Matcha tea preparation - how do you make Matcha tea

Matcha Tee Zubereitung – Wie macht man Matcha Tee


In our Main Products We have already described a Matcha tea as a short guide to Matcha. But preparing Matcha can become much more intense. How do you Matcha Tea is the topic of this article. We deal with quality, equipment and individual preparation steps such as foaming Matcha.



  1. Matcha tea quality - crucial in preparation
  2. Matcha tea equipment for preparation
    1. Matcha container - Natsume
    2. Bamboo spoon - Chashuka
    3. Bamboo brooms - Chasing essential for the Matcha tea preparation
    4. Bamboo broom holder
    5. Matcha tea bowl
  3. Matcha tea preparation
    1. Phase 1 seven
    2. Foam phase 2 Matcha
    3. Dilute phase 3
      1. Alternative milk
    4. Water temperature
    5. Water quality
  4. Conclusion to prepare Matcha tea


1. Matcha tea quality - crucial in preparation

The quality of Matcha fluctuates as with all natural products. But Matcha, especially at Matcha, there are extreme differences in quality, depending on whether it is real Matcha or only normal green tea powder. There is no global regulation here.

The Matcha quality the easiest way to identify is based on the color. Of course, the ingredients must also be checked, there is dye if the "Matcha" should be avoided.

In our What is Matcha tea We describe the main article very precisely, so that you better understand how a good matcha is created.

The greener the Matcha is, the better it is usually. Stay away from cheap products from the discounter and check the origin. Good matcha usually only comes from Japan itself.


Matcha tea quality quality levels


2. Matcha tea equipment for preparation

For the Japanese, Matcha is not just green tea. The Matcha tea follows a strict etiquette and aims to bring aesthetics, calm and enjoyment into the consumption of this high -quality food.

It is therefore not done to prepare for the Matcha, just pour hot water over the powder. Before we start how to make Matcha tea, we first respond to the necessary equipment.


2.1. Matcha container - Natsume

If you buy your matcha in a bag instead of a can, you can fill the powder for simpler handling during the preparation in a Matcha container or Natsum.


2.2. Bamboo spoon - Chashuka

Like the container, the bamboo spoon is of course not a must, but traditionally part of the Matcha tea preparation. It is formed from a piece of bamboo by softening with water vapor. Then it is dried and remains in the spoon shape.


2.3. Bamboo brooms - Chasing essential for the Matcha tea preparation

An essential utensil is the Matcha bamboo broom. This is available in different degrees of fineness. For most people, a broom with 60 to 100 stalks will fit well. With the help of this Matcha bamboo broom, which is also called chas, the Matcha tea can be foamed in the water.


2.4. Bamboo broom holder

If you really want to immerse yourself in the Matcha ceremony and want to have everything together, you can buy a holder for your bamboo broom. This holds the broom in shape and ensures that the stalks always have the judgment.


2.5. Matcha tea bowl

The correct tea bowl makes foaming from the Matcha only make a real experience. Normal cups or breakfast shells are less suitable.

Good Matcha tea bowls are handmade and therefore not 100 % in their shape. This enables a better experience with the Matcha foam.


2.6. Sieve

Any fine kitchen steel sieve can be used for the seven of the Matcha powder.


3. Matcha tea preparation

With the right equipment, the preparation of Matcha can now be realized. During a Matcha ceremony you have to consider certain handles and customs, which we do not include for this article.


Matcha preparation


3.1. Phase 1 Matcha seven

The Matcha tea is not simply placed in the Matcha shell, but is distributed in the Matcha bowl using the sieve and the bamboo spoon. This prevents later lumps.


3.2. Foam phase 2 Matcha

Next, the Matcha is poured in with a small amount of hot water and, in the meantime, or quickly foamed with the bamboo broom. The hand moves in a mix of straight and circular.


3.3. Dilute phase 3

Foam after the Matcha, it is diluted with further hot water to the desired degree.

There is no right or wrong here. Depending on the desire, the Matcha is drunk in a viscous or thin -fluid manner.


Alternative milk

Instead of water, milk or alternative milk can also be used to create a Matcha latte. For this purpose, a viscous matcha should be foamed from the start.


3.4. Water temperature

The water temperature for preparing Matcha should be below 100ºC. However, it cannot be said correctly that the water temperature for green tea should always be 70ºC or 80ºC, etc. It depends on the taste you want to highlight. Therefore experiment with the temperatures. A kettle with a temperature display helps you enormously.

In general, you can assume that more bitter substances are solved at higher temperatures.


3.5. Water quality

The water quality plays a major role in preparing Matcha! Spring water is best suited. Tap water from the municipal utilities should be filtered using an osmosis system. Bottle water is also suitable, but it logically has a certain climate -damaging aftertaste.


4. Conclusion to prepare Matcha tea

Hopefully with this article we were able to give you an insight into how to make Matcha tea. The Matcha preparation requires some prerequisites and is then not carried out in time.

We think that Matcha both one Luxury food is, if a sufficient quality is chosen, as well as a functional food for health. However, it is less than suitable as an efficient guards.

More on the effect of Matcha tea and why we think that it is not suitable as an everyday guardian or coffee alternative can be found in our article “Matcha effect - Matcha tea effect and ingredients"And ours Main article on Matcha.