Caffeine side effect - all caffeine side effects on health

Koffein Nebenwirkung – Alle Koffein Nebenwirkungen auf die Gesundheit


In this article we would like to Extensive general contribution about caffeine more specifically respond to the side effects for health.

We hope to be able to give you a profound understanding of the so extensive active ingredient caffeine so that you can ultimately decide for yourself whether, when and how much caffeine you want to consume. Of course, we also have an article about the Health advantages of caffeine.



  1. How does caffeine work?
  2. Caffeine side effects
    1. Health caffeine side effects on the body
      1. Blood sugar level
      2. pregnancy
      3. fertility
      4. gout
      5. Bladder weakness and bladder infection
      6. Insomnia and sleep disorders
      7. Headache
      8. Rapid heartbeat
    2. Mental side effects
      1. Depression and anxiety
      2. Loss of motivation
  3. Conclusion


1. How does caffeine work?

Caffeine is one of the few active ingredients that can pass the brain blood barrier. In the brain he blocks the adenosine receptors. Adenosin, on the other hand, plays a role in the production of the sleep hormone melatonin.

The blockade of the receptors does not produce less melatonin and we stay awake. Kaffein also has other ways of working, such as reducing the dopanine outflow from the brain, it increases the pumping performance of the heart, is diuretic and has an effect on the general brain functions.


2. Caffeine side effects

Caffeine is the most widespread legal drug in our society. Anyone who has ever Caffeine drink such as coffee or Guayusa Drank, knows why. It has numerous advantages that we can use for ourselves. You can find out in our Article especially on the advantages of caffeine. There we also go into more detail what Biohacking with Functional foods means. In this article, however, we devote ourselves to the possible side effects.


2.1. Health caffeine side effects on the body

In addition to some side effects on our psyche, caffeine can trigger some problems in our body if the dose is too high.



Caffeine side effect on physical health



Blood sugar level

Many type 2 diabetes and some studies report on an increase in blood-sugar values ​​after consuming caffeine.

The studies describe an influence on the insulin level, especially if caffeine is consumed directly to or after eating. The blood sugar mirror can then rise up to 8% higher than without caffeine. In the study However, the subjects were also given caffeine pills with 250 mg active ingredients. This makes a difference to one natural caffeine intake Through a drink like Guayusa

Caffeine can therefore have an impact on our insulin sensitivity, which can be a very negative side effect, especially as type 2 diabetes. Pure caffeine should therefore be avoided and the consumption of natural sources should be preferred.

Guayusa Has in one study shown that it stabilizes the body's insulin instead of messing up. The tea from Ecuador with the Highest caffeine content in the world So can be a terrific alternative to coffee, mate, green tea and guarana.



The WHO recommends a maximum value of 300 mg caffeine per day to avoid side effects on health. The BfR, on the other hand, cuts the amount at 200 mg.

A higher recording can lead to the following problems:

  1. Loss of pregnancy
  2. Slowly baby growth
  3. Heart rhythm disorders in the baby

The caffeine side effects on health before one Pregnancy examined. The recommendation for both partners is to reduce consumption to a maximum of 200 mg per day in order to increase the likelihood of pregnancy.

If you want to learn more about the topic of the effect during pregnancy, we have Written here an extensive individual article.



Some Studies came to the conclusion that the health of the fallopian tubes or the muscular activity of the fallopian tubes can decrease by up to 27% due to increased caffeine consumption. In a US study, over 300 mg caffeine per day and around 500 mg were consumed in a European study.

No negative effects on the sperm could be found in men.



The consumed caffeine gets into breast milk in small quantities and is thus also absorbed by the baby. The highest content is measured approx. 1 to 2 hours after consumption. So it is not so easy, especially for newborns, to find a good rhythm to drink a cup of your favorite guard maker.

Generally But the following, too, applies that the dose makes the poison. 200 mg to 300 mg of caffeine per day, consumed by the mother, is considered harmless to the baby's health. Some babies may not react to the small amounts in breast milk, others have their eyes open a little longer than small caffeine side effects and look restless.

You can also find breastfeeding Here is a detailed article.



Those affected should do without caffeine if possible. After drinking caffeinated drinks, there is a up to 4 times higher probability of an attack.


Bladder weakness and bladder infection

Caffeine can cause increased urine output as a side effect. In a study With over 1,300 women, a 70% higher probability for bladder weakness was found if the women consumed more than 300 mg per day.

In the case of an existing bladder infection, caffeine should urgently be avoided because it worsens the symptoms. People who tend to increasingly tend to bubble infections can reduce the likelihood of further infection by reducing caffeine.

This is due to the fact that caffeine has a diuretic effect on health as a side effect on health and therefore slightly drying out.


Insomnia and sleep disorders

Another caffeine side effect that can affect health as a further effect is insomnia. Too little or disturbed sleep affects brain functions and can lead to depression.

Studies To take caffeine and its side effect on sleep health showed that the last consumption should take place at least 6 hours before going to sleep. Everything else leads to a reduction in sleep quality.



One Population -wide study was able to find a connection between chronic headache and a previously high consumption of caffeine. A high consumption is to be evaluated with more than 300 mg daily.

However, caffeine headache can also reduce a positive side effect and in this way one Advantage for health bring.


Rapid heartbeat

A normal consumption of caffeinated drinks leads to a slightly increased heartbeat, but usually no negative side effects such as strong and unpleasant heartbeat, especially not when it comes to Guayusa acts. Caffeine also widens the blood vessels, creating compensation.

A clearly unpleasant heartbeat, shakiness and a feeling of pressure in the chest area usually leads to very uncomfortable coffin consumption. However, coffee quickly triggers coffee with many consumers. This comes from the almost exposed (unbound) caffeine, which Pure caffeine powder can work directly.


2.2. Mental caffeine side effects

In addition to the physical Side effects Kaffein can also have negative effects on our psyche on health. As with the previously mentioned physical side effects, the mental usually only occur over a long period of time if dose is too high.


Caffeine side effects on mental health



Depression and anxiety

The opinion and study situation on this is not clear to us. Some people report caffeine side effects such as light anxiety and depression-like feelings on days with a particularly high caffeine consumption, others in turn don't notice anything.

Studies also diverge. So describes z. Legs study with Korean students a significantly higher proportion of depression, with others Studies describe a decline.


Loss of motivation

This side effect applies more to a withdrawal of caffeine than a direct side effect. Because caffeine the release Slows from dopamine from our brain into the body and thereby causes an enrichment in the brain, withdrawal causes too little dopamine.

Dopamin, on the other hand, ensures that we can feel joy, motivation and fulfillment.


3. Conclusion

The dose makes the poison and so it is with caffeine. You should be particularly careful with a pure, i.e. extracted caffeine powder. This pure caffeine is mostly found in pills, capsules and drinks and has a significantly more aggressive side effect on our health. We have you how the difference to natural caffeine here in our comparison described.

You shouldn't consume more than 300 mg natural caffeine per day and take care to consume no consuming any more about 6 hours before going to sleep.

Contrary to the side effects, which actually occur predominantly in the case of pre -contaminated persons or in the event of much too high consumption, Kaffein naturally also has many health benefits, which we in our Article on positive caffeine properties explained.

We hope the contribution was a help and you can now decide better for yourself whether, how much and what kind of caffeine you consume.