The use of Guayusa Tea through the indigenous people

Der Gebrauch von Guayusa Tee durch Kichwa Indianer


The Kichwa Indians, the indigenous people of Ecuador, have been using the for over 1,500 years Guayusa Plant for different purposes. Guayusa is drunk as tea in this country, but the Kichwa Indians chew and smoke the tea and even make tinctures. For the Kichwa, it's not just about the fact that Guayusa makes you awake for a long time, but also about spiritual aspects and healing effects.


Table of contents

  1. How Guayusa traditionally used
    1. Guayusa chew
    2. Guayusa Smoking tea
    3. Guayusa smoke
    4. Guayusa drink
  2. For what will Guayusa Tea used?
    1. Guayusa as a strengthening before and during the hunt
    2. Guayusa for creative thoughts
    3. Guayusa for stronger dreams - lucid dreaming Guayusa
    4. Guayusa against diseases
    5. Guayusa for a positive work ethic
    6. Guayusa as a rejuvenation potion


1. How Guayusa traditionally used

1.1. Guayusa chew

The Kichwa Indians chew them Guayusa-Leaves e.g. during hunting or field work to stay focused and awake.

1.2. Guayusa Smoking tea

Guayusa smoking application of Guayusa Scroll

In some cases the large leaves of the Guayusa-Plant also rolled like a cigar. This Guayusa-Tea cigars are then hung up to dry.

When the tea leaves have completely dried, the cigars are smoked during ceremonies by the Kichwa shamans. They use the effects of smoked tea leaves to reach a higher level of consciousness and connect with the knowledge of their ancestors.

1.3. Guayusa smoke

Guayusa is sometimes also used as incense during ceremonies in order to absorb the positive energies of the plant through breathing and to fill the environment of the ceremony with it.

1.4. Guayusa drink

Guayusa Traditional tea preparation

But as a rule it will Guayusa drunk these days. The Kichwa Indians use freshly harvested leaves, which they boil over a fire in a metal kettle for a few minutes to hours. The resulting tea is then drunk pure. In some cases, lemon and a little panela sugar are also added.


2. What is it for? Guayusa Tea used?

Guayusa has no known ones Side effects, but it has many positive qualities that have been valued by the indigenous people of Ecuador for thousands of years.

2.1. Guayusa as a strengthening before and during the hunt

The Kichwa Indians used the invigorating effects of Guayusa earlier before and during the hunt.

Hunting in the jungle requires enormous concentration and strength, so according to legend the Kichwa wished for a plant from the gods that would give them more energy when hunting. The gods heard the Indians and gave them the energizing plant Guayusa. More about old ones Guayusa stories can be found in the linked article!

2.2. Guayusa for creative thoughts

3 a.m. is the wake-up time for the Kichwa Indians. They cook fresh food in a metal kettle on a fire Guayusa-leaves closed Guayusa-Tea on. While they Guayusa-Drinking tea, they talk about their dreams from last night. They talk about creative thoughts, inspiring ideas and tell each other stories about their ancestors.

Depending on the mood of the family and the dreams interpreted by the eldest, it is decided what tasks will be completed that day.

2.3. Guayusa for stronger dreams - lucid dreaming Guayusa

Lucid dreaming is the ability to connect to your dream while you sleep in order to actively shape it and experience it with all your senses.

Made by the Kichwa Indians Guayusa also called “The Night Watchman”. you say Guayusa gives them the ability to perceive their surroundings even while they sleep and to communicate with their ancestors in dreams, so that they often have one before going to bed Guayusa-Tea is drunk. Guayusa is therefore also considered potent dream herb.

2.4. Guayusa against diseases

Guayusa is used against stomach problems such as heartburn. It is also used for headaches, as a tincture for wound healing and as insect repellent.

2.5. Guayusa for a positive work ethic

Guayusa Tea for more motivation

Already the children of the Kichwa Indians Guayusa-Tea was given to school so that they can pay more attention during class and their attitude to work is more positive.

Guayusa increases the drive and motivates you to complete upcoming tasks.

2.6. Guayusa as a rejuvenation potion

The Kichwa Indians are convinced that if you take daily Guayusa has a rejuvenating and strengthening effect on the body.

They have centuries of experience with Guayusa and its effect can collect, which is why the areas in which the Kichwa indigenous people Guayusa use, are numerous and different.

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