What is Biohacking – A Definition by and for Biohackers

Was ist Biohacking – Eine Definition von und für Biohacker


Biohacking is a growing phenomenon in the world of health and describes much more than just a “healthy lifestyle.” In this article you will find out what is really behind this new trend, what the definition of biohacking is and when you can call yourself a biohacker. We will also show you certain techniques for your performance and mindfulness that you can use to be more balanced in an ever-faster world.


Table of contents

  1. What is Biohacking – Definition of a Biohacker
    1. Biology
    2. Hacking
    3. Definition of biohacking & biohackers
  2. Natural Biohacking – Combination of technology & ancient knowledge
  3. What is a real biohacker?
  4. The start of becoming a biohacker
    1. Tools for biohackers
  5. The biohacking process – this is how you become a biohacker
    1. Understand
    2. Learn
    3. Implement
  6. Tips & Tricks
    1. Deep breathing
    2. Cold shower
  7. The natural revolution of the healthcare industry
  8. About the author


1. What is Biohacking – Definition of a Biohacker

If we take a closer look at the term, we quickly notice a combination of two English words: “biology” and “hacking”.

1.1. “Biology”

“Biology” from bio-hacking stands for your body. The word biology consists of two ancient Greek words: “bios” means “life” and “logos” means “talk about something.” So biology is “talking about life”.

I go even further by including the different bodies - the physical, the emotional and the mental.

1.2. “Hacking”

“Hacking” from bio-hacking can have a lot of meanings, some of which can also have negative connotations, as a certain aggressiveness resonates in many minds. Often people think that you are doing damage to your body in order to achieve certain goals.

If we go into the computer world, “to hack” means nothing other than to penetrate or penetrate. A hacker penetrates a system with the intention of better understanding it and adapting it to his or her own liking.

1.3. Definition of biohacking & biohackers

According to my definition of biohacking, a biohacker tries to understand his body better, penetrate it with his consciousness and experience certain parts of this system more intensively. As a biohacker, I pursue similar goals as a computer hacker:

  1. an upgrade or update of my system to the latest version
  2. Abbreviations, simplifications of certain processes
  3. better and/or optimized functionality of software (emotional/mental body) and hardware (physical body)

In order to be able to carry out these updates, as a biohacker I need, on the one hand, in-depth knowledge about my body and its processes. On the other hand, certain technologies to understand this knowledge and make the respective adjustments.

That's what makes a biohacker.


2. Natural Biohacking  – Combination of technology & ancient knowledge

Why differentiate in the sense of “natural” biohacking?

Unfortunately, biohacking is still often the first thing that is associated with the so-called “Quantified Self” Movement connected. It's mainly about measuring your body and mind down to the smallest detail. There is often even talk of the use of micro- or nanochips, which advocate tracking and self-monitoring in what, in my opinion, is a rather unnatural setting.

With Natural Biohacking I want to go back to the roots of self-awareness, just as indigenous peoples, shamans and indigenous people have been doing for thousands of years. And above all, biohacking is, in my definition, looking into yourself and understanding yourself.

Our top belief “I am not enough” should not be further confirmed. I would still like to include technological progress because it is as much a part of our development as humans as the wisdom of Mother Nature and indigenous peoples. So why not combine both and enjoy the optimal benefits of both worlds?

According to my definition, natural biohacking is the linking and combination of ancient knowledge with modern science as a way to optimize your life as a biohacker out of love for yourself.”

- Robin Stolberg, biohacking coach, author and podcast host.


3. What is a real biohacker?

A natural biohacker doesn't just drink water because he has read that 2 to 3 liters a day is healthy (healthy lifestyle). He questions what role water actually plays in his biology and which water supports his body best. So as a biohacker, I don't just drink a glass of tap water, but carbon-filtered or even distilled water, which is also naturally swirled, pH-optimized and mixed with organic Himalayan salt.

You see what I'm getting at. Natural biohackers are the modern nerds in the areas of health, wellness and optimal performance. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that you have to run to the nearest library to read through every book on the subject of health, nutrition and physical and mental fitness.


4. The start of becoming a biohacker

At the beginning, like a child, you explore new paths with curiosity and learn to understand your body better. The goal is not to blindly adopt routines, techniques or biohacks just because they work for others. Rather, you become a student again and learn to listen more to your physical, mental and emotional signals - so you train your intuition.

This will gradually create a clear picture of your current state, but you will also analyze your desired state and thus know where this path of biohacking and self-awareness will lead you.

4.1. Tools for biohackers

  1. Journaling (writing a diary)
  2. Tracking & self-monitoring (e.g. through smart wear, fit trackers, apps)
  3. Work with coaches, trainers or mentors

Once you know your goals, plans and visions, it's time to explore the map. The course is set, next the crew has to be fit and ready and there is enough fuel.


5. The biohacking process – how to become a biohacker Ex.

Do you sleep poorly, can't get out of bed in the morning and have several energy lows throughout the day that trigger unhealthy behavior and mood swings?

5.1. Understand

You want to find out why you sleep so poorly and after you track your sleep with an app (e.g. Sleep Cycle), you notice that your sleep times are very irregular and the quality of the sleep phases suffers as a result.

