Lucid dreams - learn to dream lucids, techniques & instructions

Luzide Träume - Luzides Träumen lernen, Techniken, Anleitung & Traumkräuter


Lucid dreams are a fascinating affair for many people, but hardly anyone masters the techniques to actually dream of lucid. In this blog article, we would like to give you an extensive overview of the most important topics related to lucid dreams. In the end you will know how you can learn to dream lucid, which aids z. B. Dream herbal, Techniques and possible dangers there are dreams.

We also respond to psychology and give you all sorts of continuing options and materials for learning lucid dreaming.



  1. What is lucid dreaming?
    1. Lucid dream definition
    2. Advantages
      1. Effect on intelligence
      2. Psychology and psychotherapy
      3. Personality and personality development
    3. Disadvantages of lucid dreams
  2. Learn to dream lucids
    1. Can anyone learn to dream? 
    2. Lucid dream techniques
      1. meditation
      2. Dream yoga
      3. Dream stimulating plants - dream herb
      4. Dream diary
      5. Reality Check
      6. Sleep mantra
    3. Instructions for lucid dreams
      1. Mild method
      2. Dild method
      3. Wild method
      4. WBTB method
      5. False awakening
  3. Dream herb Guayusa To dream lucid
    1. Scientific justification for effectiveness
  4. Lucid dream experiences
    1. positive experiences
    2. bad experiences
  5. Lucid dreams drove
    1. Psychological dangers from lucid dreams
    2. Sleep disorders as a danger?
  6. Learn more about lucid dreams
    1. Lucid dream book
    2. Lucid dreams pdf
    3. Lucid dream film
    4. YouTube
  7. Conclusion for lucid dreaming


1. What is lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreams or clear dreams are the ability to consciously observe or even control your dreams. In the state of a lucid dream, you are aware of what is happening (you dream), where you are currently (e.g. in your bed) and how you can control your dream.

Everything you see, smell, hear or tastes, feels absolutely real. 

Your brain wakes up during dreaming without transporting you out of your dream. At that moment you realize that you are in your mind. The difference to a normal dream is that you do not distance yourself and feel without control, on the contrary, you will learn the dream through active participation.

So this is absolutely nothing mystical or paranormal, it is rather a walking and experiencing. It is also interesting to know that, unlike a normal dream, you are always able to wake yourself out of a lucid dream.

In science, a distinction is made between primary and secondary consciousness. The primary awareness enables simple perception and response to the environment, this is "subconsciously". Secondary awareness enables us to become aware of our own consciousness and includes the skills of rational thinking and willpower. Lucid dreams therefore bring a conscious action to a normally unconscious state.


1.1. Lucid dream definition

A concise definition for lucid dreams can therefore be the following: 

Lucid dreaming is the awareness of the dream state including the control of the actions taking place, as well as the possibility of the dream at any time to End and remember the dream. "


1.2. Advantages

You can find some advantages of this ability summarized here and then described in more detail:

  1. Design the dream world as you want it. This increases the creativity and performance of the brain. This can be positive on the intelligence have.
  2. Fun activities such as flying, teleporting, cool outfits, delicious food and drinks can be experienced with a flip -up flip.
  3. You can learn in sleep what others only have for during the day.
  4. It strengthens self -perception, self -control and personality
  5. Inner conflicts can be solved


Lucid dreams of advantages


Effect on intelligence

Lucid dreams are active use of the brain capacities. Created a world according to your ideas!? Building a house, developing something, researching, flying, hovering, diving, everything is possible and claims your mind.

Even learning, more precisely deepening the learned and experienced, is possible in a conscious dream. It could be determinedthat lucids dream the connections between the prefrontal cortex and the Pace reinforced. 

The Prefrontal cortext is related to the integration and keeping of information as well as the execution of appropriate actions and the reaction to emotions. The temporal lobes are responsible for the perception of tones, visual impressions and the processing of facts. If these two areas of the brain work better, information can therefore be better absorbed, saved and processed for actions.

Certainly you won't dream due to lucid dreams, but it can therefore still have an impact on your intelligence.


Psychology and psychotherapy

In psychology, especially psychotherapy, learning lucid dreaming is an innovative and promising approach. Treatment has proven to be positive, especially in the case of constant nightmares and post -traumatic stress disorders.

The improvement of sleep quality could be in Psychology studies dream of lucids, but not become demonstrable to statistics relevant to statistics.


Personality and personality development

Especially for people who have a shy, reserved and insecure personality in everyday life, regular lucid dreams can be of great help. By continuously training and experiencing self -determined dreams, experiences can be reflected and redesigned.

