Natural caffeine VS. Pure caffeine powder

Natürliches Koffein VS. Reines Koffein Pulver


By drinking Guayusa-Tea Do you pick up natural caffeine and end the side effects and intolerance! In this article, we describe why natural caffeine, in contrast to pure caffeine powder looks more pleasant and with a longer effect time

For more information about caffeine, such as the General effect, advantages and disadvantages, as well as possible overdose, also read the linked article. You can also find a comparison of the best known caffeinated drinks in our free e-book or in our somewhat less extensive Blog post.



  1. Video: Natural caffeine vs. Pure caffeine powder
  2. Pure caffeine or natural caffeine?
  3. Pure caffeine powder
    1. Advantages 
    2. Caffeine intolerance of pure caffeine powder
    3. Caffeine duration & impact curve
  4. Natural caffeine
    1. Compatibility of natural caffeine
    2. Natural caffeine time of effects & impact curve
  5. Conclusion


Video: Natural caffeine vs. Pure caffeine powder



1. Pure caffeine or natural caffeine?

Many people now use pure caffeine powder in supplements and energy drinks to be more powerful at work and in sports. So offer companies like Natural Elements, Nutri Brain and Zenement numerous nutritional supplements with caffeine and self Pure caffeine tablets at.

Caffeine was even on the doping list of the Olympic Committee for several years and was only deleted by the list of prohibited substances in 2004. It is still considered one of the best known nootropics, which is combined with other active ingredients to increase the cognitive skills and performance of the body.

The performance -enhancing effect of caffeine is still undisputed and has been detected in many tests. More on that in our Add contribution to the caffeine.

Now, however, the question arises which type of caffeine (natural or pure) is best suited in order to avoid intolerance, to ensure a long -term impact curve and to benefit from the positive properties without possible side effects to provoke.

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2. Pure caffeine powder

When caffeine Coffee, tea, mate, guarana, Guayusa or other caffeinated plants is extracted, it is usually a pure caffeine powder.

In addition to pure caffeine powder extracts, there are also extracts that map a wide range of active ingredients of the respective plant. However, these are rather rare because their production is significantly more expensive.

If the ingredient "caffeine", or "natural caffeine", "Natural caffeine made of green tea/coffee/etc.", can be found in your supplements, pills or powders. , but pure caffeine powder!


2.1. Advantages

Pure caffeine powder has advantages. Because we already know so much about the active ingredient, we can use it in a targeted manner without getting the effect of another substance.

Some advantages can be the following:

  1. Quick effect
  2. Strong effect
  3. Easy to consume
  4. Dosable

A pure caffeine powder can simply be dosed due to the knowledge that it is 100% pure. Which is why it is used in industry for numerous foods such as drinks, booster, snacks and supplements.

The quick occurrence of effect can be used very precisely in sports in front of the training session and thus dosed. This can probably achieve an optimal result. 

In addition, it is of course easier to swallow a pill than one Guayusa to prepare - albeit much less enjoyable! Who real Biohacking operates, with enough self -experiments even your own impact curve and thus the time of action of caffeine can find out in his body. More on that later!  


Pure caffeine powder advantages and disadvantages


2.2. Caffeine intolerance of pure caffeine powder

However, pure caffeine powder has a lot of intolerances compared to natural caffeine, which have a correspondingly negative impact on our health.

Some of these caffeine intolerances can be:

  1. Overdose
  2. Rapid heartbeat
  3. Shakyness
  4. Uncocentration through leaking thoughts
  5. stomach problems
  6. Problems with air
  7. Increased stress level - mentally and physically
  8. depression
  9. Panic attacks
  10. short effect

Especially inexperienced and at the same time ambitious athletes like to overdo it with taking boosters. One Overdose of caffeine has been reached faster with pure powder than you think and the consequences are uncomfortable. 

A desired increase in performance, whether mentally or physically, quickly turns into a weakness. And the normally short duration of caffeine changes to a few hours full of rapid heartbeat, tremor, sweating and pressure on the chest that makes air fitting difficult. We go to many of these side effects here even more precisely.