5.2. Learn

You'll learn what it takes to improve your sleep quality and work with a coach on specific routines that promote your sleep and improve your energy levels.

5.3. Implement

Together you will develop a strategy and work with certain biohacks that will help you fall asleep better and support you in training your sleep discipline.

In our article "Success through efficient time management and self-management" described.

Biohacks could range from supplementation strategies to meditation to adjustments in your diet and emotional management. Intermittent fasting is, for example, one of the best methods to get a healthy routine into your eating habits.

In an attempt to increase cognitive abilities, many people now resort to chemical products such as Ritalin and Modafinil. These nootropics can be extremely efficient, but they also come with a variety of side effects that are common with natural nootropics like Guayusa doesn't exist. More about this in our detailed article "Modafinil, Ritalin & NZT – effects, alternatives & caffeine".

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6. Tips & Tricks

Since you are probably eager to get started with “Natural Biohacking”, I would like to finish by giving you a few simple but efficient biohacks. I am a big fan of the so-called KISS strategy.

Keep It Stupid & Simple

The biohacks with the greatest leverage are often hidden in your everyday life and can be integrated into your daily routines and rituals as a free adjustment. How you live one day is how you spend your whole life. So make sure that you continuously expand your performance on a daily basis and, as a result, constantly learn. In this way you come significantly close to the definition of a biohacker.

No Excuses: You can get started straight away with these three simple and free biohacks:

6.1. Deep breathing

Since yoga and other conscious forms of movement have become mainstream in society, breathing has also received more attention again.

Every minute our body breathes 12-20 times without us even having to think about it. But how often do we use the breath as a tool to become calmer or to be more active, to influence our heart rate, to make better decisions in our lives?

Action steps: Use this simple breathing technique from the Navy Seals to increase focus and mental health - box breathing or 4-square breathing.

To do this, simply breathe in for 4 seconds, then hold your breath for 4 seconds, breathe out for 4 seconds and hold your breath for another 4 seconds. Repeat this cycle 4 to 10 times to experience positive effects such as lower blood pressure, increased clarity, or even deep relaxation.

6.2. Cold shower

Now comes the biohack that sooner or later you will become addicted to. This is exactly what happened to me and to many people I worked with and supported.

By turning the shower on cold, you're giving your entire system a big party. But at the bar there are no cocktails with alcohol, but with neurotransmitters such as the feel-good hormone dopamine, and others such as testosterone or Adiponectin, which promotes fat burning.

Taking a cold shower or, for advanced biohackers, ice bathing also promotes regeneration, sleep and dealing with your emotions.

Tip: Combine deep breathing and cold training to increase the positive effects and, at the same time, make your immune system bulletproof to stay strong, happy and healthy for as long as possible.

6.3. Intermittent fasting

Do you wake up in the morning and often feel little or no hunger? Or do you sometimes think, after a productive day, that you would do just fine without dinner? Then just leave one of the two out and avoid the snack in between. This allows your body to undergo an extended fasting phase.

Through the process of autophagy, you support your body in cleaning its cells, improving sugar and fat metabolism and thus preventing diseases. Not to be confused with a diet intermittent fasting a natural process that our ancestors went through regularly, back then because there wasn't so much food. You can find out what is allowed during interval fasting and what you should avoid in our guide to "Intermittent fasting and drinking, what is allowed?"

Natural Biohack: Drink a Bulletproof in the morning Guayusa Tea with MCT oil (alternatively coconut oil or cocoa butter), without sugar or dairy products. This does not interrupt your fasting phase and stimulates your metabolism. If you don't like the oil or it upsets your stomach, you can simply leave it out. Guayusa Tea reduces the feeling of hunger and activates fat burning, so that you can use stored energy for longer.

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7. The natural revolution of the healthcare industry

If we can integrate this definition of biohacking into our lives, we will accelerate our development. From the outside, but especially inside. As we experience ourselves and learn from our bodies, we will also build more intense connections to our heart and our inner wisdom - our intuition.

In my work, this is exactly the way to experience more connections to the outside world again. Be it to nature, the universe, people and other living beings. This path takes us to ourselves, behind the barriers of egocentric thinking, purely into the cosmocentric. Because we are incredibly powerful, creative beings and natural biohacking can help us recognize that and experience it in depth.

In the Natural Biohacking Podcast I offer you a platform on which you can find out more about biohacking and an optimized healthy lifestyle. Over 100 experts and almost 200 episodes accompany you on this path. So feel free to listen and leave me a review.

Are you an entrepreneur, have your own business and want to reach the next level in a relaxed but efficient manner? If you feel committed to working according to my definition of biohacking or have any questions, please write to me at any time Instagram or Facebook. Or book a free consultation appointment directly on my website website.


8. About the author

Robin Stolberg is an expert in biohacking & smart performance coach

He accompanies busy entrepreneurs and modern leaders in integrating more flow and energy into their everyday lives. He uses ancient healing methods, combined with the most modern findings from science and natural potential development. His primary focus is to ensure that extraordinary results become effortless habits with ease and joy, without self-judgment and stress.

Robin is a bestselling author and host of the Natural Biohacking Podcast.