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We always get messages from customers and subscribers on Instagram and Facebook, whether they are ours Guayusa Can also buy tea products from REWE.

It would be nice!

Unfortunately has Rewe Like all other supermarket chains, completely different priorities than a holistic and sustainable product such as Guayusa To put tea in the range. It is also very priced and that sells badly!

We are therefore not yet represented at REWE, but in this short article we would like to give you a look at why one Order with us the best alternative is for trade.


  1. Difficulty for Guayusa Tea to be listed at Rewe
  2. Alternative "Guayusa From the onlineShop“Instead of Rewe
  3. Sustainability of your order
  4. Discount and voucher code for Guayusa tea


1. Difficulty for Guayusa Tea to be listed at Rewe

In our article too DM and Rossmann We have already described what the biggest hurdles are.

At Guayusa For sale tea at Rewe, encounters similar hurdles. There are extremely high listing fees, of around EUR 1 million. The list then applies to 6 months. If the product is not sold in sufficient quantities during this time, the goods will be removed from the range, transported back to the manufacturer and the cooperation has ended.

The list fee remains of course in Rewe's account;)

You can imagine that 1 million euros has a small one Guayusa Tea companies are not on the side to "donate" to Rewe. In addition, an additional € 2 million must be expected for marketing so that the product really sells from the shelves.

For small start-ups without Connection to investors or TV showsSo it is To be listed almost impossible for large food chains.


2. Alternative "Guayusa From the onlineShop“Instead of Rewe

In our On-line-Shop But of course you will find all of our products. You can easily pay via PayPal, credit card, transfer or even on account.

Ours Guayusa As with Rewe, you can have tea delivered directly to the door. ;) We send with Hermes, since unfortunately DHL no longer works with small start-ups with low shipping volume, but preferred Amazon.

From € 59.90 we can then take your shipping costs onto our cap. Otherwise we pass on the shipping costs 1: 1 to you, of course we don't earn anything here.

With higher shopping values ​​you will also receive a gift from us. Depending on the current action, e.g. a free Glass teapot with sieve, a free Tea glass, a free Tea filter.


Guayusa Tea Rewe Discount Coupon


3. Sustainability of your order

Hermes is already sending CO₂-neutral and has a great tracking system. The known defects and the bad service from Hermes are repaired almost across Germany.

We tried pretty much every service, from GLS via DPD and UPS. With Hermes we have a delivery rate of 99%, provided the customer follows its package and gives a storage OK via the Hermes system, for example, or makes an appointment.

We look forward to your Order In onlineShop and with it the direct support of our Guayusa Tea project, without price printing by a huge group like Rewe.

Through the Cultivation from Guayusa in Permacultures we can additionally per hectare 5x more CO₂ Bind as a German mixed forest. This sustainable cultivation method alone might us to a CO₂ positive companies. You can find transparent videos on our Youtube channel. If you have any questions, please send us an email.


4. Discount and voucher code for Guayusa tea

Even if we have not yet 1 million euros in list at REWE for ours Guayusa Can make tea, we are happy to give you one Discount, that you Guayusa try out can. Use the Discount Coupon code: Rewe-5 And you can with us in the Shop direct 5% on everything save.

If you are in our Newsletter Registration test, we give you even 10% Discount as well as our popular "guard maker comparison" as E-book free for every order.


We look forward to your Guayusa Tea order with us.

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