Caffeine advantages - positive effect of caffeine on our health

Koffein Vorteile – Positive Wirkung von Koffein auf unsere Gesundheit


Essential is already in advance Difference between natural caffeine and pure, mostly extracted or chemically produced caffeine, to mention. The properties of natural caffeine mostly have positive advantages. Extracted, pure caffeine, on the other hand, can quickly Side effects to lead. In this article, we would particularly like to deal with the general advantages and effects of caffeine on health.

In the article you will find numerous further links, both for studies and other articles in our blog that help you understand the complex topic of caffeine.


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  1. Effect of caffeine
  2. Caffeine advantages for health
    1. Physical advantages of caffeine
      1. Reduction of type 2 diabetes risk
      2. Up to 25% lower risk of stroke
      3. Up to 49%lower risk of cancer
      4. To get lower risk kidney stones
      5. Up to 21% lower skin cancer risk
      6. Protection against cataract
      7. Lower Alzheimer's risk
      8. Lower Parkinson's risk
      9. Increase in performance in sports
      10. Improved/increased metabolism
      11. Lose weight
    2. Mental advantages of caffeine
      1. motivation
      2. Increased brain function
      3. Memory
      4. Improvement of long -term memory
  3. Conclusion


1. Effect of caffeine

You can find a really detailed description of the effect of caffeine in our main article on caffeine "Caffeine effect, overdose, withdrawal, pregnancy & more". For deeper information, we therefore recommend that you read in there too.

In general, caffeine is an alkaloid that the blood-brain barrier can pass and then by blocking the adenosine receptors ensures that less is produced by the sleep hormone melatonin. Accordingly, after consumption of a caffeinated drink, we will Guayusa Not tired so quickly.

In addition, caffeine seems to be slightly stimulating dopamine production or at least reducing the discharge of dopamine from the brain, which makes us feel happier.


2. Caffeine advantages for health

In our Main contribution If we have already responded to many advantages that we now want to illuminate in detail. In conclusion, we hope to have given you a good overview with which you for yourself both advantages of caffeine for your health and Disadvantages better evaluate.

We start with the physical advantages of caffeine for health and conclude with the mental, psychological advantages.

  Advantages of caffeine for Körpelriche Health


2.1. Physical advantages of caffeine

Reduction of type 2 diabetes risk

In a study With over 1.6 million subjects over 4 years, a connection between the consumption of coffee and diabetes was found.

Anyone who increased their consumption by average over the observation period of 4 years and drank 3 or more cups of coffee every day had a risk of diabetes lower.

This advantage for health is mainly attributed to caffeine, but also the other ingredients.


Up to 25% lower risk of stroke

With one over 10 years of running study was examined what advantages of caffeine consumption has a risk of stroke.

It could be found that no or low consumption leads to an increased risk of strokes.


Up to 49% lower risk of cancer

In almost a million women and men, a significant health advantage in connection between the consumption of caffeine and larynx cancer could be found.

If you drank about 4 cups of coffee on average, you had a 49% lower risk of developing larynx cancer.

Further reduced cancer risks should be:

  • Prostate cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Uterine cancer


To get lower risk kidney stones

Also with this study, in the over 8 years Long the caffeine consumption and the advantages for the kidneys were examined, it was found that participants were less affected by kidney stones with a significantly higher consumption.


Up to 21% lower risk of skin cancer

Both the oral intake of caffeinated drinks and the direct application of caffeine -rich creams has emphasized a lower risk of cancer as a caffeine in experiments.

Scientists found that caffeine protects the skin from destruction by ultraviolet light.

And the consumption of 3 or more cups of coffee a day also led to better protection of the skin from cancer, which can be triggered by sun rays. The caffeine advantage took part 21% clearly noticeable.


Protection against cataract

With in vitro Studies For UV radiation on lenses, it was found that caffeine brings a protective advantage. The consumption of caffeine could reduce cataract triggered by UV radiation.


Lower Alzheimer's risk

According to studies, a lifelong consumption of caffeinated drinks should ensure a lower probability of Alzheimer's. This caffeine advantage for health can Up to 65% be.


Lower Parkinson's risk

Another advantage is a lower risk of Parkinson's from the age of 65, provided that caffeinated drinks have been drunk regularly over the middle years.


Increase in performance in sports

It is that caffeine brings an advantage in sports meanwhile undisputed! However, the optimal dose is important. With a body weight of 75kg, a lot of 225mg to 450mg is recommended to achieve a maximum increase in performance. That is about 3 mg to 6 mg per kg body weight.

With higher doses z. B. 9 mg per kg body weight occurred.


Improved/increased metabolism

The metabolism is also stimulated and up to 13%. However, either an unhealthy amount of caffeine, namely According to the study, 680 mg To be recorded at once, or for years it has to be continuously consumed caffeine.


Lose weight

Weight loss and weight increase can also be favored by caffeine. If you want to lose weight successfully, you can also consume caffeine to stimulate the metabolism and the likelihood of a Success to increase.


2.2 Mental advantages of caffeine

After all the physical advantages of caffeine for health, we finally come to our minds.


Advantages of caffeine for mental health




By climbing or enriching dopamine in the brain, we generally feel happier and happier. This in turn can lead to the fact that we are generally more motivated, set goals and want to pursue them purposefully!


Increased brain function

The brain functions include many tasks, including:

  • Mood
  • reaction time
  • alertness
  • Attention
  • Ability to learn
  • General mental skills

All of these brain functions are positively influenced by caffeine. Caffeine is therefore definitely one Functional food and for Biohacker A terrific active ingredient.



How great the advantages of caffeine for our brain have been and is repeatedly examined in studies. The results for this go clearly in the positive direction and almost show a better one without exception Brain function with regard Memory, Storage capacity and speed Learn new things and the ability to solve demanding tests.

These tests are often 60+ and 70+ among the older generationParticularly meaningful and evidence, a significantly increased function of the brain.


Improvement of long -term memory

A cup Guayusa tea Due to the high caffeine content, can ensure that your freshly learned is saved longer. At least the researchers come to this resultJohns Hopkins University


3. Conclusion

The many advantages of caffeine to health, both mentally and physically, outweigh the Disadvantage, since these often only occur in previous illnesses or excessive consumption.

The difference between pure and natural caffeine is also particularly important. Side effects can occur significantly faster with pure extracts or synthesized caffeine, since there are no antagonists or other positive Active ingredients How Theobromine, Theophyllin, Antioxidants or even L-theanin gives. A comparison between You can find natural and pure caffeine powder here.

Caffeine also cannot balanced nutrition Replace, but serves as support.

We hope to have given you an objective impression with this post and of course and of course if you are Guayusa tea Try it out or further inform you in our blog.