Matcha vs Guayusa - Which tea is healthier & makes it awakening?

Matcha VS Guayusa – Welcher Tee ist gesünder & macht wacher?


In this detailed comparison Matcha vs Guayusa We would like to respond to the most important differences between the two guardians and point out which of the two teas you should use for what purpose. In the end, we then devote ourselves to the question of whether Grüner tea, i.e. Matcha, and Guayusa are as healthy as it is claimed and which of the two teas is the possibly healthiest tea in the world.

For everyone who has never before Guayusa Have heard tea or Matcha, we also recommend our general articles “what is Guayusa tea" and "What is Matcha".



  1. Matcha vs Guayusa
    1. Origin
    2. Cultivation
    3. processing
    4. Taste Matcha vs Guayusa
    5. ingredients
    6. Effect
      1. L-theanin & caffeine
    7. Price-performance Matcha vs Guayusa
  2. Which tea is healthier - Matcha comparison with Guayusa
    1. Matcha
    2. Guayusa
    3. Healthest tea Matcha vs Guayusa
  3. Conclusion


1. Matcha vs Guayusa

We will be compared to the Matcha comparison with Guayusa From general things to ever more special properties buttons. Starting with the question of origin on the ingredients and effects on the question of whether green tea and Guayusa Tea are healthy. And whether one of the two teas, Matcha or Guayusais the healthiest tea in the world.


1.1. Origin


Matcha is Green tea powder. In fact, Matcha is called "ground tea". The first ground green tea was produced in China, but the Matcha tradition with today's standards of production was created in Japan and is only practiced there.

Other countries such as China, Vietnam and Thailand often also produce "ground tea" and sell them as a matcha, but in fact, it is only a standard green tea that has been ground.



Guayusa In comparison with Matcha, on the other hand, 99 % is only grown and drunk there. Until 2009, the plant was not known outside the indigenous ethnic group of Kichwa.

However, due to its ingenious effect, it has become increasingly better known. Guayusa Due to the required climate, only grows in the Amazon rainforest.


1.2. Cultivation


Like green tea, Matcha is also in so-called Monocultures grown. In our knowledge, there is no other kind of cultivation for Matcha. At Grün-Tea, on the other hand, there are a few “wild teas”. In order to produce Matcha, however, the plants need a very special type of cultivation that can only be carried out in monocultures.

The green tea plants are spanned with black networks several weeks before harvesting and thus shaded. This makes the plants form more chlorophyll, amino acids, caffeine and all sorts of antioxidants. The leaves become larger, thinner and therefore also softer at the same time.



In comparison Matcha vs Guayusa, cut Guayusa A lot better in terms of cultivation. The Guayusa Plants are exclusively in so -called Permacultures grown. Permacultures are mixed cultures in which dozens of to hundreds of crops are combined in order to form a self -obtained ecosystem.

There Guayusa This type of cultivation is essential in the Amazon area of ​​Ecuador, otherwise rainforest would have to give way to grow a single plant. Three cultivation variants are possible:

  1. Cultivation of the plant in areas where otherwise no intervention by the Kichwa takes place. These are mostly unused areas around the so -called forest gardens.
  2. Cultivation in ancient forest gardens. These are permacultures in or on the edge of the rainforest. These forest gardens consist of hundreds of different crops that imitate the rainforest, but are planted organized so that they protect each other from parasites and the infestation of mushrooms and mold. At the same time, plants are grown that create a habitat for animals and insects.
  3. Reforestation of rubber areas. There are many plots that z. B. have been cleared for animal husbandry and have been empty for years or even decades. These areas are used with the help of our Reforestation program converted into forest gardens.


Matcha vs Guayusa Origin and cultivation


1.3. processing


The Matcha processing Is in comparison with Guayusa much more complex. After the plants have been shaded for weeks, only the youngest, greenest and freshest leaves are harvested.

These leaves are treated directly with water vapor and then hot air to stop the oxidation and dry them as quickly as possible. After this process there is a manual reading of the best leaves, which is then freed from their petiole.

Only after these processes are the so-called Tencha leaves ground in stone mills.



At Guayusa In contrast, 90 % of the leaves of a tree are harvested. Since there is always the same climate in the Amazon, the trees grow full of leaves again within 2 to 4 months.

After the harvest, the leaves are either oxidized for a few days (in our Guayusa DARK) or dried directly with hot air as with Matcha (Guayusa PURE).

