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Climate Change Facts - Can Guayusa Contribute? Part 2 / 2

In the first part In our article we have provided you with facts, figures and data on the subject of climate change. In this second part, we would like to go into more detail about what each of us can do to stabilize the climate and stop man-made climate change.

climate sins


People consume more today than ever before. But no matter which products we buy, our consumption has consequences for the environment. However, we don't want to limit ourselves. So we can approach things differently and think: firstly what makes me really happy and secondly is it sustainable? How far-reaching the consequences of consumption are for the environment differs from product to product. So you have the choice to make a decision for or against the climate with your next purchase.


Traffic causes high emissions of CO2. There are alternatives that can be used. In the city you can usually get everywhere by bike, sometimes faster than by car. Public transport offers an alternative in bad weather or longer distances. Bus, train and now even shuttle buses (on-call buses for groups) are good options

For overland routes, services such as BlaBlaCar and Flixbus are alternatives to travel in an environmentally friendly way.


vegan diet and guayusa tea

The current global diet is responsible for about 51% of the global CO2 emissions responsible. This figure is due to factory farming and the acreage used to grow fodder. If you want to learn more about the topic, you can watch the film " The Games Changers ". This goes into many nutritional aspects and shows why a vegan diet is the better choice for people and the planet.

Can Guayusa make a contribution to climate protection?

Guayusa is a jungle plant that has been used for thousands of years by indigenous people in Ecuador to recharge their batteries, sharpen their senses and feel better. Guayusa can be described as a coffee alternative.

Guayusa provides the perfect basis for a permaculture that plants do not survive in monocultures. The guayusa plant needs the shade of larger trees and enough fresh air to keep the leaves from mold growth.

What is a permaculture?

A permaculture is a natural ecosystem in which pesticides and fertilizers are not necessary. Permaculture provides a home for hundreds to thousands of plant, animal and insect species. Also, permaculture grows not just one type of food per hectare, but dozens.

What does growing Guayusa do?

With the cultivation of Guayusa we support the traditional agriculture of the indigenous people. Guayusa provides a basis for them to earn financial income away from the local fruit and vegetable markets. At the same time, Guayusa promotes the cultivation of other foods in permaculture.

One permaculture stores up to 30 times more CO2 than a German forest. It is not watered or fertilized. Other crops such as cassava, sugarcane, bananas, cacao, frutipan, ispingo, garabato yuyo, sacha inchi, taxo and many more can be grown with Guayusa. To learn more about these plants, check out our Instagram post about this.

With the use of Guayusa, we automatically promote the preservation of the rainforest by protecting land from deforestation. Unfortunately, many of our luxury foods such as coffee, cocoa and sugar are grown on huge monoculture plantations. For this purpose, hundreds to thousands of hectares of rainforest are cleared and cultivated with a plant species. The soil becomes barren, plants are susceptible to disease, more fertilizer and pesticides are needed, and new land has to be cleared. It is an eternal cycle, but we can break it by using sustainable and ecological products.

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