Tea with coffee - Guayusa and coffee as a healthy guardian

Tee mit Kaffee – Guayusa und Kaffee als gesunder Wachmacher


In our Article about the new variety we already have you on the journey of the creation of Coffee + Guayusa . Information about the origin, the cultivation, the cooperation and the processing can be found there. As always, we have prepared a short documentation for you, which you can use as always on YouTube or you can see in the blog article.

This article is intended to be about the taste profile and the effect of this extraordinary mixture! coffee and Guayusa ... that sounds really weird, isn't it? We thought, too, but the practice has shown that this mixture is awesome, both from the effect and from the taste!


table of contents

  1. Guayusa with coffee
  2. Taste profile Coffee and tea mixed
  3. Effect tea with coffee


1. Guayusa with coffee

Coffee sheet comparison Guayusa Sheet

Guayusa and Coffee Mix CombinationWith Guayusa we know each other and have learned over the years a lot of experience in processing and finishing. With coffee, however, we had zero experience. Fortunately, we have found competent partners.

Our coffee comes from the region of Loreto in Ecuador. Under the name WITOKA, several farming families have joined together and have received a lot of support for their coffee project over the past few years. They were able to put their own processing with drying, roasting, and grinding on their legs and have learned from professionals on their original Italian roasting machine what it is all about. In 2019, they received the prize for the best Robusta coffee in Ecuador.

Why Robusta and not Arabica? Robusta coffee is the much better variety, if you know what to consider. The cultivation can take place in permacultures, the caffeine content is approx. Twice as high and the taste profile particularly exciting. Unfortunately, robusta has been displaced by Arabica in the last few decades, as this strain can be cultivated better in monocultures, that is, risks plantations.


2. Taste profile Coffee and tea mixed

The smell of our pure coffee is best to describe with the notes beerig nutty and slightly chocolaty. After brewing in the French Press, Mokka or Dripper, this profile turns a little in favor of a strong nut flavor, light chocolate and berries Note.In combination with our PURE Powder expands the flavor profile by a grasig/reduced note, however, which is discreetly and only tasting in the demise. Guayusa is very gentle in taste, is the combination of coffee and Guayusa especially for people who don't want to do without the coffee flavor!

Coffee with tea Guayusa Taste

3. effect tea with coffee

Our goal in this new and unusual product was to connect two worlds together. Both the flavor and the effect!

Coffee usually has a very fast and strong effect. Our Robusta coffee sets it up again here, because it has approx. Twice as much caffeine as usual Arabica.

From coffee drinkers, we have always received the feedback that they Guayusa like to drink after the first cup of coffee, as this will extend the effect. That is exactly what we wanted to achieve. A quick, direct kick, which then seamlessly integrates into the long-lasting and focussing effect of Guayusa !

Our Guayusa-Coffee So powder is suitable for all coffee lovers who want to feel an extra boost throughout the day without being plagued by unpleasant heart-lawn or stomach problems.

Tea with coffee