14 home office tips for more focus, concentration & energy

14 Home Office Tipps für mehr Fokus, Konzentration & Energie


FFor some it has been normal for a long time. For the majority, however, it is more of an unusual consequence of Corona and the lockdowns that you first have to get comfortable with. For some this is easier, for others it is very difficult. For some it is a blessing, for others a curse - and for still others both a curse and a blessing: the home office. In current times, more and more people are moving their workplace into their own four walls. Not everyone finds it easy to create structure and find their rhythm. The tips in this article are intended to help you work in a focused and concentrated manner in the home office and at the same time enjoy the new freedom that comes with it.

First of all: According to Stanford University study Productivity within your own four walls increases by 13%. So take advantage of the opportunities and feel really satisfied at the end of the day - not just with your work performance, but completely satisfied. That's how it's done:


Table of contents

  1. Optimal conditions: tips for your home office
  2. setup workspace
    1. setup workspace
    2. Align the workplace
    3. Structuring the workplace
    4. Equipment & technology
  3. Think about yourself first: tips for the morning
    1. Start your day optimally
      1. Sports
      2. yoga
      3. meditation
      4. meditation
      5. Morning ritual
  4. Tips – everyday work in the home office
    1. Reflection
    2. Eat a frog first
    3. Set timer
    4. Use breaks
    5. Give yourself exercise
    6. Drink healthy
    7. Eat smart
    8. Find an end
    9. Guayusa: special tip for the home office
  1. Conclusion


1. Optimal conditions: tips for your home office

In the home office, you are responsible for things like your workplace or work environment, which until now were basically a nest that you just had to sit in. To ensure that this new freedom feels good, it is important that you create your workplace in such a way that comfort, productivity, mindset and professionalism are in harmony.

1.1. setup workspace

Even though it may sound tempting: Working from the couch or bed should be the exception.

The laptop pool images that are familiar from digital nomadism are also more myth than reality. It is much more advisable to find a fixed place to work. This makes it easier for you to separate work and leisure time. You also get a business atmosphere that makes it easier for you to get started.

Ideally, you should set up a room or separate area specifically for this purpose. For a detailed article with tips for destroying your workplace, we have the article “Optimize your workplace" written. Here in this article we will give you a few tips.

1.2. Align the workplace

Maybe you have the opportunity to align your workstation so that your gaze can wander a little, for example out the window into the countryside. In any case, make sure that you always have enough daylight available.

However, make sure you sit in the shade. Too much sun is neither good for your organism nor your concentration.

A notice: Numerous studies indicate that plants in the workplace increase productivity. This is because they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. This keeps the air quality in your four walls fresh. So maybe you make sure that your home office is not only “green”, but also furnished “green”.

1.3. Structuring the workplace

It works best with structure. Not only in your head, but also in your workplace, order helps you work efficiently. It has been practically scientifically proven that clutter is not conducive to working from home. At least it has been researched that the brain has problems concentrating fully when there is disorder. For most people, a clear workspace in the home office is a prerequisite for being able to work productively.

So keep your workplace clean to bring structure to your processes. Cleaning up your desk as your last official act before the end of the day will also help you complete the workday. You also feel much more motivated with a clean desk. If it is untidy, it implies a loss of control and creates negative stress.

1.4. Equipment & technology

Without the right equipment, you will not be able to work successfully or with focus in the long term. Equipment you should get for the perfect working atmosphere:

  • Laptop, WiFi, possibly a monitor, keyboard and mouse (we recommend one Mousethat you can hold with both hands)
  • Mobile phone with large data volume for on the go and when traveling
  • Noise canceling headphones with microphone for video meetings
  • Repeater for good internet throughout the apartment
  • Whiteboard or pinboard
  • (ergonomic) office chair
  • creative and practical storage options such as boxes and folders
  • maybe one Standing deskto change posture and change scenery
  • Tools like Asana, Slack, Skype, zoom, the Google Palette or WhatsApp can be used for planning, collaboration and better communication in the home office


2. Think about yourself first: tips for the morning

Doesn't it feel great when you start your day knowing that you've already done something for yourself or invested in yourself? Yeah, I think so too! :) This feeling is the ultimate boost for motivation. This makes getting up fun! Even better if it helps you start the day focused and focused.

2.1. Start your day optimally


Exercising in the morning is an absolute classic. Morning workouts are not only very healthy. Studies also show that early exercisers are more alert, sleep better and have more energy. Exercising in the morning helps you be more productive and focused.


Yoga stretches, stretches and moves your body properly. Not only will you wake up faster, but you will also start the day by creating a positive and energizing mood within yourself. It is not for nothing that yoga is considered a source of strength and energy.


Meditation is a very mindful and also very healthy way to start the day. The benefits of meditating in the morning include a clear mind, a good mood, and improved concentration and productivity throughout the day.


Breathing properly strengthens the brain. Breathing exercises like this Wim Hof ​​method enrich your cells with oxygen. This wakes you up and provides energy, focus and concentration. Nadi Shodana alternate breathing, on the other hand, awakens your creative spirit.

Morning ritual:

Guayusa is the perfect energy boost in the morning. It is not for nothing that the indigenous people of Ecuador traditionally drank tea as a wake-up call before or during hunting. Alternatives with a similar effect are cocoa, bulletproof coffee or bulletproof Guayusa. More about the unique power of Guayusa can be found later in this article or in our separate article "Guayusa Tea effect“.