With the help of the new experiences, the personality can be designed positively. Things like conscious experience of a situation with a different way and reaction would never be possible.

The psychological approach can also help strengthen self -confidence and solve internal conflicts.


Lucid dream personality


1.3. Lucid dream disadvantages

No official disadvantages are known that can arise from lucid dreams. However, there are consequences that we deal with in more detail below, under the point, in the article. 


2. Learn to dream lucids

In this section we would like to provide you with methods, techniques and instructions with which you can learn to dream lucids.


2.1. Can any lucid dreaming can learn?

Experts such as Stephen Laberge from Stanford University in the USA assume that everyone can learn to dream. It is said that it takes between 3 and 21 days for you to experience the first lucid dream. Depending on how intensely you train and how consciously you live anyway, this can also take longer.


2.2 Lucid dreaming techniques

Some techniques that should help to learn lucid dreams are the following and are then described in more detail by us:


Lucids dream techniques and dream herbs



Many types of meditation are similar to the mental state when clearing the realm. In order to become better in one, it makes sense to train the other too. In addition to silent seating meditation, guided meditation can also be heard directly to fall asleep. You can find one of these guided meditations z. B. on Highermind.



Dream yoga

Another possibility that resembles mediation is that Dream yoga. Like the guided mediation, it is practiced, more precisely while falling asleep. Here you imagine the energy points of the body and project colored light in these areas.

This technique should be very difficult and hard to master without the instruction of a yoga master.


Dream stimulating plants - dream herb

Dream herbs are particularly known in old shamanic cultures. Many of these herbs come from South America, Central America and Africa. Some examples include Calea Zacatechichi, Silene Capensis, African dream bean, Uvuma Omhlope, African dream root and Guayusa tea.

A domestic plant is e.g. B. silver root. You can find more dream herbs, their effects, preparation and dosage in our article "The best dream herbs for lucid dreams including preparation"

Like you Guayusa As a dream herb for lucid dreams, we will describe you even more precisely later. 


Dream herb - the best dream herb


Dream diary

A dream diary serves to train your minds, on the one hand to deal with the dream and to remember it at all. Here either the possibility of an app or a real physical Dream diary, as you can find here.

Try to remember at least one past dream every morning and write it down.

Buy dream diary 

Reality Check

Certainly you know the film inception with Leonardo DiCaprio? Here Leonardo has a so -called totem. An object from which only he knows. This totem always reminds him of using that it does not dream if it works as it would work in our real world! The totem suddenly works in a different way, because Leonardo z. B. introduces how it has to work, he knows that he is still in a lucid dream. 

In addition to this totem, you can incorporate another reality check into your everyday life. Just ask yourself secretly every day: "I dream or am I awake?". As you carry out this check, you imagine how you start to float slowly or make your totem something that is actually not possible.


Sleep mantra

Stephan Laberg already recognized a simple and efficient method in the 1980s to better connect to the dream world. The permanent reconstruction of a simple sentence before falling asleep can help you to better remind you of your dreams and immerse yourself in it. Say you z. B. "As soon as I dream, I will notice that I dream and can shape the dream!"


2.3. Instructions for lucid dreams

You should carry out the techniques mentioned above as often as possible. It is best to do a reality check several times a day. However, don't put yourself an alarm clock, but train your mind to think about the checks yourself. 

Do not exaggerate it at first and try to implement all techniques in one day. We humans usually need 30 to 60 days to implement a habit.

Choose 2 to 3 of the techniques and focus on them.

In practice, it can look like you are looking for a dead person and ask yourself several times over the day whether you are awake or sleep. Get a dream diary and tell yourself your dream mantra before going to bed or during the day.

You can then combine these three techniques with one of the following methods.

  1. Mild method
  2. Dild method
  3. Wild method
  4. WBTB method
  5. False Awakening


Lucid dreaming instructions


Mild method

Mnemonically IndUced Lucid Dreaming is a method similar to sleep mantra. It should train your mind through an affirmation in a certain situation. When falling asleep, this can z. B. be: "After waking up, I will remember my dreams!"

You can also use this method during the day and say several times: "Today I will have a lucid dream!" This relocates your focus in the direction of your goal and you will automatically become more receptive to this new condition. 


Learning to dream of lucids mild method


Dild method

Dream initiated Lucid Dreams means that you go into a conscious lucid dream from a normal unconscious dream state. This is the most likely incoming way of experiencing lucid dreams, especially for beginners.

