Simple exercise against stress - immediately

Einfache Übung gegen Stress - Sofort


Would you like to learn the fastest and easiest way to reduce your stress level within a very short time? Without meditation for only 20 minutes, having to do a mindfulness or sports exercise? Because stress often arises in a life situation such as job and work, and a 20-minute mediation to reduce stress is then not possible. However, there is a great exercise that helps you to properly deal with acute stress.

You can find out in this post which simple exercise you can use at any time to get you down.


Table of contents

  1. Video: simple exercise against stress - immediately
  2. Reduce stress simple and immediately
  3. Influence of breathing on reducing stress
  4. Correct breathing - deal with stress properly
  5. Simple exercise - reduce stress in job & work immediately
  6. Feel less stress
  7. Avoid pure caffeine 


Video: simple exercise against stress - immediately



1. Reduce stress simple and immediately

The following technology does not have to do with external aids such as supplements etc., but comes 100% from yourself.

The technology is scientifically proven and goes back to the body's physiology!

According to Andrew Hubermann, the fastest way is to reduce the noticeable stress in acute life situation such as job and work through our breathing. 


2. Influence of breathing on reducing stress

The interesting thing about breathing is that we always do it. 

However, subconscious and if we are under stress, breathing also changes subconsciously.

If we want to influence our nervous system with the help of our breath, we have to actively take control of the normally subconscious breathing. Because what is not aware of many is that our breathing also affects the heart rate.

When inhaling, the space where our heart sits increases. This also widens a little and the blood, which is in the heart at the moment, has more space, which in turn means that the blood circulates more slowly.

Since our body is quite clever, it registers this slower circulating blood directly in the heart, sends this signal to the head, which in turn sends a signal back to the heart. Pumping more with the information to keep the system going.

Of course, we don't want that in a stress situation-because a stronger pumping heart leads to even more stress.

Now, of course, the general inhale does not lead directly to more stress, but a longer and, above all, more intensive inhaling than exhaling.


3. Correct breathing - with stress

So what you have to do to counteract stress quickly and reduce it is to control your breathing in that you take a shorter inhale than you exhale. Because at that moment the opposite happens with the heart. 

It has less space, the blood pressure rises and the brain ensures that the heart beats slower.

So if you want to switch down a level relatively quickly, then you have to exhale more slowly and more powerfully than you inhale. This leads to a rapid and efficient reduction in stress level by relaxing the heart.

And the exciting thing about this technique is that it really works directly in real time. You don't have to take 10 minutes of time, you can even do it on stage during your work or a presentation.


4. Simple exercise - reduce stress in job & work immediately

For an extra boost, you can also use an even more efficient exercise in addition to the long exhale mentioned to reduce stress. 

Suppose you are at work or in the job and you suddenly come into an extreme stressful situation.

In this case, you can do the following exercise to reduce the stress level.

  1. Breathe 2 times one (1 times a lot, 1 times short to no more space in the lungs) 
  2. Then breathe out as long as possible.

And even if this technique feels like the inhalation is stronger than exhaling, something is rather exciting in the body.

Our lungs are shaped from sheer bags. When we are under stress, these bags collapse under too much CO2.

The little last inhale manages to give the bag again. 

The result is that your entire blood is freed from significantly more CO2 directly, very efficiently than it would be the case with normal breathing.

This is exactly the reason why the technology is so efficient and you can reduce a high stress level within a few seconds.


5. Feel less stress on permanently

Of course that does not mean that techniques like meditation are not effective to be able to handle stress properly.

On the contrary, they are particularly effective in the long run.

But if you need a direct quick path in real time at the moment to cod to your stress, then this physiological way, the quick inhaling and slow exhalation, the best.


6. Avoid pure caffeine 

One factor that many do not think about, but which can cause enormous stress, is caffeine.

Particularly chemical caffeine powderas you do in supplements, Nootropics, Energy drinks, but also in bioty drinks with caffeine, are anything but helpful.

When consuming caffeine, make sure that you never consume more than 300 mg to 400 mg per day and only use caffeine from natural sources. This is only possible if you e.g. tea, coffee or Guayusa prepared.

Unfortunately, coffee, in particular, contained an almost exposed caffeine, which looks as counterproductive as that from energy drinks. A plant that makes both awake and reduces stress is Guayusa-Tea.

How to change the change and even do without coffee on the healthy Guayusa-Tee manages, you will find out in my post "Drinking less coffee, so the waiver works."

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