Optimize the workplace to work focused & concentrated

Arbeitsplatz optimieren um fokussiert & konzentriert zu arbeiten


It is worth optimizing your workplace, because more concentration leads to a focused work and thus to a generally more productive time. In this article we will give you some tips for a productive workplace so that you can achieve your goals more easily.


Table of contents

  1. A decent workplace
  2. Fresh air for focused work
  3. Use a guard for more concentration
  4. Get up early & powernap at work
  5. Do not get bogged down, use time efficiently, & have clear goals
  6. Daylight lamps optimize your workplace
  7. Conclusion - more focused work through more concentration at the optimized workplace


1. A decent workplace

A tidy desk and an orderly filing system, whether digital or physically, not only save valuable time that would otherwise be wasted with searches, but also contribute to a working atmosphere in which you can feel comfortable.

This optimization from the workplace has a positive effect on your concentration and thus your performance by giving your mind a state of balance. A tidy workplace is not always easy to maintain, because often the next tasks and the time to use the desk to clean up is useless.

Depending on the situation, it may make sense not to clean up the workplace throughout the day. But to ensure a good start the next day, you should take 10 minutes at the end of the working day to optimize everything again.


2. Fresh air for focused work

Sufficient oxygen supply is probably one of the factors that are still most often neglected.

Apart from the fact that fresh air can prevent tiredness and thus leads to more concentration, it also plays an important role in a healthy indoor climate.

Since pathogens last particularly long in closed rooms, regular air exchange is of essential importance for the Health And the associated performance.


3. Use a guard for more concentration

Contrary to the previously common opinion caffeine Be generally unhealthy, it is advisable, depending on the personal preference Coffee, Guayusa or gripping green tea.

Kaffein stimulates the release of the body's own hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Even a dose of a hundred milligrams can improve the ability to think, regulate blood pressure and increase motivation. You can do all the advantages of caffeine in our detailed blog post "Advantages of caffeine"Read.

However, you shouldn't overdo it with coffee, because too much coffee stimulates the gastric mucosa. In addition, the caffeine promotes anxiety, rapid heartbeat and increases the feeling of stress. So keep the consumption of coffee as low as possible.

You can e.g. our Coffee-Guayusa Mix Use and thus reduce your coffee consumption by 50% without foregoing the taste and positive aspects. After more efficient and sustainable for your concentration, the pure Guayusa tea.

In our article "The world's most coffin drink"You can find a detailed comparison of the best known caffeine -containing drinks.


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4. Get up early & powernap in the workplace

In times of important exams during the course of studying, submission dates in the company or important presentations in front of customers, a short relaxation phase seems almost impossible. But then they are important.

Relaxation exercises such as meditation techniques, breathing control or even a short powernap will bring you more concentration and let you work more focused.

Just as important, a sleep routine, a standing up earlyn and a healthy diet, as well as Nutrition routine be. Anyone who continuously sleeps, eats healthy and does not constantly squeeze too much into the stomach, usually do not need any powernaps


5. Do not get bogged down, use time efficiently, & have clear goals

Wanting too much at the same time is never advisable. This applies not only to working life, but also in the private sector.

Participation and a structured process help to keep an overview. If possible, you should always end a task first before you devote yourself to the next.

Because even if you think you always concentrate entirely on the matter that you have in front of you: the part of your brain, which we colloquially call "back head", continue to work and also deal with the tasks that have already started. This in turn can have a negative impact on your concentration.

In our article "Success through efficient time management and self -management"You will find out in detail how you successfully define goals and swap your time efficiently for value instead of constantly jumping from one to another without being finished.


6. Daylight lamps optimize your workplace

In the meantime, it should be known that yellow (warm) light is not optimal for a workplace. Yellow light promotes the distribution of melatonin and thus makes you tired.

Blue light, also called daylight, reduces the production of melatonin and helps to be able to maintain more concentration and to work focused on the day.


7. Conclusion - focused work through more concentration at the optimized workplace

If you have more concentration and want to work more focused, you cannot avoid optimizing your workplace and personal life.

Tricks like daylight lamps, a tidy desk with Guayusa Tea instead of coffee and a sustainable sleep and food routine help you to increase your performance permanently.