So that you can apply this method, it is important that you really learn and perform the above -mentioned techniques for lucid dreams. Especially the reality check and reminding of your dreams, i.e. leading a dream diary are important. You can support the mild method.

Perform the Reality Checks several times a day. It is best if you tie it up as a routine of activities that you do anyway, e.g. B. open a door, put on and take off shoes or drink. Always check your reality at these times!


Learning lucid dreams dild method


Wild method

With the wild method or advertised Wake IndUced Lucid Dream, you walk seamlessly from a waking state into lucid dreams. Dream yoga can be assigned to this method. It is more for advanced dreamers. 

You need a good feeling for your consciousness and body. The basic idea is that you lie down motionless, close your eyes and now just perceive what is happening in front of your inner eye. The goal is to neither move nor easy to sleep, but slowly build up and design the dream until you are completely in the dream state. 

The wild method is less suitable in the evening, but rather in the afternoon, or at any other time to which you do not plan to sleep for several hours. The reason is that we only in the so -called REM phases can dream. These take place overly after the deep sleep phase or with a power nap! In these phases, the electrical activity of the brain swings in the area of ​​the theater waves and alpha jells, but not in the area of ​​beta and gamma waves, these can be found in the awake state.

Alphawellen are particularly interesting because concentration, mindfulness, attention and relaxation are promoted in this area.


Learn lucid dreams wild method

WBTB method

The Wake Back to Bed Method is similar to the False Awaking method, since an external factor ensures that you wake up.

It is different, however, that you consciously fall asleep after waking up to dive directly into a lucid dream. This method is often associated with an additional external stimulus like a dream herb. This increases the likelihood of a lucid dream and you gain more experience and can learn lucid dreams faster.


Learning lucid dreams WBTB method with dream herb


False Awakening

The method of "false awakening" is more of a variant that you will experience anyway. It is exactly the days you think you can already be awake and have started your day, but in reality you sleep and dream.

You can use these dreams to get into the dream as with the dild method and take control. Usually these dreams appear when your alarm clock is already ringing, but you have turned over again. This also means that our brain swings particularly in the wave areas of Alpha and Teta during this time.

In order to be able to use the dreams for you, it is important again that you have a routine for your reality checks. In this case always before getting up! So that your brain cannot trick you, you have to incorporate an irrefutable routine into your life that executes a reality check before you get up and leave the bed.

In this way you can use the last minutes before getting up to design one or more lucid dreams.


False Awakening method

3. Dream herb Guayusa To dream lucid

As mentioned before, you can use dream herbs to reinforce your lucid dreams, or to increase the likelihood of a lucid dream.

Dream herbs have a thousands of years old tradition. Guayusa However, the number 1 dream herb has now proven. From a very rational point of view, this depends on the Active ingredients in the Guayusa plant together. Here is especially that Active ingredient L-theanine Interesting. Let's look at the Tradition around Guayusa So they are Guayusa Trees sacred plants that include the energies of the ancestors. Who therefore Guayusa drinks, receives the energy, wisdom and clarity of the ancestors as well as the possibility in the dream of contacting and communicating with them. If you want to learn more about the Kichwa Indians and their history, you will find a detailed article on the Myths and legends about the origin of Guayusa.


Dream herb Guayusa


3.1 Scientific justification for effectiveness

At this point, however, we would like to have the scientifically explanable effect of the dream herb Guayusa regard.

L-theanin is a well-known amino acid, which, however, occurs exceptionally rarely. Only two plants and a mushroom include L-Heanin. No other dream herb except Guayusa Has this active ingredient.

Studies found that L-Theanin is increasingly swinging the brain in the area of ​​alphawellen. As previously written, these alpha jells are responsible for the fact that we feel more concentrated, more relaxed and more attentive and more careful. As support to get into a lucid dream, does that Guayusa Of course, very valuable as a dream herb!

So that you feel the full dream herb effect, it is best to prepare one traditional Guayusa tea to. You do this by the leaves of our PURE Guayusa, DARK Guayusa or PURE-POWDER Cooks under constant heat for approx. 20 to 30 minutes until you get a strong, stick-dark tea sud.

Traditionally, this intensive dream groom drink is drunk right in front of the bed. However, many plaindoers also like to use the WBTB method. You face an alarm clock about 5 hours after bed. You then drink your prepared Guayusa Tea and lie down again.

The effect of Guayusa within 10 to 15 minutes and thus keep your mind away from a new deep sleep phase.

More about the dream herb Guayusa, which of course not only used for this, there are in this article for Effect of Guayusa and our general article "what is Guayusa?“.