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3. Tips – everyday work in the home office

Working from home gives us completely new freedoms in many ways. At the same time, it requires us to take personal responsibility in some areas. Use the resulting opportunities for yourself, your well-being and your motivation!

3.1. Reflection

Start your working day with reflection and ask yourself the following questions:

1. What did I do yesterday?
2. What was I able to do and what wasn't I able to do?
3. What tasks are due today?

Reflection helps you align your focus. Prioritize your tasks and work through them one after the other. At the end of the day you will have achieved more.

3.2. Eat a frog first

“Eat a frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day”, Mark Twain once said. What did he mean by that? Do the unpleasant tasks first instead of putting them off. This will keep you motivated for the rest of the day.

3.3. Set timer

The risk of distraction is great within your own four walls. No boss looking over your shoulders. But non-stop push-up news, smartphone, social media, Netflix, cleaning, doing laundry, entertaining the children, etc.

When working from home, you will quickly be tempted to put other “important things” first. So set an (internal) timer and take your time - whether it's 30, 60, 90 or 25 minutes à la Pomodoro technique are - everything else is on the left. As is often the case when working from home (or in life), it is important that you discipline yourself! The more you do this, the more productive you will be.

3.4. Use breaks

After you have worked productively and exclusively on your actual task during your interval, you can then treat yourself to a short break. Do this actively, switch off, leave your desk and reward yourself, for example...

  • ...with a healthy smoothie,
  • a few pull-ups or burpees,
  • a little walk,
  • a little housework,
  • a short play or cuddle session with your family (or pet),
  • or a few deep breaths of fresh air.

After the break we continue with motivation. Planned breaks while working promote productivity because you are more concentrated and focused during the work phases.

3.5. Give yourself exercise

Movement promotes concentration. Therefore, don't just consciously use the breaks to keep your organism going. For example, you can walk around your apartment while on the phone.

Do you still have 30 emails to write? Never mind, try voice recognition - it works great now! Occasionally work while standing, for example at your kitchen table - or at your specially set up standing desk.

3.6. Drink healthy

Since the coffee machine is probably not far away, the already high coffee consumption in the home office may increase again if you don't handle it carefully - or increase it Coffee alternatives like Guayusa switch over.

At the same time, you may drink less due to the lack of breaks with your colleagues. Less water, mind you. So make sure you always have enough to drink nearby.

A drinking bottle that allows you to better measure how much you have drunk can help. In our Shop you will find one 500ml thermos flask with stainless steel tea strainer, which keeps your drinks warm in winter and cold in summer. If 500ml is too small for you, you can find it at Amazon numerous other providers.

3.7. Eat smart

Working from home is also a big challenge for your eating habits. The refrigerator is just a few steps away, so the temptation to snack is correspondingly greater.

If your working day becomes more stressful and negative feelings arise, you often resort to it to relieve stress or frustration. This especially happens when you are under time pressure and there is little time left for healthy and conscious food intake.

“Emotional eating” is influenced by, among other things, stress, pressure, frustration and lack of exercise. So be careful here! Take time for one of the most important things in life: healthy and conscious eating!

7 short tips for the home office to strengthen your focus with smart eating habits:

  1. Introduce regular meals
  2. Don't eat at work
  3. Cook fresh and healthy
  4. Shop healthier
  5. Question feelings of hunger
  6. Enjoy consciously
  7. It doesn't work well on a full stomach

3.8. Find an end

Stick to your predetermined working hours. Then actually close the laptop. Regeneration is important in order to be able to process information effectively. Avoid going straight from your desk to bed. Especially if you've been staring at the blue light from your electrical devices all day.

You don't want your thoughts to revolve around your work when you fall asleep, right? Blue light for too long disrupts your ability to fall asleep. Treat yourself and your eyes to relaxation and close your devices in good time before you go to bed.

3.9. Guayusa: special tip for the home office

Through the more complex Composition of its ingredients works Guayusa significantly different than coffee, for example, but its caffeine content is comparable. Guayusa makes you extremely awake. At the same time, the L-theanine it contains reduces mental and physical stress reactions, which leads to relaxation.

The coupling of the two ingredients caffeine and L-Theanine sharpens the senses and transports one into one State of relaxed alertness. This improves memory performance and increases resistance to stress.

The effect of the ingredients, in conjunction with the above-mentioned tips for the home office, can help you more focused, more concentrated and more productive to work - and get through the day with less stress. Made by the indigenous people of the Amazon Guayusa even to Increasing creative thoughts used. So if you work in a job that requires you to put in a lot of creative effort, you might want to get to the bottom of this myth in more detail.


4. Conclusion

The time you spend in the home office is your lifetime. It should also be used appropriately: productive, efficient and inspiring - but also pleasant. Maybe working from home is a challenging adjustment for you. However, if you make targeted use of the advantages, you can not only increase your productivity, but also enjoy completely new freedoms.

Create an environment that allows you to focus properly on your work, is familiar to you and bears your signature. Also pay attention to yourself during your everyday working life and use this time wisely. The most important thing is: commitment and self-discipline!

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