Bio Energy Drinks Top 5 - Comparison Bio Energy Drink 2023

Bio Energy Drinks TOP 5 - Vergleich Bio Energy Drink 2023


WIn this article we compare 5 natural organic energy drinks based on their taste, ingredients and effects. We concentrate on plant-based caffeinated drinks and leave out all the unhealthy crap from cans with red bulls on them!

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Of course we are Guayusa Producers are to a certain extent biased, but with this article we try to look at the products as neutrally as possible and give an honest impression. On the other hand, we are not them without reason Guayusa Specialists and have built an entire business around it, which has been operating successfully on the market since 2016.



  1. What makes a good organic energy drink?
  2. Which ingredients are particularly important in energy drinks?
  3. TOP 5 natural energy drinks in comparison
    1. 5TH PLACE Green tea
    2. 4TH PLACE Mate tea
    3. PLACE 3 Coffee
    4. PLACE 2 Guarana
    5. 1ST PLACE Guayusa
  4. Conclusion: The best natural energy drink of 2023


1. What makes a good organic energy drink?

In our opinion, the following 3 aspects make a really good organic energy drink.

1.1. Effect (awake, focused, relaxed)

The effect should be strong enough to keep you awake and focused throughout the day so that you can optimally concentrate on your to-dos. At the same time, it won't do you any good if the energy kick is so strong that it knocks you out of your shoes and you are completely stressed out due to erratic thoughts and shakyness.

1.2. Taste of natural energy drinks

The taste should be pleasant. However, with many caffeinated drinks, the first sip is usually a failure and it is only after the second or third cup that you feel it is “tasty”. 

1.3. Effects on the body (tolerance)

Naturalness plays a crucial role because we are at home in our bodies for several decades. The better the tolerance, both short-term and long-term, the better the ranking.


2. Which ingredients are particularly important in energy drinks?

If we look at natural organic energy drinks, it quickly becomes clear that the main ingredient is clearly caffeine. In addition to caffeine, the following active ingredients are mainly present:

  1. Throbromine
  2. Theophylline
  3. Antioxidants

Another active ingredient, which so far only exists in two plants and one Mushroom was found L-Theanine. This non-protein amino acid comes into play in our comparison Green tea and in Guayusa before. All other drinks do not have this active ingredient. Even in artificial energy drinks from cans/bottles etc. L-theanine is usually not added because it is too expensive. The Effect however, is more than Interesting, so we'll go into this in more detail later.


3. TOP 5 natural energy drinks in comparison

When it comes to the ranking, we work from 5th place (worst) to 1st place (best) before. In the end you will understand why we chose first place. Read through all the information about the different organic energy drinks so that you have a good overview at the end and can evaluate them differently if necessary!

5. Green tea (worst)

Green tea, black tea, Matcha, white tea, red tea... Everything comes from one plant, the Camellia Sinensis. This fact surprises most people at first. However, the different tastes are simply due to different processing. In our Tea types comparison you will find further differences.

Green tea cuts in our Comparison to the best Organic energy drinks for the following reasons worst off.

Tea therefore has very different caffeine contents. Classically, tea is not a wake-up call for extremely busy to-do list days. However, it is a great stimulant in terms of serenity. The waking state is almost meditative and is ideal for household tasks.

For many people, tea has a rather unpleasant taste because it is extremely bitter. You can find more information about the preparation and brewing time of green tea in our blog article: “Green tea steeping time - How long does green tea have to steep?“

Nevertheless: Tea is very healthy and, if it is of high quality, a great product. The Antioxidant content is particularly high. An ORAC value of 60,000 is not uncommon.

L-Theanine is another interesting active ingredient, which we will discuss below Guayusa explain. If you still want to buy good green tea, we recommend it Shop by Tezen.

4. Mate tea

The Mate Shrub or tree comes from South America and has up to 1.4% caffeine. Additionally theobromine and theophylline. Anyone who drinks mate traditionally knows how powerful the infusion can be. Anyone who drinks too much also knows that mate can cause extreme heart palpitations and tremors. In our contribution to Mate tea effect you can find more information.

The Taste of mate tea It takes a lot of getting used to as it is smoky, tart and bitter. In small quantities, Mate is good for desk to-dos and everyday use.

