Mate tea effect - blood pressure, skin, weight loss effects of mate

Mate Tee Wirkung - Blutdruck, Haut, Abnehmen Wirkung von Mate Tee


In this article we would like to give you a comprehensive summary of the effects of mate. You will then understand exactly how the effects of mate tea come about, how it affects skin, blood pressure and weight and can even help you lose weight. However, Yerba Mate has some side effects, which we tell you in our article "The side effects of tea varieties have been summarized".

At the end you will also find our comparisons with Matcha tea and Guayusa Tea. With this comparison we would like to give you an understanding of the mate tea advantages, disadvantages and also advantages of other caffeinated drinks. In the end you can decide for yourself whether mate tea is the right choice.



  1. What is Yerba Mate Tea?
  2. What ingredients does mate tea have?
  3. Mate tea taste – What does mate tea taste like?
    1. Traditional mate tea taste
    2. Green mate or RAW mate flavor
  4. How does mate tea work?
    1. Mate tea effect caffeine
    2. Mate tea effect slimming
    3. Mate tea effect blood pressure
    4. Mate tea effect skin
  5. Yerba Mate Tea Benefits
  6. Mate tea VS Matcha
  7. Mate tea VS Guayusa
  8. Conclusion Mate tea effect


1. What is Yerba Mate Tea?

mate tea is a so-called Ilex plant and therefore related to ours Guayusa Tea plant as well as that growing in North America Yaupon. Yerba Mate, on the other hand, grows like Guayusa also in South America. Mainly in the countries of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Peru.Mate tea is valued by the locals for its invigorating effects.

The yerba mate leaves are prepared as a tea, which is, however, drunk differently than we know herbal or fruit teas in this country. Traditionally, mate tea is made in one Calabash with a so-called Bombilla drank. Bombilla is a straw that has a sieve at one end. The calabash is a hollowed out and dried bottle gourd.

The calabash is largely filled with mate and the straw is placed in the middle. Then just add a sip of hot water at a time so that the bottom part of the bombilla is covered. Until the mate no longer has any taste or effect, drink alternately and add new water.


What is Yerba Mate?


2. What ingredients does mate tea have?

The effect of mate tea can be traced back to its active ingredients, which are also the reason why mate is one of the so-called natural nootropics counts. In our "Wake-up comparison“ you will find the world’s best-known caffeinated drinks, their ingredients and active ingredients including their effect on our body.

The mate tea effect is mainly due to the active ingredients caffeine, all sorts of things Polyphenols, something Theobromine and something Theophylline caused. If you would like to find out more about the effects of the individual active ingredients, click on the relevant active ingredient or read here is a comprehensive summary.

In addition, mate tea also contains minerals and vitamins such as B1, B3 and C.


3. Mate tea taste – How does mate tea taste?

Although there are not as many varieties of yerba mate as green tea and black tea, yerba mate tea does not always taste the same. It comes here too, just like in Guayusa on the cultivation, processing, preparation, age of the leaves and of course the variety.

However, mate tea is usually always bitter in taste, even when brewed as tea and not in a bombilla. Below we will give you a brief overview of different types of mate.

In our detailed article "Mate tea flavor", in addition to quality levels, we also look at the different types that come about through different processing, as well as preparation methods, a.

If you then decide to buy mate tea, we can do it for you Recommend Caa-Mate. We know Caa-Mate personally from various trade fairs and therefore know the quality of the types of mate on offer.

Buy Yerba Mate


3.1. Traditional mate tea taste

The most commonly drunk mate is the mate that is traditionally dried over fire or smoke. It has the typical smoky aroma, both in smell and taste. If the mate is actually dried over a fire, as is common in South America, it can become the well-known polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAK for short). These PAHs are known cause of cancerIn this case esophageal cancer is particularly common.


3.2. Green mate or RAW mate flavor

The taste of a green “RAW” mate is very different from the traditional one. The smoky aroma is completely missing and the taste is much sweeter. The green mate will be like ours Guayusa Tea gently dried over hot air. The green mate is similar to ours PURE Guayusa The taste, however, is still very typical of mate tea with a strong bitter note.


Yerba Mate Taste – What does Yerba Mate taste like?


4. How does mate tea work?

The mate tea effect is generally stimulating, but significantly different than that of coffee, green tea or Guayusa. You can find ours here Caffeine comparison.

The difference in the effect of everyone caffeinated drinks always arises from the different compositions of the ingredients. In the case of mate, in addition to caffeine, polyphenols and general substances are also active Antioxidants.

So how does mate tea work differently? Basically it can be said that mate has a weaker effect than e.g. B. Coffee, which is due to the lower caffeine content. For mate tea this is just 1.4%.

Depending on how it is prepared, the effect of mate tea can be significantly stronger than that of normal coffee. Traditional drinking from a bombilla dissolves a large amount of caffeine in one go, which can cause a racing heart, stomach problems and jitters - just like coffee.

If the mate tea is brewed like a herbal tea, it creates a feeling of alertness, which has a slightly focusing and stimulating effect. However, the effect of mate tea is strongly felt in the cardiovascular system, which is why mate tea is not really an alternative for people who have problems with coffee. Here would be Guayusa the better choice.

Mate tea has an alkaline effect and can therefore be drunk without any problems if it is green mate. If you want to be on the safe side, you should also choose the older brother Guayusa.

We would then like to go into the individual effects of mate tea in more detail.


4.1. Mate tea effect caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant that acts on the central nervous system and cardiovascular system. Anyone who consumes too much pure caffeine could die of a heart collapse. However, this requires an incredibly high amount of energy over 1g of caffeine

Since mate tea only contains around 1.4% caffeine, the effect on the body is only strong when drunk traditionally. What many people don't know is that cold drinks like Club-Mate contain almost no mate at all, but extracted coffee caffeine. The taste comes from aromatics.

