L-Theanine Effect – Concentration, Sleep, Depression and Caffeine

L-Theanin Wirkung – Konzentration, Schlaf, Depression & Koffein


The L-theanin effect is extremely exciting on many sages! In combination with caffeine, L-Heanin has a magnificent effect! But L-Heanin can also have a positive effect on sleep and depression.

In this article we would like to focus on the effect of L-theanin, so that in the end you understand exactly what advantages this exciting amino acid has and how you can use it for yourself.


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  1. What is L-theanin?
  2. Where is Theanin included?
  3. L-theanin effect
    1. General use of L-theanin
    2. Concentration-L-theanin effect
    3. L-theanin effect on sleep
    4. L-theanin effect on stress
    5. immune system
    6. L-theanin effect in depression
    7. Blood pressure
  4. Effect L-theanin and caffeine
  5. L-theanin dosage
  6. Side effects of L-theanin
  7. Conclusion

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1. What is L-theanin?

L-theanin is a non-proteinogenic amino acid. It is therefore not built into the body as a protein. The amino acid acts in the brain and is accordingly some of a few that the brain blue barrier can pass. The effect of L-theanin is described as relaxing, stress and fear reducing and in a sleep-constricting. More about effect later.


2. Where is Theanin included?

Rarer as gold could almost say, because L-theanin only occurs in two plants and a mushroom. At least no further source has been found.

For a pure L-theanin powder you have to, as with caffeine Also, carry out an extraction. In the meantime you can also directly at Buy Amazon.

Where is L-theanin included?


3. L-theanin effect

3.1. General use of L-theanin

Since L-theanin has a relaxing effect, many people use it to reduce stress states or to reduce fears and depression. L-theanin is often taken in dissolved form as a tea or as an extract.

It should also increase mental performance and attention and lead to increased focus. In addition, it should have a blood pressure-regulating effect and improve the quality of sleep.

Let's take a closer look at the effects of Theanin.

3.2. Concentration-L-theanin effect

Taking L-theanin is intended to improve concentration and learning ability. This can be an advantage before an important test or in demanding mental work. At a study After taking a one-time capacity, it was possible to determine the L-theanin effect on cognitive skills that the test subjects cut faster and with fewer errors in reaction tests. The study came  after 12 weeks To the conclusion that attention, the memory capacity of the brain and executing processes are positively influenced.

This effect is a reason why L-theanin is becoming an increasingly popular Nootropics becomes. Thanine, together with L-Theanin, Theobromin and Theophyllin, is most efficient, which you all have in balanced quantity in Guayusa find.

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3.3. L-theanin effect on sleep?

A study dealt with the effect on our sleep. A 2011 The study carried out shows that L-theanin causes a deeper and more relaxed sleep. After 6 weeks of taking 100 mg L-theanin twice a day, the sleep behavior of the participants improved.

One Another study showed that 200 mg to 400 mg significantly improved sleep from humans and animals.

Further studies showed one lower heart rate In the rest mode of the test subjects and a better sleep quality of ADHD boys.


3.4. L-theanin effect on stress

Studies showed that L-theanin has a soothing effect on the mind without making sleepy. In addition, the amino acid should help to stress and fear in stressful situations to reduce.


L-theanin effect overview


3.5. immune system

Also the decline of Respiratory diseases and Intestinal infections could be detected in drinks in a study on L-theanin.


3.6. L-theanin effect in depression?

Similar to the studies on fear and stress, examinations in patients with chronic depression come to the Resultthat L-theanin has a soothing effect.


3.7. Blood pressure

At a Carried out in 2012 Regarding the effect of L-theanin with people who tended to high blood pressure in stressful situations, it was observed that taking around 200 mg L-theanin lowered the blood pressure of the test subjects in advance.

Five other studies, which checked the intake of L-Heanin at regular intervals, also led to these blood pressure-reducing results.

In two Japanese studies Could a remarkable L-theanin effect be determined. It has been proven that L-theanin only causes a reduction in blood pressure if there is a problem, but not if no stress causes an increase. L-theanin can therefore rather than Blood pressure-regulating be described as lowering.


4. Effect L-theanin and caffeine

The combination of L-theanin and caffeine has already been examined in studies and showed a better one among the subjects Attention, and ability to solve the tasks. The Participant Also felt more relaxed and more alert. 

In general, it seems that attention, mood, memory and reaction clearly improved become.


Effect L-theanin and caffeine


5. L-theanin dosage

There is no official dosing recommendation for L-theanin, but the studies can quickly be taken from the studies that a daily dose of 200 mg to 400 mg has an efficient and positive effect. This dose can be taken for 4 to 6 weeks or longer.

If you tend to start a self -experiment, we will of course advise you to inform your doctor and ask for advice and obtain further information.


6. Side effects of L-theanin

So far, no L-Heanin is known. Acceptance as a supplement of 900 mg daily has been tested in studies over 8 weeks. Of course, this is not a medical recommendation. Contact your doctor and inform yourself in detail.

Guayusa tea contains both L-theanin and caffeine, this combination is one of the reasons why Guayusa Tea no known Side effects has. You can find additional information about the caffeine Pretend and the Disadvantage In our linked articles. An overall overview of the active ingredients in Guayusa do you find here And you can use it to make an overall picture of the effect.


7. Conclusion

L-theanin is an ingenious active ingredient with a magnificent effect that can help against stress, fear and depression. But not only that, L-theanin improves sleep and cognitive skills-according to the study situation.

The effect is therefore not just for professional Biohacker, but also for students, self -employed and everyone who is often exposed to stressful situations and mental challenges.

In combination with caffeine and other active ingredients such as Theobromine and Theophyllin L-theanin can have a synergetic effect.

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