Side effects Guayusa-Tea, mate, green and black tea

Nebenwirkungen Guayusa-Tee, Mate, Grün- und Schwarz-Tee


Guayusa Tea is still very unknown to many people and the question arises as to whether and what possible side effects it has. In this article we address the most frequently asked questions from our customers and provide our answers. In addition, you will find our experiences on side effects of other caffeinated teas such as mate, black tea and green tea.


Table of contents

  1. Side effects of teas
    1. Black tea side effects
    2. Green tea side effects
    3. Mate tea side effects
  2. Has Guayusa Tea side effects?
    1. I get it from Guayusa Heart racing?
    2. Caused Guayusa Jitteriness?
    3. Has Guayusa a habituation effect?
    4. Acidic Guayusa the body?
    5. Can I from Guayusa still sleep?
    6. I get it from Guayusa yellow teeth?
  3. Conclusion – side effects of Guayusa tea


1. Side effects of teas

In our Comparison of the most famous types of tea you already get a good overview of the effects and special features of different types of tea. Here we would like to exclusively address the best-known and most common side effects of caffeinated teas.

1.1. Black tea side effects

Black tea For many people it is the more “aggressive tea” in contrast to green tea. You can find out how much caffeine is actually in black tea in our Comparison of effects and caffeine content.

Black tea works differently than unprocessed green tea due to the fermentation process of the green tea leaves. Oxidation destroys many antioxidants and other active ingredients. The caffeine content therefore increases in proportion. As with coffee, the caffeine is then largely unbound. This unbound caffeine leads to noticeable side effects, such as:

  • jitteriness
  • scattered thoughts
  • heart racing and
  • general malaise

The caffeine in black tea is largely bound to tannins, which are very healthy but bitter.

1.2. Green tea side effects

Green tea is considered the “milder tea”. It is said to be more pleasant than coffee and black tea and still have an invigorating effect. Green tea definitely has fewer side effects, but just like coffee and black tea, it is not the best when it comes to tolerance. Below we have summarized the most well-known side effects of green tea as bullet points.

  • Stomach tolerance: Green tea on an empty stomach is not a good idea if you are sensitive. You may experience discomfort and stomach pain.
  • Jitteriness: Despite being gentler than coffee, green tea quickly causes a kind of jitteriness that can be very unpleasant.
  • Erratic thoughts: Another side effect of green tea is erratic thoughts, which often arise from drinking green tea on an empty stomach or simply drinking too much.

In addition, with green tea, special attention must be paid to the brewing time, which is why we have a detailed guide for green tea fans Brewing time Have written.

If you still want to try green tea, or want to swap your possibly not good green tea for a high quality one, we can help you Tezen company recommend.

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1.3. Mate tea side effects

Mate tea, also called Yerba mate is also a well-known coffee alternative that is often sold as a “healthy energy drink alternative” for soft drinks. The fact is that these soft drinks are not significantly healthier, and even that pure Mate tea has some unpleasant side effects.

In our Comparison of natural energy drinksWe'll look at the best caffeinated energy sources.

Pure mate tea, on the other hand, like green tea and black tea, has some health benefits. We have told you what these are in our detailed article Mate tea effect provided. If you would like to find out more about the taste of mate tea, we also recommend the article “How does mate tea taste?“.

However, the side effects of mate tea are not without. Because the caffeine, like black tea, is predominantly bound to bitter substances, it has a rapid effect on the cardiovascular system and the head.

Side effects of mate tea can therefore be the following:

  • heart racing
  • Shakiness
  • Nausea and other stomach problems
  • erratic thoughts without focus

If you want to try mate tea, we recommend it Caa-Mate brand, as we have often met the founders at trade fairs and know the good quality of the products.

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2. Has Guayusa Tea side effects?

We are often asked by our customers if we can give them tips on how to use Guayusa Tea can be given so that unpleasant side effects do not occur. But the fact is, Guayusa Tea has no known or particularly unpleasant side effects, and this is why Guayusa as the best natural Nootropic supplement to increase cognitive abilities is seen.

The tips we have for Application give, promote the positive properties and strengthen their effect. If you don't use our tips, there are no known negative effects.

We've found that the reason we get asked this question again and again is because most people have had unpleasant experiences with other stimulants like coffee, mate and guarana.

Hence here these most frequently asked questions about possible side effects of our Guayusa Teas – and ours Answer on it.

2.1. I get it from Guayusa Heart racing?

No. Guayusa That's what tea is most caffeinated drink in the world, but through an extremely balanced one Active ingredient complex There are no palpitations as a side effect.

2.2. Caused Guayusa Jitteriness?

No. You will experience the uncomfortable and jittery feeling familiar from coffee Guayusa not meet. This is again due to the special composition of the ingredients, in particular L-Theanine.

2.3. Has Guayusa a habituation effect?

Unlike coffee, Guayusa Hardly anything like getting used to it. To experience the same wake-up effect of coffee even after a long period of consumption, you need to drink more and more. At Guayusa This process takes significantly longer because active ingredients like Theobromine and Theophylline also influence the wake effect. Nevertheless, it is recommended not to consume caffeine (of any kind) sporadically for a few days, e.g. a weekend or during vacation.

2.4. Acidic Guayusa Tea the body as a side effect?

No. Guayusa Tea is pH-neutral and therefore an alkaline food or drink. Guayusa Tea can also be drunk on an empty stomach without any side effects. This is even our express recommendation, as it increases the effect!

Coffee is also often said to have an alkaline effect. A clear distinction must be made here. Coffee contains many acids, which further stimulate acid production in the stomach, which causes heartburn. This happens at Guayusa not. Guayusa is from the Kichwa indigenous people in Ecuador even used to counteract stomach problems and relieve discomfort.

2.5. Can I from Guayusa still sleep?

Yes. The Kichwa Indians use it Guayusa even specifically to support their dreams. Our recommendation is, nevertheless, Guayusa Rather drink in the morning and on an empty stomach if you want to have a productive day. 1 liter in the morning and per day is optimal, the effect then lasts until the evening.

If you want more lucid dreams and Guayusa as dream herb If you want to find out, read the two linked articles. We give you detailed insights and instructions on how to prepare Guayusa as a dream herb.

2.6. Yellow teeth as a side effect of Guayusa Tea?

No. Guayusa tea is not fermented or roasted. The discoloration of teeth in coffee occurs mainly due to the caffeic acid, the fermentation and roasting of the beans. With black tea it is also the very strong fermentation of the leaves.

Also Guayusa DARK Does not stain teeth because the oxidation process is gentler than with black tea.


3. Conclusion – side effects of Guayusa tea

Compared to other teas and caffeinated drinks such as coffee Guayusa no side effects. On the contrary it works Guayusa Tea is very pleasant on the stomach, promotes concentration and endurance and even regulates blood pressure. More about this in our article on L-Theanine. What you from the Guayusa-Effect What you can expect, we have described in detail in the linked article.

If you don't have any experience with Guayusa If you have tea, we recommend the now hundreds of reviews in ours Shop and Amazon to read through.

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