Caffeine, in general, also reduces the production of the hormone melatonin and thereby keeps our minds awake.


4.2. Mate tea effect slimming

Yes, mate tea can help you lose weight thanks to its active ingredients and effects. However, mate tea won't do magic for you and make the pounds fall away on the sofa! What the effect can achieve, however, is that,

  1. your metabolism is boosted,
  2. your Feelings of hunger and cravings is reduced,
  3. and your energy level is increased during exercise.

The effect of mate tea on losing weight is more of a beneficial property that you as well as of Guayusa You can use tea to successfully reach your goal. However, don't let any company convince you that their mate tea, mate powder or possibly even capsules will help you lose weight while you sleep - there is no evidence of this!


4.3. Mate tea effect blood pressure

Mate tea contains Theobromine, this active ingredient has a blood pressure lowering effect. It relaxes and thereby widens the blood vessels. However, this property only occurs with low consumption, not with all-day consumption, as is common in South America. If you want the effect of mate tea to lower your blood pressure, you should only enjoy mate in moderation.

Constant drinking would reverse the effect and cause heart palpitations and tremors due to the caffeine. Traditional mate could also cause stomach problems.


4.4. Mate tea effect skin

The positive effect of mate tea on the skin is due to the ingredients. Magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, the aforementioned vitamins, antioxidants and even caffeine have a good effect on the skin.

However, drinking mate tea is not enough. To have the effect on the skin, mate must also be applied to the skin. There are now various manufacturers that offer cosmetic products with mate extract.

It is important to know that Mate tea has significantly fewer antioxidants has than green tea and compared to Guayusa Almost no tea at all. You can find a comparison HERE. The effect of mate tea on the skin in finished mate cosmetic products is more imaginary than real.


Mate tea effect blood pressure, skin, weight loss, caffeine - How does mate tea work.png


5. Yerba Mate Benefits

The benefits of yerba mate tea are certainly one reason for the widespread popularity of the South American drink. Mate tea makes you awake, and is generally more pleasant than coffee, it contains some positive active ingredients and, as long as it is green mate, it is well tolerated. When consumed in small quantities, the mate tea has a lowering effect on blood pressure.

A RAW mate has no carcinogenic PAHs and has a gentler taste. Mate tea contains a lot of tannins, which is a disadvantage in terms of taste, but an advantage for the skin and stomach problems.


6. Mate Tea VS Matcha Tea

Matcha tea, many people don't know, is green tea that is shaded for a few weeks before harvesting. Therefore, matcha tea is not quite as bitter as normal green tea.

Both teas, matcha and mate tea, still contain a lot of tannins, which are reflected in an extremely bitter taste.

Matcha tea has a caffeine content between 1.8% and 4.4%, whereby the Content of mate tea just 1-2%. Read our detailed information about this Comparison of various natural caffeinated drinks.

Matcha tea has significantly more Antioxidants as a mate and the factThe fact that you drink the ground leaves and not just the tea has an additional positive effect.

Both plants are growing Monocultures and therefore represent a considerable stress factor for our environment.

It is difficult to compare the effects of both teas. Basically, matcha is described as being a little more focused but also more calming than mate tea, which has a more stimulating and stronger effect on the body than on the mind.

You can find a detailed comparison in our article "Mate Tea Vs. Matcha". Here we go into much more detail about the effects, ingredients and taste of the two stimulants.


Mate tea VS Matcha tea comparison


7. Mate tea VS Guayusa

Guayusa is related to yerba mate tea. Both come from South America, Guayusa However, 99% only grows in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. The cultivation of Guayusa takes place exclusively in forest gardens, which protect the rainforest from deforestation and preserve biodiversity. Yerba Mate, on the other hand, is rarely found in environmentally friendly forest gardens. Cultivation usually takes place in monocultures, which are miserable for the environment and wildlife.

The Guayusa Tea effect is very different from the mate tea effect, because Guayusa In addition to caffeine, theobromine, theophylline and significantly more antioxidants, it also contains L-theanine. This active ingredient ensures Guayusa for a particularly concentration-promoting waking state. This focus goes hand in hand with a long and very pleasant waking state.

Guayusa Like mate tea, unless it has been dried over fire, it has an alkaline effect and is therefore very pleasant even on an empty stomach.

Guayusa Tea also doesn't taste bitter even after a long brewing time and can be brewed prepared in a variety of ways become. With Guayusa Even coffee-like drinks such as cappuccino, latte, cold brew, ice brew and espresso are possible.


Mate tea VS Guayusa Tea comparison


8. Conclusion Mate tea effect

The effect of mate tea is definitely on the more pleasant side of caffeinated drinks. In addition, the mate tea effect stimulates the metabolism and can therefore help you lose weight. The tea lowers blood pressure, has an alkaline effect and has a positive effect on the skin if you actually prepare the leaves as a face mask.

However, mate tea has some major weaknesses. These include the PAHs, which can be carcinogenic, the bitter taste that takes getting used to, and the effect on the cardiovascular system, which can quickly lead to heart palpitations and tremors if you drink too much.

However, the effect can generally be described as pleasant and a cup of mate tea definitely won't hurt.

At the Buying mate tea We recommend paying particular attention to the origin. We only know of one manufacturer in Germany who knows exactly where their mate comes from, how it is grown and what the working conditions are for the farmers.

About a combination with Guayusa Of course we would be particularly happy about tea. Guayusa has approximately twice as much caffeine as mate tea and yet does not have a negative effect on the cardiovascular system. In our Shop you can find it next to our 100% Organic Guayusa Varieties and mixtures for more variety. We look forward to your visit and hope this article has helped you.