Can DAOS change prevailing mega companies?

Können DAOs herrschende Mega-Konzerne verändern?


Corporations and companies are black boxes. Information is only very filtered outwards, so it is easy to communicate generally popular values, but to act completely differently. A DAO can eliminate this problem of non-transparency and one-sided flow of information.

At the same time, Daos, as a customer, no longer offer you the opportunity to trust you blindly, but to be able to check at any time whether the company, whose products you consume, actually speaks the truth.


Table of contents

  1. Problems of current companies & corporations
  2. How Daos can solve problems for companies & customers
    1. Transparency & trust in a DAO
    2. Co -determination in the DAO
    3. Exclusive advantages & profit sharing for members in the DAO
    4. racism
  3. Conclusion-mega groups as DAO


1. Problems of current companies & corporations

Nowadays, companies and corporations are shaped by hierarchical pyramid structures in which one or a few people at the top make the decisions.

Employees and outsiders have no influence on decisions, nor can they see which decisions are made on what conditions. This leads to incredible lack of transparency, which can easily be exploited by the decision -makers such as CEOs and managers.

This abuse of transparency can take on a wide variety of forms.

  1. Immadekeeping of Geldern
  2. Unethical economies
    1. through Children or slave work
    2. through Destruction of the planet
    3. through Exploitation of weaker
  3. Planned obsolescence
  4. racism

This can only be done because of the opaque and thus the absence of control. However, transparency and control should not be done by imposing regulations, but by created paths in the companies themselves, which do not cause any restrictions on action or extra costs.


2. How Daos can solve problems for companies & customers

The aspect of higher costs, additional effort and falling competitiveness usually maintains companies and corporations from acting transparently and ethically correctly.

Because money would have to be invested in these areas and would be missing in other areas such as marketing. In order to be successful on the market, it is necessary to reduce costs in all areas that do not lead to higher sales.

DAOS solve this problem of the higher costs of transparency and control, at the same time they create the possibility for inexpensive and efficient marketing due to community education.

If you want to understand exactly what a DAO is and how it is structured, read our article “Daos, companies of the future? Potential for customers & companies" through.


Dao benefit advantages

2.1. Transparency & trust in a DAO

A DAO is a so -called "decentralized autonomous organization", which through Blockchain-supported technology provides a completely transparent and inexpensive and efficient way to enable customers and all outsiders to trust an institution or company.

This is done by constant publication of ideas, decisions and actions, which should shape the future of the company.

Due to the nature of a DAO, these publications can be viewed free of charge by everyone in the world at any time. Any discrepancies between communicated goals, values ​​and acts that actually take place are easy to identify.

If it is the goal of a DAO or company to create a fairly traded and biologically grown product, then precise conditions would be predefined in a DAO:

  1. What does "fair trade" mean and
  2. What does "biologically grown" mean?

All of the company taking place afterwards are also documented. Members of the DAO could intervene if, contrary to the rules defined for the product, were traded.

This can prevent the previously mentioned problems such as embezzlement of funds, unethical business, planned obsolescence and racism.

2.2. Co -determination in the DAO

The foundation stone of a DAO is formed by the members. A single CEO or a small group of managers can no longer decide alone about the direction in which the company is moving.

The structure of a DAO is therefore hierarchy-free, but not structural-free. Ideas, improvements and actions are brought up and executed by experts within the DAO or employed employees. Expert groups can therefore form, but they cannot make final decisions, since this requires the coordination of all DAO members.

This leads to a direct, unrestricted democracy.

2.3. Exclusive advantages & profit sharing for members in the DAO

Members of a DAO have a counterfeit -proof ticket, also called NFT or tokens. With the help of this ticket, the company can grant all members of the DAO exclusive discounts, pre -purchase rights and even profit sharing.

This is similar to a share participation, but is much more efficient, easier and across borders.

2.4. racism

Complete anonymity for its members and absolute transparency regarding decisions can be guaranteed within a DAO. Which background a member has or where it comes from no longer plays a role.

Anyone can become a member with an internet connection and a cell phone or PC. There are therefore no advantages or disadvantages for members. All that matters are the properties that the member can bring into the DAO in order to make the success of this more likely.


3. Conclusion-mega corporations as DAO!

Building corporations like Nestlé and VW as a DAO seems rather utopian. However, Daos offer small and new companies the opportunity to fore their standing corporations and to revolutionize the way they do today.

Daos offer the possibility to acquire high -quality cooperation worldwide, to build a community of fans at the same time and to do it inexpensively, transparently and ethically.

For most people, however, Daos are still an unknown vehicle, which is why pioneers need pioneers who start Dao's, join them and thus send signals in a new direction.