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The caffeine content of mate tea - caffeine in yerba mate tea


It is no secret that caffeine is a stimulant. It is one of the most popular ingredients in energy drinks and caffeinated soft drinks, so in this article we look at the caffeine content of Mate Tea and clarify the question of how much caffeine is really in Mate tea.

Yerba Mate Tea is a South American herbal tea that is obtained from the leaves and branches of the Yerba Mate shrub. The tea is very popular in South America and is traditionally drunk in a cup with a straw.


Table of contents

  1. Caffeine in Yerba Mate Tea
  2. How much caffeine is in Yerba Mate Tea?
  3. Caffeine content from Yerba Mate Tea compared to other drinks
    1. Guayusa Tea and mate tea comparison
    2. Green tea and mate tea comparison
  4. Effect of caffeine on the body
  5. Advantages and disadvantages of the consumption of Yerba Mate Tea
  6. Conclusion: Is Mate Tea better?



1. Caffeine in Yerba Mate Tea

The caffeine in mate tea chemically identical to the caffeine of black tea, green tea, cocoa, coffee, guarana or Guayusa. As always, the difference lies in the composition with other active ingredients. At Mate, these are particularly tannins (which make the tea so bitter), Theobromine and Theophyllin, as well as Antioxidants, but all in small quantities.

If you are more interested in ingredients and their effect on the body, we recommend our article on Overview of ingredients and their effect!


2. How much caffeine is in Yerba Mate Tea?

The caffeine content of Yerba Mate Tea varies depending on the manufacturer, region and type of manufacture. Studies have shown that the Caffeine content of yerba mate tea at approx. 1% -2%.

The longer the fermentation and thus the drying process, the higher the caffeine content of the tea.


3. Caffeine content of Yerba Mate Tea compared to other drinks

In the caffeine comparison, Mate does tea much worse than is generally assumed. The large number of different mate refresher raids over the past few years has shown the appearance since Clubmate appeared as if Mate Tea had a particularly high content. With 1-2%, Mate tea is slightly above black tea.

Mate is often advertised in soft drinks, but actually only tiny amounts of extracts are included. The existing caffeine is added to the drink, such as sugar and aromas as an extract ingredient. In addition, this caffeine is not caffeine in mate tea, but an extract from the coffee bean.


Guayusa Tea and mate tea comparison

Guayusa And Mate tea are two related plants. They also grow on the same continent. Nevertheless, they differ enormously! Mate tea tastes very bitter, Guayusa In contrast, almost no bitter substances have and is the only natural caffeinated drink In the world that doesn't taste bitter. There are therefore numerous Preparation methods of Guayusa.

Both plants also differ in terms of ingredients. Guayusa has about twice as much caffeine, on average 3% and up to 7.6%, and an amino acid that is L-theanin calls which does not occur in mate tea. You can find more about the effect of L-theanin here.

The effect of Mate is much more sophisticated, with ribbon and racing heart, although Guayusa causes a pleasant mix between body and head, which is particularly noticeable as a kind of focus.

Experience more about the special Effect of Guayusa.


Comparison yerba mate tea and Guayusa tea


Green tea and mate tea comparison

What many do not know is that green tea and black tea came from the same plant and are only changed by the processing process. And it is not correct to say that black tea generally has more caffeine, even if this is mostly the case due to the fermentation process. Compared to green tea, Mate Tea has a significantly stronger effect on the body. Green tea, on the other hand, looks more upside down.


4. Effect of caffeine on the body

The effect of caffeine is always the same if it is pure, extracted caffeine. Kaffein increases the performance of the heart, promotes blood circulation, stimulates the central nervous system and stimulates the digestive tract and metabolism at.

Caffeine reduces the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone by blocking a hormone responsible for production. The result is a lower tiredness and poorer sleep.

The effect of caffeine differs enormously as soon as it is combined with other active ingredients. This of course takes place in plants such as Yerba Mate, cocoa and tea. Hence the consumption of Guayusa For example, no negative effects on sleep. Guayusa Has a special active ingredient complex that does not affect sleep. Nevertheless, due to the high caffeine content, it is an ideal guardian!


5. Advantages and disadvantages of the consumption of Yerba Mate Tea

As with everything, you have to make it clear what purpose you want to drink mate tea. Is it pure pleasure, or do you want more focus at work or sport? Do you want a particularly healthy guards or just any alternative to coffee and energy drinks?

Mate tea is particularly suitable as a "social drink" If you traditionally drink it in a mate vessel, you can share this with a straw with friends.

However, Mate is not so well suited if you are looking for a healthy alternative that is stomach -friendly. Problems can occur, especially due to the smoking of Mate. Also in terms of Antioxidants Do not cut off Mate Tea very well.

Another, unfortunately extremely large minus point of Mate is the destructive cultivation. Mate tea, like green tea (unfortunately also very unknown), is almost exclusively in Monocultures grown. Monocultures are very harmful to our climate, biodiversity and biodiversity. Why biodiversity is important, you can find out in our article here.


Conclusion: Is Mate Tea better?

Mate tea is definitely a great change from other caffeine -containing drinks. The taste takes a lot of getting used to at first. With traditional drinking, the effect is very quick and similar to a coffee kick. Mate tea quickly leads to rapid heartbeat and can have other unpleasant consequences as of coffee.

Mate Tea is therefore a good change, but not the optimal guardian for more performance and focus in everyday life, work and sport. If you are looking for these properties, you should take a closer look with the Active ingredients from Guayusa deal with.

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