what is Guayusa Tea? Effect, advantages, preparation, purchase

Was ist Guayusa Tee? Wirkung, Vorteile, Zubereitung, Kauf


In this article too Guayusa We want to summarize everything important to you. So you know exactly what in the end Guayusa Tea is where he comes from, how you should prepare it, whether Guayusa Tea side effects have the advantages Guayusa has, and of course where you Guayusa can buy.

For every area such as the production of Guayusa, the effect, the health advantages and the preparation can also be found in the text. You can get to other articles via these links and can read more intensively.


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  1. what is Guayusa?
  2. where does ... come from Guayusa Tea?
  3. As is Guayusa grown?
  4. As is Guayusa manufactured?
  5. Ingredients of Guayusa tea
  6. Guayusa Tea effect
  7. What health benefits have Guayusa?
  8. Has Guayusa Tea side effects?
  9. Guayusa Tea preparation
  10. Which varieties of Guayusa Are there and which are the most popular?
  11. How long can you Guayusa Keep it and how should it be stored?
  12. Guayusa Buy tea


1. What is Guayusa?

Guayusa is a plant from the Amazon rainforest. Guayusa belongs to the sting palm plants. The botanical name of Guayusa Is therefore iLex Guayusa. The Mate Baum is also one of the Ilex plants, which makes the two plants relatives.

Guayusa However, grows in completely different regions of South America and is used by other cultures. Also the taste, smell, effect and appearance of the Guayusa Plant differ in mate. Together, the two plants therefore have more or less just pouring and drinking than tea.


2. Where comes from Guayusa Tea?

Guayusa Tea comes from 99% from Ecuador. In addition, can Guayusa In the outskirts of the Amazon Towards Peru and Colombia. The Guayusa Plant needs a special one Climate, And the shading of larger plants to grow optimally.

The Indigenous kichwa Use in Ecuador Guayusa tea For various purposes, including:


  1. As a natural energy drink and coffee replacement, especially before hunting
  2. As a medicinal plant to relieve stomach complaints
  3. As an antiseptic for injuries


The most common is the application as a natural organic energy drink or agitator. Among the Kichwa there are also myths and legends about the origin of Guayusa. You can find more about these exciting stories here.

You can also find a detailed article about the way of life and traditions of the Kichwa Indian Article.


3. How is it Guayusa grown?

Guayusa Cultivation

Guayusa grows in permacultures. The Kichwa call them chakra, others call them forest gardens. Permacultures are the exact opposite of a monoculture.

Compared to a monoculture, many crops are planted on a hectare in a permaculture.

We at GUYA Make sure that dozens of to hundreds of crops are combined. Accordingly, we imitate the Amazon rainforest in its plant biodiversity and give animals to live a natural environment.

Unfortunately, many people equate the term organic to permacultures. Of course this is not the case! Permacultures are functioning ecosystems. You can find more about the differences in the cultivation methods, such as organic, conventional and Perma in our article "Organic Guayusa Tea - what does organic cultivation mean?"

Due to the high biodiversity of a permaculture, the plants protect each other against parasites and fungal attack. If there is still an infestation that must be contained, with a good permaculture, other plants and their roots can be used to create a natural pesticide.

Fertilizers are usually also not necessary. Because it will short -lived Plants next todurable planted. By dying, the short -lived plants then become fertilizer again. In an emergency, however, other plant remains can also be made from organic fertilizers.


4. How is it Guayusa manufactured?

The production of Guayusa Tea begins in the permacultures. The Kichwa farmers harvest as required Guayusa Leaves. Collected in large sacks, the farmers drive the fresh leaves with a truck to the factory. In case of GUYA the factory belongs to the farmers themselves, so that the majority of the added value in Ecuador lies with the farmers themselves.

Once in the factory, the leaves are washed, then spread out on large air-permeable pools before continuing to dry hot air. Depending on the type of Guayusa The leaves remain tea shorter or longer on the pool.

Our Guayusa tea PURE is dried with hot air as quickly as possible. Guayusa tea DARK against it remain Some time on the pool to oxidize and ferment. This process causes the delicious, sweet-caramel taste.

A detailed video documentation about the cultivation, harvesting and manufacture of Guayusa You can also find tea in the following video.



5. ingredients of Guayusa tea

The best known ingredients and active ingredients in Guayusa are the following:

If you still want to have detailed information, click on the respective ingredients or read a summary of the active ingredients in Guayusa in this article: "These ingredients of Guayusa Give you limitless energy!"

In our Free e-book You will also find a comparison of the best known caffeinated drinks including detailed descriptions of the individual active ingredients.

Caffeine comparison Guayusa Coffee green tea


6. Guayusa Tea effect

The effect of Guayusa It is best to experience tea yourself.

