Guayusa Tea effect - Guayusa Effect what you need to know

Guayusa Tee Wirkung - Guayusa Wirkung Was Du Wissen Musst


In this article we will give you the most important properties Guayusa Tea effect together. In the end you will therefore become an extensive understanding of the effect of the Guayusa Have a plant and know the differences to other caffeine -containing drinks.

Should you even more about that Guayusa Want to experience a plant, you will find numerous further links in the text.


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  1. What is the Guayusa plant
  2. What are the Guayusa Ingredients?
  3. Guayusa Tea effect
    1. Performance -enhancing and more alert
    2. Guayusa Tea effect metabolism
    3. Guayusa Losing weight tea
    4. Gastric -friendly tea - effect of the Guayusa plant
    5. Sleep despite caffeine
    6. Drink healthy tea
  4. Guayusa Tea side effects
  5. Conclusion for Guayusa Tea effect


1. What is that Guayusa plant

The Guayusa Plant is one in South America, over 90% in Ecuador, native stingy palm. It belongs to the Ilex plants and is therefore related to Yerba-Mate in the broadest sense-one You can find comparison here. Guayusa is used by indigenous people Ecuador as a natural stimulus or durator. The reason for this is the unique composition of ingredients that differ enormously with other caffeinated drinks. 

Guayusa is not related to plants such as guarana, green tea or guave. Despite the fact that many think this due to the name. It is a fundamentally different type of plant with a different taste and a new special effect. More information about Guayusa You can find out the plant in our detailed article “what is Guayusa?“.


what is Guayusa Tea?


2. What are the Guayusa Ingredients?

Guayusa is, even if not yet known everywhere most caffeinated drink in the world. The leaves contain up to 7.6% caffeine. At the same time it is Guayusa Plant with twice as much Antioxidants Healthier than green tea/Matcha. Guayusa In addition, tea contains hardly any bitter substances, which makes it attractive even for newbies and many Possibilities of preparation offers.

Also has Guayusa The ingredients Theobromine and Theophyllin From the cocoa bean and L-theanin, a particularly focusing amino acid, from the vital mushroom Boletus Badius.

All of that does that Guayusa Plant to a great caffeinated drink, with amazingly pleasant effect!

You can find an extensive comparison of the world's best known caffeinated plants in our free e-book “Wachmacher comparison". You will also find here A summary of the effect of individual ingredients in Guayusa Tea.


Guayusa Tea ingredients and effect overview


3. Guayusa Tea effect

Guayusa is a caffeinated drink And yet it stands out in the effect of well -known guard makers such as Guarana, Yerba Mate, black tea, coffee and green tea. The special effect of Guayusa is created by the composition of the ingredients, which in this composition only in the Guayusa Plant can be found. 

The Guayusa Tea effect is most likely to be described using the words of the indigenous people of Ecuador. They say, that Guayusa she several Hours awake holds the Senses and the understanding focused and at the same time a soothing and stress reducing effect has.


Warer, more focused, more relaxed - the Guayusa Effect!

This 3 properties describe the Guayusa Tea effect at the strongest! The infusion of the Guayusa Plant or the leaves for everyone who concentrated for a long time, motivated and if possible stress-free work or in general Performance e.g. in Sports and Studies have to provide!


3.1. Performance -enhancing and more alert

In particular, the ingredients caffeine, theobromine and theophylline ensure a performance -enhancing effect, which in combination lasts over several hours. Guayusa For example, tea has the following performance -enhancing effects:

  1. Stimulation of the heart
  2. Stimulation of the respiratory tract
  3. Improved oxygen recording
  4. Improved intake of blue light
  5. Reduction of Melatonin
  6. Increases the Memory
  7. Improves that Memory



3.2. Guayusa Tea effect metabolism

According to two studies, the metabolism is through the Caffeine in Guayusa between 3% and 11% Stimulated, this can have an enormously positive impact on your calorie turnover and make you a significantly more performance, especially in sport. 

An improved metabolism also helps you to be able to absorb and use the energy in the meal faster. The Guayusa Tea effect on the metabolism therefore contributes positively to the waking effect.


3.3. Guayusa Losing weight tea

The effect of Guayusa Of course, tea on the metabolism also has an impact when it comes to losing weight. It could be proven that caffeine the Fat burning to drift up to. However, this is the absolute top value that you shouldn't rely on losing weight alone.

GUYA Incidentally, founder Sebastian Freidank created a successful course for nutrition, mindset and sports, which provides you with an overall package.

If you are for them Guayusa Tea effects to lose weight interests, so let us tell us at this point that there is no (still) a miracle pill. There is no guarana, green tea, Matcha and also no extracts or pills that let you take off in a miraculous way. This requires the three factors mentioned above. Nutrition is one of these factors and the Guayusa Tea effect can definitely support you in losing weight!


3.4. Gastric -friendly tea - effect of the Guayusa plant

Guayusa is one of the most stomach teas that there is. It looks basic and contains no acids. Coffee, on the other hand, contains a lot of coffee acid. This additional acid in coffee is in the long run for many people stomach problems.

Guayusa On the other hand, even on empty stomach can be drunk without any problems in the morning and has a calming effect even when the digestion is irritated.


3.5. Sleep despite caffeine

Here too the Guayusa Tea effect on other caffeinated drinks! 

As a result of that Guayusa As much caffeine contains up to 7.6%, it is only logical to think that Guayusa affects sleep in an enormously negative way. However, the opposite is the case! Guayusa Let the body come to rest despite the high caffeine content when it needs it!

This exciting and helpful effect is due to the natural combination of the active ingredients L-theanine and caffeine. The L-theanin compensates for the aggressive effect of the caffeine on the cardiovascular system and therefore mainly lets it affect the central nervous system.

Even use the indigenous people of Ecuador Guayusa Shortly before sleep, around the To stimulate dreams. An exciting article on the use of Guayusa You can find by the indigenous people here.


3.6. Drink healthy tea

Guayusa Tea has about twice as many Antioxidants like green tea And is therefore among the world's most healthy food. Antioxidants catch free radicals and thus protect our body from oxidative damage.

All health properties and advantages of Guayusa You can tea in our article “Health advantages of Guayusa tea“Read. 


Guayusa Tea effect overview


4. Guayusa Tea side effects

In our extensive article “The tea without side effects“We have already dealt intensively on the most common questions and have answered them.

Guayusa Tea contains a lot of caffeine, but together with many with many the previously mentioned active ingredients has a positive synergetic effect. The Side effects of caffeine can therefore only be felt with excessive consumption of 2 to 3 liters per day.

Side effects that you know from coffee or energy drinks come from Guayusa not before. 

  • no Rapid heartbeat
  • no Rigidity
  • no stomach problems
  • no Acidification
  • no Habituation effect
  • no bad sleep
  • no Yellow teeth


5. Conclusion for Guayusa Tea effect

Guayusa Tea is a caffeine plant that has been used in Amazon for thousands of years, which is still too underestimated in this country. In addition to their numerous positive properties has on our body and mind Guayusa no known side effects, which is why it is in addition to one Fantastic companion in the Everyday, Sports and Work might.

The Guayusa Effect is discovered and used by more and more people for their individual purposes. It continues to be informed about how Guayusa It works differently and of course, which is why it works differently.

So you should therefore already be more enthusiastic Guayusa Be a drinker so Feel free to share this article With friends, acquaintances and family. In our Shop You also find the largest selection worldwide at Guayusa Products. With 7 Guayusa-Sorts, including 3 original 100% Guayusa We have a variety for every taste and day.