powder offers you a variety of preparations without losing the organic quality.

Our PURE Guayusa Powder is original Guayusa, but particularly finely sieved to extract the powder particles . You can use the Guayusa powder in preparation of  a latte, cappuccino, espresso or for smoothies and pastries.

With the use of our Dripper , Guayusa powder can easily be used to prepare tea. The dripper's has a double-walled sieve that prevents the powder particles from getting into your tea. This way you can enjoy a delicious Guayusa tea without tea leaves in the water.


The Guayusa sets contain all our Guayusa tea flavours  as well as our tea accessories.Purchasing Guayusa in Sets is a best way to save money because  the Guayusa is in cheaper price in Sets than when sold as an individual product.

Our Guayusa comes from Ecuador and is organically grown there and traded fairly by us.

Each Guayusa set is put together differently and offers you a cheap alternative to expensive individual orders. Choose from sets with a teapot, tea glass, thermos flask, tea strainer and our 7 Guayusa varieties.


Our high-quality tea accessories made from stainless steel and special borosilicate glass have a long service life and can withstand all temperatures unconditionally! Find the right tea accessory for you in our online shop!

The glass products, as well as our stainless steel tea strainers, are suitable for any loose tea. All products can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher or under running water.

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Our tea accessories online shop also offers you a large selection of Guayusa tea which all together, as a set, make   an excellent gift.

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