Plastic shipping pockets for a organic tea?

Plastik-Versandtaschen für einen Bio Tee?


NUN comes yours Guayusa In a plastic bag and you shake your head?

Anyone who has been one of our customers for a long time will have noticed over the years that we have often changed shipping packaging. From upholstery envelopes to force paper envelopes to normal boxes and now to plastic bags. But why? We would like to dissolve this riddle for you, because of course we thoroughly considered this step.


100 % recycled

Our shipping bags are already 100 % recycled and are always prepared by our yellow ton recycling system, since we do not use a composite, but simply reusable plastic.


No deforestation of forests

At GUYA Let us stand up for the reforestation of the rainforest and have already achieved a lot here. If you want to follow our project, it is best to follow us on Instagram or regularly look into the updates in our specially designed article "Our social projects".

We found it to be used in the team, which is always strange cardboard boxes, when we campaign against deforestation.

Now you could say: "Yes, but there is cardboard from sustainable sources or recycled paper!". That is correct. Unfortunately, the seals used for paper from sustainable sources are anything but trustworthy. Anyone who has seen the documentary via the FSC seal (highly recommended) knows that an FSC mix cardboard does not even have to really contain something sustainable, but only keeps the possibility open.

We wanted to distance ourselves completely. Because whether it is native forests or the Amazon. A tree sometimes takes a lifetime for around 10-20 years with very fast growing trees. In addition, tree monocultures in industry are seen as a sustainable source. But this is not the case! A monoculture of spruce is as bad for the soil and the animal world as a monoculture of Maisfeld (whether bio or not).


Savings in weight and transport

In contrast to conventional shipping boxes, our packaging needs about 80% less space. The weight is also much lower and not only saves transport costs but also in the emission of CO2.


Reuse and recycle

How can you contribute to this so that our shipping bags can be used again?



Fortunately, we have a functioning recycling system in Germany. The yellow recycling bin is the right place for our bag. Please remove the shipping label beforehand and then go into the bin.


Use as a garbage bag

If you want to be really Öki, we do it in the office, you can simply use our bag for plastic waste that is enough in the household anyway. Together you can then put the whole bag and content into the yellow bin. 

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