Cordyceps & Guayusa – Combination for more memory performance

Cordyceps & Guayusa – Kombination für mehr Gedächtnisleistung


In addition to our individual items Cordyceps, Hericium and Reishi In this article we would like to give you a deeper insight into the combination of Cordyceps Guayusa give tea. Because both Cordyceps and Guayusa have a performance-enhancing and positive effect on memory performance and therefore have synergistic and potentiating properties that you can take advantage of for a successful and productive day.


Table of contents

    1. what is Guayusa Tea?
      1. Origin & cultivation
      2. Ingredients and effect
      3. What is Cordyceps?
        1. Ingredients and effect
      4. Why does it work? Guayusa different than coffee, mate, green tea and co.?
        1. Natural energy drink
        2. The Night Watchman
      5. Cordyceps and Guayusa combine
      6. Recipe ideas
        1. Recipe idea: Guayusa Cordyceps tea
        2. Recipe idea: Guayusa Espresso with Cordyceps
        3. Recipe idea: Iced Guayusa with Cordyceps
      7. Conclusion – increasing memory performance with Cordyceps & Guayusa


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      1. What is Guayusa Tea?

      Guayusa, also Ilex Guayusa or Waysa called, is a holly plant from the depths of the Amazon rainforest. The leaves are poured with hot water and drunk like tea.

      Originally only from Indigenous people of Ecuador used as a natural energy drink Guayusa-Tea has become increasingly popular here in Europe since 2017 due to its unique effects.

      1.1. Origin & cultivation

      Guayusa Over 99% of tea comes from Ecuador. Only in the peripheral areas of Colombia and Peru can they be found sporadically Guayusa-Plant. This is due to the fact that Guayusa is the cultivated plant of the Kichwa indigenous people who live in Ecuador Guayusa since cultivated for thousands of years

      Guayusa is in so-called Permacultures cultivated. These are forest gardens that mimic the Amazon rainforest. As opposed to Monocultures Permaculture combines dozens to hundreds of crops to create a self-sustaining ecosystem.

      The plants in these permacultures require neither fertilizer nor pesticides and provide a home for animals, insects and bacteria. That's why more insect species live in a 1 x 1 meter area of ​​Amazon rainforest than in all of North America.

      For our Guayusa at GUYA We only work with farmers who... Guayusa Grow in permaculture. We also know the farmers personally because we are regularly on site in Ecuador and record our visits for transparency purposes YouTube hold onto.


      1.2. Ingredients and effect

      Guayusa ingredients

      Guayusa is a fascinating plant because it combines all the positive properties of coffee, cocoa and green tea and is balanced Active ingredients creates a waking state that is called “State of relaxed alertness” is described.

      Guayusa keeps you awake like coffee, without the racing heart, the jitters, stomach problems and possible erratic thoughts. It elevates mood and increases oxygen intake, like cocoa. In addition, it ensures Guayusa for stress reduction due to increasing alpha waves in the brain.

      The active ingredients for this unique effect Those responsible are caffeine, theobromine, theophylline, L-theanine and antioxidants.

      • caffeine in Guayusa works differently because it is bound to many amino acids such as L-theanine. Chemically speaking, it is identical to the caffeine from coffee, green tea, mate and guarana, but the effect differs due to the active ingredient complex.
      • L-Theanine is a rare amino acid that has so far only been found in... Green tea and Guayusa was found. The combination with caffeine provides one increased memory performance while simultaneously reducing stress. It acts as a kind of antagonist without preventing caffeine from keeping the body and mind awake.
      • Theobromine is known from cocoa, lifts the mood, promotes blood circulation and oxygen absorption in the lungs. It also has one performance-enhancing effect on the Cardiovascular system and is structurally related to caffeine, but lasts significantly longer.
      • Theophylline is a well-known active ingredient that is used for respiratory diseases. It relaxes the muscles, blocks the release of histamines, widens the air channels in the lungs and ensures improved oxygen absorption. One could also go to study 14% performance increase been detected in athletes who took theophylline.
      • Antioxidants are active ingredients that are able to bind free radicals and thereby protect our cells from destruction. Many antioxidants also have other properties. So owns Guayusa e.g. the antioxidant lutein, which enables the retina to absorb more blue light. This, in turn, helps you stay awake and focused.


