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Guayusa coffee effects and taste


Guayusa und Kaffee Mix Kombination

I n our article on the new variety, we have already taken you on the journey of its creation. Information on the origin, cultivation, cooperation and processing can be found there. As always, we have also prepared a short documentation for you, which you can watch as always on YouTube or linked in the blog article.
This article is about the flavor profile and effects of this extraordinary blend! Coffee and guayusa... that sounds really weird, doesn't it? We thought so too, but practice has shown that this mixture is ingenious, both in terms of effect and taste!


We are familiar with Guayusa and have gained a lot of experience in processing/finishing over the years. With coffee, however, we had zero experience. Fortunately, we have found competent partners.

Our coffee comes from the Loreto region in Ecuador. Several farming families have come together under the name WITOKA and have received a lot of support for their coffee project over the past few years. They were able to set up their own processing with drying, roasting and grinding and learned from professionals on their original Italian roasting machine what is important. In 2019 they received the award for the best Robusta coffee in Ecuador.

Why Robusta and not Arabica? Robusta coffee is the much better variety if you know what to look out for. Cultivation can take place in permaculture, the caffeine content is about twice as high and the flavor profile is particularly exciting. Unfortunately, Robusta has been replaced by Arabica in recent decades, as this variety is better cultivated in monocultures, i.e. risky plantations.

Guayusa und Kaffee Blend natürlicher Wachmacher


The smell of our pure coffee can best be described as berry, nutty and slightly chocolatey. After brewing in the French Press, Mocha or Dripper, this profile shifts a little in favor of a strong nut aroma, light chocolate and berry notes. In combination with our PURE Powder, the flavor profile expands to include a grassy/herbal note, which is however subtle and first can be tasted in the finish. Due to the fact that guayusa has a very gentle taste, the combination of coffee and guayusa is particularly suitable for people who, for example, do not want to do without the taste of coffee!

Guayusa und Kaffee Geschmack und Wirkng Verkostung
Guayusa Kaffee Tee Ecuador Deutschland


Our goal with this new and unusual product was to connect two worlds. Both the taste and the effect!

Coffee usually works very fast and strong. Our Robusta coffee goes one better here, because it has about twice as much caffeine as usual Arabica.

We have received feedback from coffee drinkers that they like to drink Guayusa after the first cup of coffee, as this prolongs the effects. That's exactly what we wanted to achieve. A quick, direct kick that then transitions seamlessly into the long-lasting and focusing effects of Guayusa!

Our Guayusa coffee powder is therefore suitable for all coffee lovers who want an additional boost throughout the day without being plagued by an unpleasant racing heart or stomach problems.

Guayusa tea

Organic Guayusa from GUYA is original Guayusa from Ecuador. You can order our Guayusa directly from our shop and have it delivered to your home.

GUYA is Europe's first and largest Guayusa brand that offers you a large selection of Guayusa products. Our versatile Guayusa blends bring variety to your everyday life, keep you awake, focused and relaxed at the same time.

Since 2016 we have been working directly with farmers from Ecuador without intermediaries and have learned a lot about the processing of guayusa.

We look forward to your Guayusa order. 

Powder Guayusa

Buy pure guayusa tea powder. Our Guayusa powder offers you a variety of preparations without losing the organic quality.

Our PURE Guayusa Powder is original Guayusa, but particularly finely sieved to extract the powder particles . You can use the Guayusa powder in preparation of  a latte, cappuccino, espresso or for smoothies and pastries.

With the use of our Dripper , Guayusa powder can easily be used to prepare tea. The dripper's has a double-walled sieve that prevents the powder particles from getting into your tea. This way you can enjoy a delicious Guayusa tea without tea leaves in the water.


The Guayusa sets contain all our Guayusa tea flavours  as well as our tea accessories.Purchasing Guayusa in Sets is a best way to save money because  the Guayusa is in cheaper price in Sets than when sold as an individual product.

Our Guayusa comes from Ecuador and is organically grown there and traded fairly by us.

Each Guayusa set is put together differently and offers you a cheap alternative to expensive individual orders. Choose from sets with a teapot, tea glass, thermos flask, tea strainer and our 7 Guayusa varieties.


Our high-quality tea accessories made from stainless steel and special borosilicate glass have a long service life and can withstand all temperatures unconditionally! Find the right tea accessory for you in our online shop!

The glass products, as well as our stainless steel tea strainers, are suitable for any loose tea. All products can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher or under running water.

You can buy our products individually or in a combined package at a lower price.

Our tea accessories online shop also offers you a large selection of Guayusa tea which all together, as a set, make   an excellent gift.

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