Tea with coffee taste - drinking less coffee, without giving up!

Tee mit Kaffeegeschmack – Weniger Kaffee trinken, ohne Verzicht!


At first glance, this topic of tea with coffee taste seems rather unusual, but if you know the unpleasant side effects of coffee on the stomach and the cardiovascular system, you may have already thought about this idea.

This short contribution should therefore be about the question of whether it is possible to create a tea with a coffee taste and a pleasantly awake effect.


Table of contents

  1. Why tea with coffee taste?
  2. Which tea is best suited for a coffee taste?
  3. Guayusa Tea with coffee taste
  4. Guayusa Buy tea with coffee taste


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1. Why tea with coffee taste?

In the introduction, I have already indicated it, coffee has numerous side effects that come to light, especially with daily consumption. Why this is so, we have extensively in our post “Which coffee for stomach problems" treated. A drink z. B. a tea with coffee taste that is free of the side effects is therefore extremely desirable. More on this under point 2.

Why coffee has such side effects is mainly related to the following points.

With normal coffee, stomach problems and heartburn often occur because:

  1. Coffee consumption has been in mind for several years
  2. Coffee is often drunk on an empty stomach
  3. Cheap coffee is drunk with too strong (industrial roasting)
  4. Several cups are consumed every day

Coffee acid in coffee also stimulates the formation of gastric acid.

In addition, coffee often leads to rapid heartbeat and ribbon because:

  1. The caffeine is almost free (not bound)
    1. Other fabrics such as antioxidants, L-theanine and theophylline are missing
      1. This absence leads to a quick and aggressive caffeine effect

We have a whole series of articles aboutcaffeine, whoseAdvantages andDisadvantages Likewise, the effect in thepregnancy and many more. Simply give the search term “in the blog“caffeine" a.


Why stomach problems of coffee?


2. Which tea is best suited for a coffee taste?

The most famous teas are black tea, green tea, white tea and Matcha. There are also roasted teas, but the fact is that tea stays tea and the flavorings of the coffee bean not only arise from roasting.

To get tea with coffee taste, you inevitably have to create a mixture. The tea used should be mild in terms of taste so as not to influence the coffee taste. It should contain a lot of caffeine, but no rapid heartbeat and no ribbon. It should also cause long -lasting guard.

Green tea and black tea are out of the question. In general, all real teas are from the tea plantCamellia sinensis are obtained, unsuitable because they contain a lot of tannins (striking bitter fabrics in green tea) that affect the taste noticeably. In addition, there is often hibbleness and stomach problems, since the enormously high number of bitter substances can worry an empty stomach.

A suitable tea that is fulfilled the factors mentioned by mild taste, lots of caffeine, basic effect and pleasantly long -lasting lustGuayusa tea. It also not only looks basic, but gastric, it has hardly any bitter substances and tastes gently like a herbal tea.


3. Guayusa Tea with coffee taste


Tea with coffee taste


Guayusa Tea comes from the Amazon rainforest from Ecuador and is used there by the indigenous Kichwa as a natural energy drink. Guayusa Grows in the so -called chakra, these are biodiverse forest gardens that are modeled on the rainforest and do not need fertilizer or pesticides.

Along with Guayusa Coffee grows in these forest gardens. During our last trip to Ecuador, we therefore dared to try Guayusa Mix the tea with coffee to create a unique mix of coffee taste and pleasantly long-lasting effect.

Ecuador is one of the best-known countries for high-quality robusta coffee, which has a higher caffeine content and more creamy taste than Arabica. Our short documentary for cooperation with the farmers and the production of our unique Guayusa You will find tea mixture with coffee tasteYouTube.

This 50/50 mixture Guayusa And coffee combines the best of both plants. You get your usual coffee taste and caffeine kick, which seamlessly into the pleasant, focusing and long-lastingEffect of Guayusa tea transforms. At the same time, you need to worry about heartburn and stomach professionals no longer worry because the mixture looks much more pleasant.


4. Guayusa Buy tea with coffee taste

If you want to reduce your coffee consumption, but do not want to do without the sometimes positive coffee effect or the coffee taste, then you should definitely try out our unique mixture.

We have already been able to do thousands of customers through ourpure Guayusa and oursGuayusa-Coffee mix Convince and help to drink less coffee.

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