      2. What is Cordyceps?

      For the purpose of this post, we will keep the description of Cordyceps brief. You can find all the important information in our Deep dive article on Cordyceps.

      Cordyceps is a so-called parasitic fungus that in nature attacks insects, for example, and uses them as an energy source to grow. However, for food it is grown on breeding grounds such as soil or rye. It has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years and has become increasingly popular in this country in recent years. The reason for this is its fantastic effect on the immune system and the physical as well as mental performance.

      2.1. Ingredients and effect

      Cordyceps ingredients

      As in Guayusa The effect of Cordyceps arises from the special active ingredients and ingredients. The most important active ingredients of the medicinal mushroom are:

      1. sterols are a wide range of active ingredients that protect the cardiovascular system by lowering cholesterol.
      2. Beta glucans also have a positive effect on the Heart health and help to strengthen the immune system and mitigate the negative effects of stress.
      3. Polysaccharides have an immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory effect and help regulate blood sugar levels.
      4. Cordycepin is an active ingredient that has so far only been found in Cordyceps and also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

      Cordyceps is therefore particularly helpful in... performance of the body by improving the cardiovascular system and immune system. Studies also suggest that it helps with diabetes through its blood sugar regulating effect and reduces stress and anxiety through its effect on the psyche.

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      3. Why works Guayusa different than coffee, mate, green tea and co.?

      Caffeine as a single substance is not necessarily positive. Many companies now use caffeine powder in their supplements or sell caffeine as a completely separate product. The problem here is that caffeine quickly has a very aggressive effect on our cardiovascular system and mind, which ultimately negatively affects memory performance. There are palpitations, tremors, erratic thoughts, sweating and anxiety.

      In our Comparison between caffeine powder and natural caffeine you can find more information on this topic.

      Even with natural sources of caffeine such as coffee, Yerba mate, guarana and green tea, these phenomena often occur. The reason lies in the imbalance between caffeine and other active ingredients or the exposure of caffeine because it is unbound. The caffeine in coffee, mate, guarana and green tea is largely only bound to bitter substances and less to other active ingredients.

      Guayusa On the other hand, it has almost no bitter substances, which means that the caffeine can work together with theobromine, theophylline, L-theanine and antioxidants. A Guayusa Tea has therefore, despite the fact that it is that most caffeinated drink in the world is, neither the known ones Caffeine side effects It still tastes bitter, but it unites everyone positive characteristics How awake state, focus and improved memory performance.

      You can find out more about this in our article “Side effects of teas“.

      3.1. Natural energy drink

      For many people, the word energy drink has a thoroughly negative connotation, as it stands for synthetic drinks that “invigorate” the body in the short term and harm the body in the long term.

      Guayusa however, allows for a natural and sustainable way Energy drink for body and mind to prepare food that also protects the environment. As with Cordyceps and other medicinal mushrooms also has Guayusa, with normal consumption, no side effects.

      The effect of Guayusa is long-lasting and pleasant. A working day of 8 hours can easily be achieved with a drink taken in the morning Guayusa teas can be mastered. We recommend between 500ml and 900ml on an empty stomach Guayusa It is also alkaline and gentle on the stomach.

      3.2. The Night Watchman

      From the indigenous Kichwa people Guayusa also “The Night Watchman” called. Not because Guayusa is intended for party nights, but because the active ingredient L-theanine has the ability to cause the brain to vibrate more in the area of ​​alpha waves.

      Studies show that this area predominantly occurs in particularly relaxed situations such as meditation or dreaming. Drink the kichwa Guayusa therefore not only before the hunt, motivated, persistent and focused to be, but also just before going to sleep.

      You say: „Guayusa “It makes it possible to speak to your ancestors in a dream in order to ask them about wisdom.”

      This phenomenon is under Lucid dreaming known and Guayusa can as so-called dream herb Help intensify lucid dreams as long as you master the techniques for immersing yourself in your dreams.


      4. Cordyceps and Guayusa combine

      Cordyceps and Guayusa Effect of biohacking

      The combination of Cordyceps and Guayusa is an exciting self-experiment. So far there have been all sorts of reports about how medicinal mushrooms work with coffee, but none about the combined effect Guayusa.

