Energy Drink BCAA - natural bio energy drink with amino acids

Energy Drink BCAA - Natürlicher Bio Energy Drink mit Aminosäuren


A natural organic energy drink with BCAA as an alternative to conventional boosters? Does that even work? We say yes and show you why Guayusa As a natural energy drink, has more to offer than well-known booster, powder and capsules on the market.



  1. Information about Guayusa, the BCAA Energy Drink
  2. The ingredients in the natural organic energy drink with BCAA
  3. Guayusa Effect in sport
    1. focus
    2. Endurance
    3. Awake
    4. regeneration
  4. More about the natural energy drink with BCAA


Information about Guayusa, the BCAA Energy Drink

No Guayusa Is not guarana and not mate tea either. It is a sheet of Ecuador's jungle. A kind of tea is created with hot or cold water, which is drunk by the indigenous people before hunting. Guayusa sharp the Senses, increased the Endurance and holds above more Hours gone awake

The Inserting effect is described as subtly, because the actual power Only while you are already full of yours training are at gange. The natural organic energy drink with BCAA and all essential amino acids is not drunk before hunting without reason!


The ingredients in the natural organic energy drink with BCAA

Guayusa one of the food with the highest is Antioxidants. We will still describe why this is important in this article. In addition to antioxidants this is Guayusa Leaf that most caffeinated of the world. With up to 7.6%, the tea catapults you to a new training level!

But completely different than you are used to from normal energy drinks or coffee, because also work Theobromine and Theophyllin as well as L-theanin. This Combination of ingredients is unique and not to be found in any other plant. You will also find All essential amino acids, as well BCAA, in the Guayusa Tea.

For all those who want to get deeper into the matter at this point, we have our own area around Active ingredients and effects of the Guayusa plant. The plant is still relatively unknown worldwide, but it is currently under Athletes, Entrepreneur and students always more popular


Energy Drink BCAA for athletes Bio


Guayusa Effect in sport


The ingredients show us very well what effect can be expected.

caffeine and L-theanin are extremely exciting when it comes to focus on your workout. Nothing is more annoying than not being on the matter! If you lose the focus, your entire training loses intensity, it will be half -hearted because your thoughts are about other things.

L-theanin has in Studies demonstrably shown that it increases the focus and concentration.

Have in combination with caffeine Studies shown that the trembling body feeling and possible nervousness fail to do.



Everyone knows, 20 minutes of gym do nothing. The muscles just got warm. If you train properly, you spend at least an hour with yourself and your exercises. The more perseverance you show here, the more repetitions or different exercises you can do. Theobromine and theophylline are the exciting active ingredients here. An improved oxygen absorption and increased heart function let you achieve a day from new destinations.



The antioxidants, including BCAA, not only protect your cells from oxidative stress, but also ensure a special effect in your eyes, strictly speaking in the retina. Certain antioxidants improve the absorption of light and thus let you be awake faster and longer.

In addition, of course, there is the well -known awake effect of caffeine.



A strenuous training is what everyone wants and the sore muscles can also testify to good training within the next few days. It is now good to heat and support the body's own regeneration.

For this, the body needs amino acids. These are often artificially added to the conventional BCAA Energy drinks. Guayusa offers not only natural BCAA amino acids, but also all other essential amino acids. Guayusa Provide you and your body much more extensive than conventional energy drinks with BCAA can.


More about the natural energy drink with BCAA

You want to know how you Guayusa For your training preparation? What is the perfect dosage for a hammer workout? Which flavors, differences and other recommendations Guayusa gives?

Look in our Blog over or write to us Instagram.


In our Shop Can you have organic and fairly traded Guayusa buy.


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