Dripper - Powder filter 600ml with stainless steel sieve

Double layer sieve, stainless steel, borosilicate glass and dishwasher-proof!

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Our dripper, as we call our Glass mit filter coffee pot, is perfect for both ours Guayusa Powder as well as ours PURE To prepare powder in it.

The double -walled stainless steel sieve of our coffee pot with filter Is extra fine and does not let any powder. It is dishwasher -safe and easy to clean.

Your new glass coffee pot is made of special borosilicate glass and therefore extremely heat -resistant. In theory, you could have yours Guayusa-Coffee Heat in the oven - but who does that. It is important so that your new glass coffee pot does not get any cracks or even shatter when you pour boiling water.

With 600 ml, our dripper is perfect for two large glasses Guayusa-Coffee suitable. The ML display on the side of the coffee pot shows you the level.

You can easily wash your dripper by hand or put it in the dishwasher. When it comes to hand washing, make sure not to rub the logo and the ML display to stak.

Dripper - Powder-Filter

Double layer filter with 600 ml - perfect for two cups!

You already have our new Guayusa coffee or PURE powder in the kitchen and are thrilled?

Here comes your new tool for the preparation!

Our dripper has a" double layer' Stainless steel filter that keeps your stimulant free of annoying components!

The dripper is dishwasher safe and is made of borosilicate glass. The resistant glass only starts to melt at 515°C. Can your kettle do that?

The 600 ml is enough for two cups, but those who know our powder products know that one cup is enough!


Customer reviews

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Great dripper with big weakness

The dripper looks really great.
Has a good size and the sieve works great too, maybe too good. With the pure powder I had the problem that the tea no longer went through well after 300 ml ..., with 2 teaspoons.
But coffee went great.
What really bothered me that the rubber is too thin around the neck and you still burn your fingers.

Oliver F.
Guya Dripper Powder Filter

The Guya Dripper Powder Filter is very suitable to prepare the finer powder and the coffee tea mix. I bought another for the work. Any time.

Marina Scheller

I can only recommend the dripper. The coffee powder slowly runs through the stainless steel sieve and only the smallest particle can get through. I am very stunned...