      If we consider the individual effects of both super foods, it is already clear that they have a fantastic effect. Together we create a fantastic cocktail for you Health and memory performancewho helps with that to reduce stress, top sporting performance reachable and in the office long-term focus and concentrated to work.

      Both Super foods contain active ingredients that are extremely rare and can hardly or not be found at all in other plants/mushrooms. Cordyceps with Guayusa Therefore, combining it instead of other caffeinated drinks such as coffee or guarana will give you a huge benefit.

      Even in the area Biohacking This combination is not yet widespread, but is currently particularly widespread among people with ADHD, as the combination is considered natural nootroika works great to maintain concentration for a long time.


      5. Recipe ideas

      But how do you best prepare this magical cocktail?

      The nice thing is that Smaints Cordyceps and other medicinal mushrooms such as Reishi and Hericium offer you an easy option Guayusa connect to.

      The starting point is always a tasty one Guayusa-Tea, which you then e.g. with Medicinal mushroom liquids connects.

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      5.1. Recipe idea: Guayusa Cordyceps tea

      The simplest option is this Preparation of a standard Guayusa-Tees. To do this, you brew one Cup or pot our PURE or DARK Guayusa Tea and add a teaspoon of Cordyceps Liquid at the end.

      1. Use 2 tsp Guayusa tea to 400 ml boiling water
      2. The tea can remain in the strainer and after about 10 minutes all active ingredients have been released into the water.
        1. Guayusa does not become bitter, but the taste intensifies as the brewing time increases.
      3. Now add a teaspoon of Cordyceps Liquid, stir and enjoy your natural energizer for body and mind.

      5.2. Recipe idea: Guayusa Espresso with Cordyceps

      If you are a fan of strong flavors, a is recommended Guayusa-Espresso. For example, you can try our varieties PURE and DARK Prepare in a mocha. Our powder is also ideal for this.

      1. Fill your mocha with Guayusa tea and water
      2. Bring the water to a boil until it ends up over the overflow in the top of your mocha
      3. Fill yours Guayusa Pour espresso into a cup and add a teaspoon of Cordyceps Liquid

      If you our Guayusa If you use powder, only fill your mocha halfway as the powder swells a lot.

      Guayusa Tea with Cordyceps Recipes Biohacking Memory

      5.3. Recipe idea: Iced Guayusa with Cordyceps

      An ice tea is fantastic on hot summer days. Due to the lack of bitter substances Guayusa You either have to use no sugar, honey or the like at all or significantly less.

      version 1

      1. Brew a standard Guayusa Make tea and keep it cold for a few hours.
      2. Add ice cubes.
      3. Mix yours Guayusa Tea with lemon juice, apple juice, peach juice or other delicious juices.
      4. Now add Cordyceps or other medicinal mushroom liquid according to the amount you have prepared.

      Variant 2

      1. Use like a standard Guayusa approx. 2 tsp or 9g per liter Guayusa Tea.
      2. Pour cold tap water over the leaves in your tea strainer.
      3. Place the tea in the refrigerator for about 6 to 8 hours - with a cold brew, the active ingredients and flavors take significantly longer to be absorbed into the water.
      4. Refine your ice tea with lemon juice, apple juice, peach juice or other delicious juices.
      5. Now add Cordyceps or other medicinal mushroom liquid according to the amount you have prepared.

      You can find more recipe ideas in our article “Top 10 Guayusa Preparations” and our free e-books “Exclusive Guayusa Preparations" and "13 recipes with Guayusa“.


      6. Conclusion – increasing memory performance with Cordyceps & Guayusa

      As Guayusa Many customers come to the company for the reason intolerance compared to other caffeinated drinks such as Coffee or Mate to us and finally find one Wake-up call without Side effects and bitter taste.

      Medicinal mushrooms like Cordyceps are a magnificent Addition, around the Effect from Guayusa again on one higher level to lift. Cordyceps has particular health and performance enhancing Characteristics and Guayusa awake making and focusing. The combination of the two natural Nootorpika can become one more better lifestylel lead, without Fear of possible Side effects have to have.

      If you would like to try medicinal mushrooms, we recommend the products from Smaints. You can easily do this with a delicious Guayusa Combine tea to awake, focused and powerful to start the day.

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