Bottle - thermos can 500 ml of stainless steel with tea strainer

Can be used everywhere!
Whether hot, cold, your new thermos can keep everything at temperature!

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    With this thermos bottle with tea sieve (both made of stainless steel) you are well prepared for cold and hot days! The thermos can every kind of loose tea and with its 500 ml perfect for on the go.

    The GUYA Thermoskanne with tea strainer is double-walled and offers ideal conditions due to the removable tea sieve, both for teas with specific drawing times and for Guayusa Tea, which you can simply leave in the bottle on the way, because it doesn't become bitter.

    The thermos sest made of stainless steel has both our logo on the front and our stylish Guayusa-Blatt (powder edition) printed on the back. We recommend not packing the thermos in the dishwasher, the tea strainer is dishwasher. Clean the thermos bottle from the outside by hand and on the inside with a sponge.

    The thermos bottle with tea strainer has a capacity of 500 ml. It is both perfect for on the go, because you don't have to carry tons of extra weight with and for at home. Do not wear the tea thermos with sieve with pointed objects on the way, otherwise it could scratch.

    The tea strainer is screwed on for filling and can be clipped into the thermos and screws after filling with tea and screws - 500 ml is an ideal size to always remain hydrated on the way.

    You can also buy the thermos with tea string in a bundle together with other products and save. Do you already know ours Guayusa Tea?

    Thermoskanne with stainless steel tea string

    500 ml for on the go and at home

    The double-walled thermos has a capacity of 500 ml and a matching stainless steel tea, which is suitable for all of our teas. The 500 ml are ideal for on the go and at home. You do not carry 2kg weight around with you, because the bottle is light and handy and yet lasts for a long time. For home you can prepare several infusions throughout the day and always have a fresh energy!

    You can easily put the tea strainer into the dishwasher or clean the bottle by hand. We recommend not packing the bottle in the dishwasher. You find that GUYA Logo on the front and the original Guayusa leaf (Powder-Editon) on the back.


    Customer reviews

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    Great thermos. With sieve for tea. Very convenient.

    Great quality & function

    The thermos can not only look beautiful and also has a lot to offer, but also holds the warmth extremely well. It is not annoying that there is no cup. You don't need him for Coldbrew anyway. The sieve is really great, nice and fine and just as high quality. Like me from GUYA I'm used to. All around really a successful jug, which was also very, very well received as a gift!