Then the leaves are crushed and packed.

Our short documentary for Matcha harvesting and processing can be found here:


1.4. Taste Matcha vs Guayusa

The two tastes could not be more different. It is astonishing how many different caffeine -containing guardians have produced nature. It remains to be seen whether we really have already discovered everyone, because too Guayusa only appeared in 2009.


Taste Matcha vs Guayusa


In the taste comparison Matcha vs Guayusa It depends on personal preferences. Because as is well known, taste is subjective.

Depending on Quality level, preparation And origin tastes slightly different. More on this in our contribution to Matcha taste.

The taste profile of Matcha can be described as follows:

  • Grazier & vegetable Taste when the Matcha comes from Japan. An additional slightly nutty aroma when it comes from China.
  • Umami is one of 5 flavors. It is strongly represented in Matcha and is reminiscent of fish, algae and hearty soups.
  • The shading creates a light sweetness in Matcha.
  • Matcha is for most of all people bitter taste much milder, although it is much milder compared to normal green tea.
  • Creaminess is not directly a taste, but a taste experience that is created by the correct foaming of the powder.



Even if tastes are different as written, we have found among our customers that many have the taste of Guayusa Feel to be much more pleasant than that of Matcha in comparison.

This is mainly because Guayusa

  • Even after long time times non -bitter tastes,
  • the taste of one Herbs teas resembles,
  • additionally an easy one sweet note has,
  • light tart/earthy tastes PURE, and
  • a strong Caramel note has DARK.


1.5. ingredients

We also have a separate contribution to this, which is much more detailed on the Matcha ingredients and Guayusa ingredients received.


Ingredients of healthiest tea, green tea healthy


The consequences of ingredients are the most important of Matcha tea.

  1. Caffeine 1.9 % to 4.4 %
  2. L-theanin
  3. Antioxidants

However, the caffeine content of Matcha is therefore higher than with normal green tea as not as high as many assumed. The antioxidants in Matcha are tea and green tea generally very wide researched. There are numerous studies on their effect. The best known are:

  1. Catechin
    1. EGCG, ECG, EGC
  2. Rutin
  3. Cross -cod
  4. Chlorophyll
  5. Phenols and phenolic acids
  6. vitamin C

On the effect of the ingredients in comparison Matcha vs Guayusa later more. The entire antioxidant content of Matcha is between 120,000 and 180,000 Trolox.



The ingredients of Guayusa have not yet been examined as far as Matcha. The most important known active ingredients are the following:

  1. caffeine 3.2 % to 7.6 %
  2. L-theanin
  3. Theobromine
  4. Theophyllin
  5. Antioxidants

Guayusa Tea is the most caffeinated drink in the world.

Matcha and Guayusa have about the same amount of antioxidants. The Orac value of Guayusa is between 120,000 and 160,000. What antioxidants are and how Matcha and Guayusa Cut off compared to coffee, mate and guarana, you will find out in our Antioxidant comparison.

At Guayusa are primarily examined by the following antioxidants:

  1. Chlorogenic acids
  2. vitamin C
  3. Vitamin D
  4. Phenolic acids
  5. Carotenoid
  6. Luxury




1.6. Effect

We also have individual contributions to Matcha effect and the Guayusa Effect Without a comparison and deals with a lot more specific to the respective effect.

Before we come to the modes of action and the question, we will find out whether green tea, i.e. Matcha, or Guayusa Tea are healthy and which is the healthiest tea, the general effect of caffeine and L-theanin illuminate. Since these fabrics are both in Matcha and Guayusa Tea occur. More about the individual active ingredients in the linked articles.


L-theanin & caffeine

L-theanin is a rare amino acid that the blood-brain barrier can pass to work there. So far, however, it has only been in green tea, Guayusa and found a mushroom.

It was found that the combined effect with caffeine leads to a significant cognitive increase in performance and raises the mood.


Caffeine content Matcha vs Guayusa



However, the Matcha effect can be mainly on the antioxidants and less Caffeine and L-theanin restrict. According to studies, the antioxidants have a particularly intensive effect.

Matcha is therefore mainly examined in studies with regard to its health properties. Compared to other Green teas and also Guayusa Cuts Matcha, according to the current study situation, as particularly healthy.