Of course, these intolerances can also occur with natural caffeine, but the probability is significantly lower.


2.3. Caffeine duration & impact curve

The time of action of caffeine is often equated with the half -life. However, since every person reacts a little differently to caffeine, the half -life says nothing about the effect, but only about the amount still in the body.

Someone who never consumes caffeine will have to do with the effect after a limo with 160 mg, probably even a caffeine intolerance. Even after a while, if there are only 80 mg in the body, this person will still clearly notice the effect. In comparison, another person who consumes 2 to 3 such limos every day does not notice anything at 80 mg and needs the next soda!

This is because our body builds up a tolerance against caffeine step by step.

The official half -life of caffeine is 4 to 5 hours. After these 5 hours, the amount consumed has halved in the body. After another 5 hours and so on. However, the fluctuation area is also officially 1.5 hours to 9.5 hours. So it depends enormously on the person. A caffeine impact curve is therefore not so easy to determine. 

In the following we show you a caffeine impact curve for 2 hours, 5 hours and 8 hours. Caffeine intolerance can also have a different effect from person to person. Studies show that one Crowd of more than 400 mg per day can lead to problems. A lot of more than 1,000 mg leads to a strong toxic effects.


Caffeine impact curve detailed


3. Natural caffeine

A caffeine intolerance with natural caffeine is much less likely than with pure caffeine, but not excluded here either. If you drink 3 liters of coffee, you will most likely feel the same unpleasant effects as someone who drinks 700 mg caffeine as a powder.


Natural caffeine advantages and disadvantages


3.1. Compatibility of natural caffeine

The other ingredients and active ingredients of the plants make an enormous difference. So can Theobromine z. B. complement and extend the effect of caffeine. L-theanin Has a positive antagonistic effect by reducing heartbeat and shaky and sharpening the focus. Theophyllin has a positive effect on breathing and oxygen intake and Antioxidants help the body deal with oxidative stress.

Due to this combined effect, natural caffeine has many advantages. Note that not all drinks have the same active ingredients. L-theanin, for example, only comes in Guayusa before, the amount of antioxidants varies enormously and is 14 times lower than in coffee than in coffee Guayusa.

When comparing pure caffeine powder and natural caffeine, the natural caffeine has the following basic advantages that make it more tolerable::

  1. Slow release effect
  2. Long -lasting caffeine time
  3. Antioxidant effects
  4. Less likelihood for shakiness & rapid heartbeat
  5. Stomach problems are less common
  6. Overdose unlikely

The enormous advantage of natural, bound caffeine is clearly that it looks more sustainable and your body is not put into a state of stress. You have to assume that you do not feel an effect immediately after consumption, but the effect is distributed over a long time.

Here, too, you have to inform yourself well. The caffeine in coffee, for example, is only tied to a few more fabrics. In Guayusa On the other hand, to many active ingredients that have a supportive effect. How Guayusa Exactly works and what the differences to other guard makers are in our free detailed e-book "Wachmacher comparison“Read or in our blog post for Effect of Guayusa.


3.2. Natural caffeine time of effects & impact curve

In contrast to pure caffeine powder, the impact curve can be determined even more difficult with natural caffeine, which is bound to many other active ingredients.

We have therefore shown you various caffeine -containing drinks and their perceived caffeine period of effects and the associated impact curve.


Guayusa Caffeine period of effectiveness


4. Conclusion

With our research on caffeine and during our many years of experience with caffeinated drinks, we have repeatedly encountered the many intolerances of caffeine.

In the vast majority of these, however, these negative side effects came through the consumption of artificial pure caffeine powder in the form of pills, tablets, energy drinks, etc. ... We almost never became undesirable effects through our Guayusa tea reports in which the caffeine is in natural form and bound to other active ingredients. 

Studies also often emphasize the caffeine intolerance of pure caffeine and expressly warn for caution and requested application.

We therefore recommend reducing the consumption of pure caffeine powder to a minimum if possible or avoiding it completely and instead to use a natural caffeine source.

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