As a sneak peak: Guayusa is the most caffeinated drink in the world and still looks more pleasant than other caffeine -containing drinks. It is correspondingly popular as natural energy drink and coffee alternative.


4. Lucids dream experiences

If you have come here, congratulations, the article is very extensive and can have an overwhelming effect for newcomers.

So far, the topic about lucid dreams has sounded terrific, right? But let's see at this point what positive and bad experiences there actually exists and whether something changes.


4.1. positive experiences

The majority of the experience reports you will find on the Internet are positive or neutral. Those who really stay tuned and train continuously describes lucid dreams as a great asset.

The rather neutral experiences describe some successes, which, however, are not continuously recurring, which meant that after a while they stopped watching the routines.


4.2. bad experiences

There is not too many bad experiences online that are shared. In the next part, we will therefore take a closer look at the dangers of lucid dreams that are seen by experts.

The shared bad experiences on the Internet are usually due to nightmares and associated with the question of how to prevent them. The most important advice here is that you have to positively align your mindset in order to be able to overcome your fear of a nightmare.


5. Lucid dreams driven

There are not many scientifically researched and occupied dangers about lucid dreams. We therefore share the dangers with you here by researchers in experiments with test subjects as concerns.

Stephen Laberg is pioneer in researching lucid dreams. He is the founder of the Lucidity Institute And helps participants with a wide variety of techniques and devices to immerse yourself in their dreams and let lucid.

The greatest dangers in lucid dreams are seen in sleep disorders and psychological problems.


Dangers of lucid dreams


5.1. Psychological dangers from lucid dreams

Basically, it should be mentioned again that there is no evidence of basic dangers, but there are concerns. These concerns about dangers of lucid dreams indicate almost exclusively in psychology that people with psychoses such as personality disorders and schizophrenia should not be self -therapy without psychological care.

This is due to the fact that you perceive yourself in the third person in a lucid dream. This distant perception carries the risk that lucid dreams will be perceived as real. The already unstable personality is now exposed to an additional stress factor.

However, it should be emphasized that studies could be determined in studies the positive effect for people without a previous illness. In these cases, lucid dreams strengthen the personality and thus consolidates the self -image.


5.2. Sleep disorders as a danger?

The brain activity in lucid dreams is higher than with normal dreams. However, the study situation drifts scary apart and, accordingly, cannot clearly clarify whether this additional brain activity in lucid dreams represents a disadvantage or even a danger. Subjects report both that they feel more relaxed and slightly sleeper. 

In general, as with all things in life, the dose makes the poison. Even when dreaming of lucids, you shouldn't overdo it in order to rule out possible dangers from the outset!


6. Learn even more about lucid dreams

The topic of lucid dreams is so extensive that there is all sorts of further information. In the following you will find our recommendations if you want to deal with learning Luzid dreams even more intensively.


6.1. Lucid dream book

There are now all sorts of literature on the subject. We can give you the books from Andreas Schwarz recommend. ""How you use lucid dreams effectively for everyday life" and "Learn the art of lucid dreaming“.

Buy book Learn to dream lucids


6.2. Learn to dream of lucid pdf

All Andres Schwarz books are also available as an e-book or PDF. Unfortunately we have not been able to find free PDF for learning lucid dreams.


6.3. Films

Probably the best known film is Inception With Leonardo DiCaprio. More films are The Cell, Alice in Wonderland and Vanilla Sky.


6.4. YouTube

You can find all kinds of free videos on YouTube. Be aware of it, then there are a lot of people here who have never dominated lucid dreams in their lives and still gossip the most extensive techniques. Always carry out your own research and approach the topic with patience. The channel is a channel that we can personally recommend Highermind.


7. Conclusion on lucid dreams

As Guayusa We have been dealing with this topic since 2016 and are fascinated by the possibilities and of course the tradition that is associated with it in many parts of the earth.

Lucid dreams are definitely not something for everyone, since a pronounced understanding of itself is demanding and requiring lengthy training. However, the positive effects, advantages and the fun factor can be enormous!

We think that lucid dreams, just like meditation and organic painting, represent parts of the natural optimization of our body, mind and mind. We also see lucid dreams as a kind of counterpart, but maybe even the basis for future technological achievements in relation to human optimizations.

Hopefully you could take a lot of added value from this detailed article about lucid dreams. In our blog you can find more articles Guayusa, Biohacking, mindset, nutrition and sport. Until then, a lot of fun training and learning your lucid dreams.