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Guayusa Has up to 7.6% caffeine. It is more caffeine than guarana, coffee, Mate & Matcha. Still without caffeine side effects!

Amino acids:

All essential amino acids, including BCAA, are in Guayusa available. For example, the body can form healthy dopamine.


Unique amino acid! L-theanin acts as a caffeine antagonist without impairing positive effects such as alertness, concentration & performance increase.


Guayusa Has 2 times more antioxidants than green tea. Lutein is one of them & improves the absorption of light through the retina!


Having mood. Known from cocoa (chocolate). Increases good HDL cholesterol & reduces bad LDL. Improves oxygen absorption.


Improves blood flow & oxygen absorption of the lungs with an increase in performance up to 14%. Stimulates the central nervous system.