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Efficiency and effectiveness - difference, example and donkey bridge


Many confuse the meaning of effectiveness andEfficiency, Or don't know the difference at all. In this post we will give you many examples and a donkey bridge so that you better understand the difference between efficiency VS effectiveness.

The article is also said to be a small digression for our blog post “That happens when you do without coffee and Guayusa Drink! serve, because coffee is effective as the purpose of the guard maker, but not efficient. Why this is that you will understand according to this article and guaranteed to look at the two words differently and use more specifically in your everyday life.



  1. Effectiveness, example and definition
  2. Efficiency, example and definition
  3. Difference efficiency VS effectiveness
  4. Efficiency and effectiveness donkey bridge
  5. Examples
  6. Conclusion


1. Effectiveness, example and definition

Effectively Something is always when it brings you closer to your goal, even if that means that you take many detours, take breaks and there would be a better way.

Here is an example so that you better understand how effectiveness distinguishes from efficiency.

You don't get your eyes up, you're completely flat and have to work or study for 8 hours. Then it is effectively approved a large cup of coffee, because it will open your eyes very quickly. You are a step closer to your goal of holding out for 8 hours. This procedure would be under effectiveness To classify, but not under efficiency, because there are better ways to keep you awake and focused for your work.

You can effectiveness Hence as follows define:

"Effectiveness means doing the right (somewhat goal) without evaluating whether this activity is rather good or poorly effective."

At the end of the article we give you a donkey bridge and many further examples, so that you can better understand the difference between effectiveness and efficiency.


Effectiveness VS efficiency example


2. Efficiency, example and definition

Efficiency On the other hand, your goal means to get as close as possible with the greatest possible leverage, the slightest effort and in the shortest time.

Based on the example just mentioned, this would mean the following.

The coffee opens your eyes quickly, but you are guaranteed to need the next cup after an hour or two and repeat this until you have your 8 hours full. So there is a better way!

The efficient instead of just effective variant would be through your coffee Mate tea to replace. In addition, it would be more efficient to go through your mate tea Guayusa tea to replace. Then Guayusa Not only opens your eyes, but intensify your focus, your creative thoughts and your motivation. In addition, the effect lasts between 4 and 8 hours without giving you stomach problems or rapid heartbeat.

The definition for Efficiency is therefore the following:

"Efficiency means executing the right (somewhat effective) in the best possible way and with the help of the best possible aid, so that the goal is achieved as quickly as possible and with the least effort."

You can find a donkey bridge and other examples at the end of the article to get a better understanding of the difference between effectiveness VS efficiency.


Efficiency and effectiveness Example


3. Difference efficiency VS effectiveness

At this point we would like to describe the difference between effectiveness and efficiency again.

Effectiveness means that you do the right thing to get your goal. Efficiency, on the other hand, means that you do the right way in the correct way.

In fact, efficiency means doing something (regardless of whether it is targeted) with little effort, time, money, strength, etc. Therefore, you can do the wrong one very efficiently, and you will never get to your goal. Accordingly, you always have to ensure effectiveness before increasing efficiency.

In normal language use, you should use the word effectiveness if you do the right one and the word efficiency if you do the right way in the best possible way. Logically, it does not make any sense of efficiency if you do the wrong thing as possible, even if it is actually possible language use.


4. Efficiency and effectiveness donkey bridge

Effectiveness ends on T, efficiency ends on Z.

T is in the alphabet, which is why you always have to pay attention to the effectiveness (the right thing) before you improve the process and thus efficiently make the right one correctly).

An efficient process should therefore always be effective.


5. Examples of effectiveness and efficiency


 Goal effectiveness Efficiency
To cut a tree Fail with the saw of a pocket knife. Fail with a chainsaw.
Travel from Germany to Italy Run Fly
Toot pencil with a knife With a pencil larder
Cook the pasta over a fire on a stove
Write the blog post Write on the cell phone write on the PC
Lose weight Boot camp Create routines, change nutrition, do sports



5. Conclusion - Efficiency VS Effective

effectiveness and Efficiency must always be seen in a ratio. If there is no alternative to a process, in our example the coffee drinking, then coffee is both effective and efficient.

However, as soon as there is a way to give effectiveness an upgrade, this effectiveness also becomes efficient. In the example of the awakening coffee, the activity of consumption of a caffeine drink is the effective process. This process can be done by drinking Guayusa but become efficient. The exchange of coffee against Guayusa changes the effect for the positive.

We hope that this post has brought you light into the dark. Should you be for Guayusa As a new guards, you can be interested in our work Shop permanently with 5 % discount Shop by by Coupon Code "Blog 5"Use in the checkout.

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