Guayusa Tee Pulver kaufen
Guayusa Pure – Powder - GUYA - Guayusa GmbH
Guayusa Pure – Powder - GUYA - Guayusa GmbH
Verwendung von Guayusa
Guayusa Pure – Powder - GUYA - Guayusa GmbH
Guayusa Pure – Powder - GUYA - Guayusa GmbH
Guayusa Pure – Powder - GUYA - Guayusa GmbH
Guayusa Pure – Powder - GUYA - Guayusa GmbH
original Guayusa aus Ecuador als Pulver
Zubereitung von Guayusa
Kaufe Guayusa Tee Pulver
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Guayusa PURE - Powder

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    Our Guayusa Tea powder is created from the seven of the normal Guayusa PURE Teas. The Guayusa Powder is therefore original Guayusa, however, has more areas of application due to its powder form.

    Of course you can simply prepare the powder as a tea. We recommend our Dripper to use because it has a double-walled stainless steel filter. Alternatively, you can use a single-tie filter.

    We have that PURE Guayusa Tea powder made to enable the preparation in an espresso machine, coffee machine and Italian mocha. In this way, delicious and particularly intensive wax makers are possible. ;)

    The use of the Guayusa Powder in smoothies, pastries and bowls is also possible. However, note that the powder has a noticeable texture.

    Like all of our products, our powder is 100% biologically grown and traded fairly. Our powder comes from the same farmers as ours PURE Tea. However, since we want to get away from the overpriced and useless bios seal in the long run, we have that Guayusa Tee powder does not integrate into our official organic certification.

    We would rather show our customers through transparent supply chains where their product comes from. You will therefore find many videos of interviews with farmers and documentation about production YouTube. These videos are possible because we are on site ourselves, know the farmers personally and attach great importance to honest cooperation.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 33 reviews
    Jasna Hollenstein
    Guya powder

    Love it

    Daniel Gutwin
    Beste natürliche Koffeinvariante für mich bis jetzt

    Im Vergleich mit anderen Koffein-Lieferanten wie scharzem, grünen, Matetee und Kaffee bietet mir Guayusa am wenigsten Nebenwirkungen (Nervosität, Crash, Unwohlsein). Gleichzeitig ist es der einzige, durch den ich mich besser konzentrieren kann, die anderen Koffein-Lieferanten machen mich ggf. nur wacher. Kann ihn auch gut noch später am Abend konsumieren und dennoch einschlafen :) Was ich mir wünschen würde, sind alternativ größere Verpackungen und natürlich weiterhin transparent die Wertschöpfungskette darzustellen.

    Peter Petarus

    Sehr lecker und einfach zuzubereiten, trinke ihn beinahe täglich.