The Effect focuses on the following properties:

  • Fight free radicals
  • Inhibition and reduction of inflammation
  • Regulation of insulin
  • Protection of nerve cells
  • Improvement of the metabolism

Nevertheless, Matcha also has a stimulating effect and, according to studies, supports cognitive skills. However, Matcha works in comparison VS Guayusa significantly stronger on that Cardiovascular system. This in turn means that you shouldn't drink too much matcha, otherwise it is too strong as with coffee, mate and guarana Heart racing, shakiness and malaise Through punching thoughts and even stomach problems can come.



At Guayusa the effect is also due to antioxidants, but is not that strong compared to Matcha. Rather, the effect arises from a complex performance -enhancing fabrics.

The effect of Guayusa It is best to be described as follows:

  • Long-lasting awake without sudden crash
  • Motivational
  • Increased cognitive skills, especially in
    • Focus and concentration
    • alertness
    • Memory
    • reaction
  • Stress reduction through natural stimulation of alphawelles in the brain
  • Physical performance increase in endurance and strength
  • Faster waking up by higher absorption of flashing lights

Who has ever Guayusa has drunk, the Effect of hours of concentration know. In our comparison Matcha vs Guayusa Is this one of the most concise differences.


Effect Matcha VS Guayusa Healthest tea


1.7. Price-performance Matcha vs Guayusa

In social media comments we occasionally receive negative comments regarding the price of Guayusa Tea. With € 9.90/100g Guayusa Certainly not a cheap discounter bag, but compared to Matcha or good green tea absolutely no expensive tea.

Goods Matcha Is approximately with 25 € to 30 € per 30 g up 3 times more expensive than Guayusa tea. If you want to be awake and focused on sports every day or to be powerful during sports, you have a definitely big hole in the wallet with Matcha as a choice and also does not get the desired effect.

With Guayusa against it If you get from 1 l to 2 l per day, even with a particularly high consumption of 1 l to 2 l, what with ours Bundle discounts just 43 cents a day For approx. 2 liters Guayusa are. 90% of our customers are sufficientFor an 8-hour working day also 1 liter per day completely. These are in turn straight Once 21.5 cents a day.


Price comparison price-performance


2. Which tea is healthier - Matcha comparison with Guayusa

We hope we have been able to give you an extensive overview so far and you have a lot about ingredients and effects in our comparison Matcha vs Guayusa learned.

In the last part of this article we would now like to devote ourselves to the question of whether Matcha tea as a green tea or Guayusa Tea are healthy or whether one of the two teas may even be considered the healthiest tea.


2.1. Matcha

At the same time, Matcha is particularly healthy as a top-class greener tea. The special cultivation and the selection in processing result in a product that has an enormous number of antioxidants and has often proven its effectiveness in studies.


2.2. Guayusa

Guayusa Has a similarly high content of antioxidants, which are only composed of other fabrics. The chlorogenic acids in Guayusa are also known for that Insulin level to regulate, weight gain to reduce, one Fatty liver to Avoid inflammation to inhibit, the immune system to strengthen and positive On our Nervous system to works. 

Based on the current study situation, however, there are significantly more studies on Matcha than too Guayusa before. This is due to the novelty of Guayusa But of course nothing surprising or negative.


2.3. Healthest tea Matcha vs Guayusa

Healthest tea, which one is it now? Our research according to must Guayusa Here the rank cede to Matcha tea and place second place due to the many available studies.

This health difference between Matcha VS Guayusa However, it seems to be minimal.

Antioxidants green tea or Guayusa Tea healthy


3. Conclusion

Our Matcha vs Guayusa Comparison was able to emphasize some major differences, which of course exist due to the different plant species, origin and cultivation, but are not known to everyone.

Many may have never had anything from Guayusa tea heard?!

Based on our outstanding Facts To Matcha and Guayusa In comparison we think that no tea is inferior to the other, However, when considering which the Teas better for one suitable is on it, What you need!

Would you like a few quiet minutes in silence with one Matcha preparation Connect and mainly one Health boost have, then is Matcha the better one Choice.

Would you like a day full of Focus, concentration and Guilance without side effects Or do you need an additional one Energy boost for your Sports, Then it is suitable Guayusa around Wide better.

If we have you with this post for Guayusa you can inspire, you can in our Shop permanently with 5 % discount Shopping by the discount code "Blog 5“Use in the last step of the checkout. If you want to save even more, get in touch in ours Newsletter on, in which we regularly report exciting topics and have many actions.