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The world's most coffin drink-facts comparison!


What is your favorite energy? Or are you still looking for the world's most coffin drink, with the longest effect and the best focus feeling for a concentrated work with a clear head and thoughts? In this article we introduce you to the most caffeinated drink in the world.

And despite the fact that the caffeine content is so high, the effect is long -lasting, pleasant and without side effects such as racing heart or shaky!



  1. Caffeinated drinks in comparison
  2. The world's most coffin drink
  3. The special effect of Guayusa tea
  4. Conclusion


1. Caffeinated drinks in comparison

So that the article does not become 30 pages long, we will only briefly list the most important facts here.

If you want to read more about the individual caffeinated drinks, then we recommend our Free e-bookWachmacher comparison“.

Here we go into significantly more detail about origin, cultivation, active ingredients and effects of the individual caffeine -rich drinks and in particular the world's caffeine -rod drink.

In this blog we summarize the most important facts so that you will finally know which is the most caffeinated drink in the world.


Caffeiest drink in the world - the most caffeinated drink in the world


1.1. Guarana

With 2% to 7%, Guarana is one of the world's most caffeous plants in the world. Unfortunately, Guarana tastes anything but delicious and is therefore usually only used as an additional ingredient, but not as an actual drink.


1.2. Caffeine content yerba mate tea

1.4 % is the maximum Caffeine content at Yerba Mate Tea. Many think that Mate is stronger than coffee. However, that's not true. In our articles "Mate tea effect" and "Tea varieties comparison"You can find more information. In addition, we have a detailed article on the Mate tea tastethat also responds to quality levels and preparation.

Mate tea is already disqualified for the world's most caffeiest drink.


3. Coffee

Coffee can have up to 3.2 % caffeine. Which coffee has the most caffeine depends on the variety and the location. A distinction can be made between Arabica and Robusta coffee. The two varieties are very different in the caffeine content and the cultivation method.

Arabica has about as much caffeine as yerba mate tea, i.e. 1.4 % caffeine. Robusta coffee, on the other hand, browses with a whopping 2.7 % to 3.2 % caffeine. Robusta is therefore the coffee that has the most caffeine.

Nevertheless, coffee is not the most caffeinated drink in the world.


4. Green tea / black tea

Incidentally, tea is the official term for an infusion of the tea leaves. Matcha is also green tea, but has significantly more antioxidants and a more pleasant taste. More about the Distinguished between normal green tea and Matcha You can find in the linked contribution.

Peppermint "tea" is not a tea, but a herbal infusion.

With 0.9 % to 6 %, the salary in the tea leaf fluctuates extremely because it does something to do with processing. black tea After all, acts faster than green tea and yet it is both tea leaves from the same plant.

Has the most caffeine White tea.

But tea does not make it to the world's most caffeous drink.


5. Colan nut

Strong, but largely unused. The colanus has between 2% and 3% caffeine and is therefore not the most caffeinated drink in the world, but still provides an exciting source as a vigilant.


6. Cascara (coffee cherry)

The fruit of the coffee bean also contains caffeine. With 0.5% to 1.3%, however, the Cascara tea is relatively weak.


7. cocoa

Kocao not only revives through theobromine, but also by caffeine. However, the salary is negligible.

With 0.1 % to 0.7 %, cocoa is more positioned on the rear ranks of the caffeinated drinks. However, Kocao has one with about 1.9 % huge amount at Theobrominewhich also has an invigorating effect.


8. Guayusa

With 2 % to 7.6 % caffeine is Guayusa tea the Caffeiest drink the World.

The leaves hardly contain bitter substances and are therefore perfect for an energy tea, whether hot or cold as an iced tea. Here you can find the Top 10 preparations from Guayusa.

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2. The world's most coffin drink

Guayusa is the Caffeiest drink the World. Traditional becomes Guayusa Tea of ​​indigenous hunters used in the Amazon to be more alert, focused and calmer when hunting.

“Quiet” does not fit together in connection with caffeine at first glance. The Active ingredient complex of Guayusa However, enables a particularly balanced wax state with a clear and sharp mind and an extremely high energy level.

Guayusa is therefore perfect for athleteThe hers physical Performance want to increase. An article on the most important Active ingredients in Guayusa do you find here. In addition to this physical increase in performance, it is suitable Guayusa For everyone who has a lot every day mental Performance must provide because the focus and wake -up Effect particularly supported.

There is an alternative for all coffee drinkers that are now disappointed. We have Robusta coffee with Guayusa powder combined. In this way can too Coffee drinker The world's most caffeinated drink is in the world without having to do without the taste of coffee. The Effect offers you a quick kick, much Performance and a long -lasting one focus with Wakingness.


3. The special effect of Guayusa tea


Guayusa Tea effect


As already indicated, has Guayusa one unique effect. The high content of caffeine keeps you on a wax level like coffee. The other active ingredients like Theobromine, Theophyllin and L-theanin ensure a pleasant body feeling without Shakyness, Rapid heartbeat or pounding Thoughts!

In addition the 2 times higher content Antioxidants compared to green tea. Also Antioxidants Can help stay awake, powerful and focused.

Mixed with coffee, an exciting combination of the effect is created. As a coffee fan, you continue to have the quick and strong kick of the coffee caffeine. This kick then goes seamlessly into the awake feeling of Guayusa above. You can either make yourself a mix with ours powder prepare or our Order 50/50 mix.

For further and detailed information we recommend our article on Guayusa Effect. This offers you an extremely extensive overview of sources and graphics.


4. Conclusion

Who knows, maybe we have not yet found the caffeiest drink or the basis for it. Also Guayusa It was only really known in 2009 and remained hidden in the Amazon rainforest for thousands of years.

Simply convince yourself of the effect. With our Discount Coupon CodeBlog 5“Do you get continuous 5 % discount On all products in Shop. As Newsletter subscriber we even give you as part of our community 10 % discount on everything.

We look forward to your order from the world's most caffeinated drink. You can find it in our On-line-Shop as Original And in many flavors.

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