The Antioxidant content Unfortunately, there is only a small amount in mate tea due to the processing over fire or exposure to strong heat. With RAW Mate it is higher, but up to 28 times lower than in Guayusa Tea.

In comparison, mate tea meets our comparison aspects more and can pass as an organic energy drink if it is drunk traditionally in a bombilla.

For good Yerba Mate tea we recommend Caa Mate, who we have already met several times at trade fairs.

3. Coffee

The most widespread stimulant, even though hardly anyone liked the taste the first time. After a few cups, many people can no longer imagine life without the tart, bitter, sometimes chocolatey-nutty taste with a slight sweetness.

The Caffeine content is around 1.4% for Arabica and around 3% for Robusta. By the way, Robusta is the more environmentally friendly bean and should always be preferred!

Coffee has a “kick” wake-up effect that goes from 0 to 100, but drops off just as quickly after 1-2 hours. In addition, coffee acid causes an unpleasant side effect in the stomach area for many people.

Theobromine and theophylline are only present in small quantities. Antioxidants are almost non-existent in coffee, even if other sites claim otherwise. The salary is given as an ORAC value and is just around 8,000.

Coffee comes in third place for us because the kick effect is of course an advantage for an organic energy drink. However, the health properties are not the best. If you still don't want to go without coffee, you can, for example, like in ours Coffee-Guayusa Mix, combine with other natural organic energy drinks.

2. Guarana

The red berry from South America is as bitter as it is extremely rich in caffeine. A real hammer at around 7%. But guarana cannot be enjoyed without gagging, which is why only small amounts are used in an organic energy drink. If you have the powder at home, it is a good idea to just “mix it in”. Antioxidants are in the medium range, which makes guarana very healthy.

If you want to try guarana, you should pay attention to its origin, because similar to Guayusa Guarana actually comes from the Amazon rainforest. Nowadays, a lot of it is grown in monocultures. Unfortunately, we couldn't find any guarana from permaculture, so we recommend it the following brand with an organic seal.

1. Guayusa

Guayusa Like mate and guarana, comes from South America. The leaves are the most caffeinated in the world and have up to 7.6% caffeine. On average the salary is 3%. Theobromine and theophylline are also present.

This is particularly interesting Relationship from caffeine to L-Theanine. This is approximately 1 in 3. This combination makes Guayusa so effective. Would you like more about the effect of Guayusa To find out more, we recommend our article Guayusa Tea effect and the Overview of all ingredients.

L-Theanine is an amino acid that can cross the blood-brain barrier. As is well known, our brain vibrates in different wavelengths. Alpha waves are one of them and they are known for this understanding and the Thoughts to focus - an essential property for an organic energy drink!
L-Theanine equals hence this high Salary at caffeine out of, ensures for clear and structured Thoughts with special focus on the NOW and makes Guayusa as a natural organic energy drink particularly efficient for the Office- and for Everyday sports life.

Theobromine and Theophylline stimulate additionally that Heart, the blood circulation, Oxygen absorption and thus Overall performance of body.

The Effect of an organic Guayusa energy drinks, holds between 4 and 8 hours. It comes to no one heart racing, even with extremely high consumption Guayusa tea tastes not bitter, rather herbal, sweet and tart. In contrast to coffee, mate, guarana and also tea further advantage.

In addition, is Guayusa extreme healthy, discolored the Teeth not and works calming and nonetheless stimulating on the margin intestinal tract. The tea is basic and not angry, and it can be drunk in large quantities like an herbal tea, without Side effects to have.

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4. Conclusion: The best natural energy drink of 2023

Guayusa is our clear favorite when it comes to natural organic energy drinks.

The natural leaves can easily be brewed with water. They do not become bitter, even at 100°C and long steeping times, because the leaves hardly have any bitter substances. Our best preparations from Guayusa You can find tea HERE. The The taste is herbal, slightly sweet, with a certainty bitter or. earthy note.

The Effect lasts for several hours, this with the Active ingredient complex has to do with something that is clearly ahead of all other natural caffeinated energy drinks. It comes to no one heart racing, the well-known caffeineShakiness falls away completely and you have nonetheless the Advantages of caffeine such as. Motivation, feeling awake and endurance.

Guayusa has more Antioxidants as Green tea and is therefore a real antioxidant bomb. With an ORAC value of over 120,000 Guayusa more antioxidants than most plants in the world.