Myths and legends about the origin of Guayusa

Mythen und Sagen um die Herkunft von Guayusa


The origin of Guayusa is located in the Amazon Ecuadors. There it will most caffeinated drink in the world used by the Kichwa indigenous people for thousands of years. There are various stories about how the indigenous people in the Amazonas Guayusa discovered. The oldest finds dried Guayusa-Blätter have been over 1500 years ago and in this article we will be on some of the well -known sagas and myths around Ilex Guayusa Tea.


Table of contents

  1. For the tired & unproductive - origin of Guayusa
  2. The gift of gods for communication with the ancestors
  3. The gift of the ancestors
  4. Conclusion of the origin of Guayusa


1. For the tired & unproductive - origin of Guayusa

An old Kichwa story (Kichwa are indigenous to Ecuador) that the Amazon was overpopulated with indigenous tribes millennia ago. The people there were permanently tired and unproductive.

One day on the journey through the rainforest Ecuador, from one village to another, a man fell into deep sleep next to a tree. The tree spoke to him and said that he should eat his leaves. The man listened to the words of the tree and started chewing the leaves. He immediately noticed how his energy came back. Strengthened and full of energy, he was able to continue his journey.

This story about the origin of Guayusa After chewing the Kichwa Guayusa At the beginning and later they brewed the leaves and drank them as a tea to get more energy and well -being.


2. The gift of gods for communication with the ancestors

Another story says that the Kichwa Indians wanted from their gods, wished two things:

  1. They wanted to be able to communicate with their ancestors
  2. They wanted better hunters and more persistent farmers

The gods heard this wish and handed over two hunters who strayed in the jungle during the night hunting and slept under a tree, each in the dream. The gods told the hunters that they should cultivate these plants and eat the leaves. During the day, give limitless energy and at night they enable communication with the ancestors in Dream lucids.

Guayusa Therefore, in addition to the guilty effect, it is also an intensifying effect Dream herb used.

When the two hunters woke up, they held them Guayusa-Plants actually physically in their hands. They found their way back to their village and reported on their experience. Henceforth became Guayusa grown, spread and revered.

What is very interesting is that this story about the origin of Guayusa As before, the falling asleep under a tree contains.


3. The gift of the ancestors

Among the Kichwa Indians and other primeval people of the Amazon, the belief in soul migration and energy transformation exists. It is said that the ancestors were able to bind their soul to a plant after death in order to be able to protect their ancestors for many decades or even centuries.

According to further Kichwa stories, the energy of the ancestors in the Guayusa-Plant contained. By drinking Guayusa-Tee therefore receive positive energies, the strength, the knowledge and wisdom of their ancestors.

Especially for the Kichwa Indians Guayusa In fact, much more than just a plant with plenty of caffeine. Guayusa is a guide for Kichwa that strengthens creative ideas, focuses and deliberately achieves its goals in life. The origin of Guayusa If the gods are therefore not necessarily, however, contains a kind of divine energy.


4. Conclusion of the origin of Guayusa

The origin of Guayusa Can't actually be determined exactly these days. As an Ilex is growing Guayusa largely related to Yerba Mate, but also with our home garden hedge.

They stories about the origin of Guayusa Give an exciting insight into the Kichwa Indian perspective on the caffeine -rich leaf in the world. For them it is not just a guard, but also gives mental strength and wisdom of the ancestors to make the right decisions in life.

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