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Myths and legends about the origin of Guayusa

T here are various stories about how the indigenous people in the Amazon discovered Guayusa. The oldest finds of dried guayusa leaves date back more than 1500 years. They were found in the tomb of a shaman in Bolivia. Today it is believed that Guayusa originally came from Ecuador. Guayusa has therefore been used for several thousand years.

The gift of the gods to the weary & unproductive

An old story has it that millennia ago the Amazon was overpopulated with indigenous tribes. The people there were permanently tired and unproductive. One day, while traveling from one tribe to another through the rainforest, a man fell fast asleep next to a tree. The tree spoke to him and told him to eat its leaves. The man listened to the tree's words and began to chew the leaves. He immediately felt his energy returning. Strengthened and full of energy, he was able to continue his journey.

According to this story, this is how the myth of guayusa began, or the tradition of chewing and later drinking guayusa to gain more energy and well-being.

The gift of the gods to communicate with the ancestors

Another story says that the Kichwa Indians wished on their gods to be able to communicate with their ancestors and also to be more successful at hunting.

The gods granted this wish. One night two hunters got lost in the jungle during the night hunt. As they got stuck and tired, they went to sleep. In the dream, the gods gave each of the two hunters a plant. They told them to grow this guayusa plant and eat the leaves. The energy of the leaves would give them strength and focus for the hunt, connecting them to their ancestors at a higher level of consciousness.

When the two hunters woke up, they held the guayusa plants in their hands. They found their way back to their tribe and shared their experience. From then on, Guayusa was cultivated, spread and worshiped.

The gift of the ancestors

Among the Kichwa Indians and other indigenous peoples of the Amazon, there is a belief in transmigration and energy transformation. It is said that the ancestors were able to bind their souls to a plant after death in order to be able to watch over their descendants for many decades or even centuries.

According to the kichwas, the ancestral energy is contained in the guayusa plant. Thus, by drinking Guayusa tea they receive positive energies, the strength, knowledge and wisdom of their ancestors.

For the Kichwa Indians in particular, guayusa is actually much more than just a plant with plenty of good caffeine. For the Kichwa, Guayusa is a signpost that strengthens creative ideas, focuses them and lets you consciously achieve your goals in life.

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