GUYA Teas with updated minimum content date

GUYA Tees mit aktualisiertem Mindesthalbarkeitsdatum

Why was the minimum date on my tea pack over glued with a new date?


We look forward to being able to tell you that your Guayusa Tea of ​​high quality is and you can continue to enjoy it without hesitation. Guayusa And tea in general are foods that rarely become "bad" when storing is rarely stored.

After extensive our own tests on sensors and external tests for microbiology, we were therefore able to extend the best before date. We were able to avoid the waste by disposal of a valuable food. The new adhesives applied to the packaging also enable a legally flawless and hedging product for the sale.


Here you can find our official Unbecitorial objection.


What is a minimum date?

A best before date, or MHD, is different from an expiry date. The MHD must be legally assigned by the manufacturer. This may act at its own discretion. In general, the MHD describes the time in which a food in taste, smell, and color remains the same and does not lose quality.
Since our packaging seals airtight and contain a moisture barrier, this quality must also be guaranteed via the first MHD without hesitation.


Then why a MHD at all?

It is already being discussed whether, for food such as tea, noodles, rice, sugar, salt and other foods, which are particularly durable. From our point of view, this makes absolutely sense, because around 80kg of foods are only thrown away every year due to a MHD that is no longer valid. That doesn't have to be! We demand that, like many other producers, to delete the required MHD from the law.

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