In general, the Effect of Guayusa tea is very invigorating and awake. The Kichwa describe it as a "state of relaxed vigilance!"

Despite that that Guayusa the most caffeinated drink in the world is, you don't get a racing heart, confused thoughts or shakiness. On the contrary, you are very awake, focused, creative, powerful and relaxed.

This effect is on the ingredients or theunique composition. Guayusa therefore offers An astonishingly pleasant, yet strong effect!



7. What health benefits have Guayusa?

Guayusa Tea can improve your psychological and physical health. Guayusa Has, for example, to lighten properties through theobromine and caffeine. The relaxed and thought-focusing effect can be clearly felt in a decline in stress and is of course a great health advantage.

In addition, the active ingredients increase physical performance, which is particularly for athlete interesting is. The antioxidants protect the cells from oxidative stress and can even promote the intake of flashing lights, which in turn can lead to a faster and longer wax state.

The basic properties of Guayusa Also let it look comfortable on the stomach.

A detailed article on the health advantages and properties of Guayusa do you find here.

Health advantages Guayusa tea


8. Has Guayusa Tea side effects?

Many of our customers can only really believe it when they experience it themselves. Guayusa Has no known side effects. Apart from the fact that you after 4 liters Guayusa Probably get problems due to the caffeine. Nevertheless, even large quantities are Guayusa Tea no problem and are well tolerated by the body. 2 liters a day are no problem for an adult, for example.

In our Article on the side effects of caffeine Let's get more precisely on why some of the caffeinated drinks cause so many problems.


9. Guayusa Tea preparation

The preparation of Guayusa Tea is very simple. Unlike Green tea or black tea You don't have to pay attention to the time time. The water temperature can also be 100ºC without Guayusa Tea becomes bitter.

The drawing time of Guayusa Tea should be at least 5-15 minutes. However, even after 60 minutes, the tea does not become as bitter as black or green tea. We have a Own section for the preparations of our Guayusa sorts.

A particularly detailed article with 10 different Guayusa You can find tea preparations HERE. In addition, you can go to any order or as Newsletter subscriber Our free recipes and Preparation PDF download.

Here are some variants like you Guayusa can use in addition to normal preparation.


Recipes and preparations with Guayusa tea


10. What varieties of Guayusa Are there and which are the most popular?

There are two in Ecuador itself Guayusa-Tarten, the green and the red. However, the Guayusa Tree with red leaves rarely and a commercial distribution is therefore not possible.

However, we have managed to ferment the green leaves similar to a black tea, which means that a new one Guayusa-Taste was created. We also mix our Guayusa PURE With herbs, spices and fruits. You can find all varieties here:


  • PURE - original Guayusa tea
  • DARK - fermented Guayusa Tea, more sweet
  • ORANGE-MINT - Guayusa Tea with mint and orange peel
  • CHAI - Guayusa Tea with cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and licorice
  • LEMONGRASS - Guayusa Tea with lemongrass
  • PURE Powder - original Guayusa as a powder
  • GUAYUSA-COFFEE - 50/50 mixture of coffee and Guayusa For coffee lovers


The varieties are without a doubt PURE and DARK most popular. As a change, CHAI For the evening hours and ORANGE-MINT as well as LEMONGRASS bought for the sunny day. Our varieties all have a different one Guayusa Share and are therefore different.


11. How long can you Guayusa Keep it and how should it be stored?

You should Guayusa Store cool, dark and dry. If you use our zipper bags, you can't go wrong and the tea will be durable for several years.

Our zipper bags also close airtight and at the same time protect against sun rays and water penetration. Even at the end of the minimum retention date, the tea can then be easily granted. 

Keep in mind that the best -before date is only an orientation is, by no means a Expiry Date! With tea in particular, this hardly plays a role with correct storage!


12. Guayusa Buy tea

When buying Guayusa Should you note a few points:


  1. Is the company transparent regarding the cooperation with indigenous farmers?
  2. Does the company offer enough transparency regarding the extension in the rainforest?
  3. Is the company on site represented in Ecuador or just a reseller?
  4. How long has the company been?


For example, you can find transparently designed documentation for our company YouTubethat we repeatedly recorded in Ecuador during our time. You can find here Interviews with farmers, detailed videos for Harvest and processing And to our Reforestation project

GUYA Is the first European Guayusa Company and has grown without investors on their own since 2016. We also maintain direct contacts with the farmers and do not buy from intermediate dealers. We also pay significantly more than the official Fair Trade Price demands and are regularly on site ourselves. You can find more about our values here.

Where can you Guayusa Buy tea? Our On-line-Shop is always ready yours Guayusa-to accept order. Unfortunately we are not yet in retail - why do you find out here and here.

If you enter our newsletter, there is full 10% discount and a free e-book in that GUYA Founder Sebastian Freidank compares the most famous caffeine drinks.