Tea against diabetes - this is how black tea protects health

TEE gegen DIABETES – so SCHÜTZT schwarzer Tee die GESUNDHEIT


Tea is healthy, everyone agrees. But it is now also known that darker, i.e. black tea is particularly good as a preventive measure against and relieving existing diabetes. This effect, which resembles diabetes medication, was presented at the Congress of the European Society for Diabetes Studies (EASD) in Hamburg


Table of contents

  1. Different black tea & green tea
  2. Black tea protects against diabetes
  3. Conclusion - black tea against diabetes




1. Different black tea & green tea

Whether, green, yellow, red, Matcha, or black tea, they all come from the same type of plant. The Camellia sinensis, also known as a tea plant. 

The big difference lies in the processing of the leaves. Green tea is dried as quickly as possible after harvesting. Black tea, which has the particularly healthy properties in relation to diabetes, is fermented for some time before drying. 


2. Black tea protects against diabetes

The fermentation process, also the oxidation of the leaves, also changes the chemical composition of the leaves. Black tea does not necessarily have fewer antioxidants than green tea, but others.

Microbial fermentation creates bioactive compounds such as alkaloids, free amino acids, polyphenols and polysaccharides, which according to the study cause the diabetes properties of the black tea.

Among the 2,000 participants of the study A 53% lower risk of pre-diabetes and a 47% lower risk of type 2 diabetes could be determined.

The professors of the study Prof. Zilin Sun and Prof. Tongzhi Wu Say that black tea promotes glucose output over the urine and even improves insulin resistance and blood sugar control.

The particularly strong Antioxidants From black tea, the pancreas strengthen and thereby strengthen the production of insulin, at the same time improving sensitivity to insulin.

The intestinal flora is also to be improved by microbial fermentation, which can lead to a general upswing in health.


3. Conclusion - Black tea against diabetes

If a cup of black teas a day falls significantly to develop diabetes and even affected people get their handling of insulin relieved, then nothing speaks against the extra cup.

When processing our Greens Guayusa tea PURE to Guayusa DARK we were inspired by the fermentation from green tea to black tea, which is why ours Guayusa DARK this effect should have.

The big difference here is of course in the general taste. Black tea has a lot of bitter substances, whereby Guayusa Rather mild and even slightly sweet.