Each of our Guayusa teas has slightly different properties, depending on whether it is 100% Guayusa or a mix of herbs, spices and fruits. Our PURE and DARK varieties are our pure 100% Guayusa varieties. The properties of guayusa are correspondingly concise in these two types of tea.

The ORANGE-MINT and LEMONGRASS varieties are two varieties with a medium-high Guayusa content. We recommend them for lunchtime or for an even smoother waking experience.

The CHAI variety is our weakest variety and only has about 30% guayusa. So if you are looking for a spicy pick-me-up with the properties of Guayusa tea, our cinnamon variety is a good choice.

You can find all sort-specific properties in the corresponding product details and the explanatory videos.

For even more in-depth information about Guayusa, we recommend our YouTube channel or our blog .