Intervall fasting and drinking, what is allowed?

Intervall-Fasten und trinken, Was ist erlaubt?


Intervall fasting is becoming increasingly popular and reflects a more conscious society. More conscious for nutrition, health and our bodies in general. Intervall fasting is not a direct nutritional form, but rather gives you a guide for regulated and healthy food intake in a certain time interval. Accordingly, it is allowed to eat everything and drink everything in the interval fasting, provided you are currently in the food and not the fasting phase. Whether soft drink coffee with milk, water or tea, interval fasting does not limit you.

In this article we will give you an overview that you can use to choose your drinks during your interval fasting routine.


Table of contents

  1. Can you drink at interval fasting?
  2. Which drinks are allowed in interval fasting?
  3. Drinks that you should avoid when interval fasting
  4. Conclusion


1. Can you drink when interval fasting?

Intervall fasting differs to religious fasting, in which neither must be eaten nor drunk. With interval fasting you can, you, you can drink everything that has no calories.

Because you can drink, interval fasting has some advantages over other fasting methods. The liquid on empty stomach also cleans it from remains and helps to keep your blood pressure stable. As usual, you can drink 2 to 3 liters. Additional liters also help to reduce the feeling of hunger and to rinse waste materials such as toxins from the body.

You can therefore drink several liters a day without hesitation.


2. Which drinks are allowed in interval fasting?

Intervall fasting should stimulate your body to use up unnecessary sugar and fats before you pick up new nutrients. You can find more about functioning, studies and Health advantages in the interval fasting In our main post. That is why all calorie -free or low -calorie drinks are generally allowed. Water is the best choice, but if you also want to drink something with taste, you can do this too. Here are some examples from which you can choose:

  1. Tea, all types of tea. Guayusa tea Has z. B. Appetite and hunger breastfeeding properties. It also has caffeine and other invigorating active ingredients that are very long -lasting and pleasant in the overall effect.
  2. Coffee. However, you should only drink black coffee without milk and sugar when interval fasting. We still recommend foregoing coffee because it can lead to heartburn on an empty stomach.
  3. Breath tablets with 0 calories. Make sure that they are only efflect tablets with taste, without sugar or other fabrics such as fruit concentrates.
  4. Calorie-free soft drinks. Even if that, as the effervescent tablets are not the most ideal variants, there is nothing against the point of view of interfall and there are permitted drinks.


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3. Drinks that you should avoid in interval fasting

You can easily drink the permitted drinks both in the food phase and the fasting phase. You should only drink drinks with calories during the meal phase when interval fasting, they are not "allowed" during the fasting phase.

Drinks that you should definitely avoid when interval fasting are e.g. B.

  1. Soft drinks like cola
  2. Ice teas with sugar
  3. coffee with milk and sugar
  4. Tea with milk and sugar
  5. juices
  6. Fruit Shakes
  7. alcohol
  8. Energy drinks
  9. Milk & alternatives

Intervall fasting is allowed to drink coffee with milk


4. Conclusion - What to drink when interval fasting?

Intervall fasting is not a diet that prescribes what you should eat or drink. In general, everything is allowed, but during fasting you should only drink calorie-free drinks such as water and Guayusa tea drink. Coffee is also allowed in interval fasting if it is drunk without milk. Due to the possible heartburn, coffee is only suitable in moderation. Guayusa Looks basic and reduces the feeling of hunger, which makes him an ideal companion in interval fasting.

You should avoid soft drinks, milk, alcohol and juices during fasting and only drink during the meal phase.


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