Gaming Energy Drink - Natural Booster VS Chemistry

Gaming Energy Drink - Natürlicher Booster VS Chemie


Gamer often fall back on gaming booster and gaming energy drinks to gain better performance in their sessions regarding reaction, perseverance and focus.

Unfortunately, the fact is that conventional gaming energy drinks are not as efficient as the manufacturers often promise. Although the focus and response increases, the focus is also on a tremor feeling and over-sensitivity.

March 2022 was published by a new study Guayusa as a gaming booster that promises a multi-performance of 21% compared to placebo and 12% compared to a conventional energy drink.


Table of contents

  1. The problem with conventional energy drinks & boosters
  2. Guayusa Gaming Energy Drink
  3. Study situation too Guayusa
    1. Tremor
    2. Endurance
    3. focus
  4. Conclusion - Guayusa As a gaming energy drink


1. The problem with conventional energy drinks & boosters

Conventional gaming energy drinks and boosters are not only consumed in professionals, but also in amateur and home competitions. The reason is the performance increase promised by manufacturers. The study situation for this is split and on the one hand comes to the conclusion that a significant increase in performance can be achieved and on the other hand that eSport athletes show no significant improvements.

In addition, gaming energy drinks and booster have caused a sensation worldwide due to a negative effects. Gamer sometimes drink several energy drinks during a session, which in the worst case even one Hospitalization can lead. And also Studies Warn of excessive applying and consumption of boosters.

Side effects and disadvantages of gaming energy drinks


2. Guayusa Gaming Energy Drink

Guayusa is a plant consumed in the Amazon rainforest, which is prepared like a tea. Different to Mate, Guarana or Tea has Guayusa About a particularly balanced composition to amino acids, Antioxidants and watchmakers like caffeine, Theobromine, Theophyllin and the calming and focusing antagonist to caffeine, L-theanin.

More about the ingredients of Guayusa You can find out in our contribution to the individual Active ingredients of Guayusa tea. This can give you a deeper insight into why Guayusa as a natural gaming energy drink can look so good.


3rd study situation too Guayusa 

Some new studies were released in early 2022 Guayusa as a gaming energy drink, including from the University of Memphis College of Health Sciences.

In the placebo -controlled, double -blind, randomized study, it was found that Guayusa Compared to conventional energy drinks, there was no tremor feeling, improved perseverance and more focus.

3.1. Tremor

Synthetic energy drinks led to a 35%increase in the unpleasant trembling grass about an hour after consumption. Subject with Guayusa In contrast, this feeling did not increase.

At the same time, the increase in the hormone adrenaline was examined, which Guayusa was 82% lower. If concentration is too high, adrenaline can lead to uncontrolled reactions towards a string of the body and mind.

Many know this feeling of paralysis as overloaded state of stress.

3.2. Endurance

The vast majority also reported improved vitality for more energy, effort and enthusiasm during a four-hour gaming session.

In addition, the absorption of caffeine in the body was examined. The results could show that this in Guayusa Existing caffeine was absorbed faster and more and also had a longer noticeable effect.

The synthetic gaming energy drink reached the absorbed maximum later and the effect decreased faster.

You can find out more during caffein times in our Comparison between natural and chemical caffeine.

3.3. focus

The third important pillar is the focus. This is not only an important factor in gaming, but for any kind of work and creative creative process.

55% of the participants had improved performance score (AX-CPT score) and a 12% more efficient kill score compared to conventional synthetic gaming energy drinks. In addition, could Guayusa significantly increase the response time of over 65% of the participants.


Guayusa Best Gaming Energy Drink


4. Conclusion - Guayusa As a gaming energy drink

Synthetic gaming energy drinks and booster will not disappear overnight, but over time the increased overall performance and thus the better result in gaming will inevitably move to a change.

What counts in the end is the result. Guayusa may still be "unsexy" and "complicated" in the preparation, since it is not delivered in the can, but a 5-minute preparation of Guayusa Tea in front of the gaming session can already make a difference in the score.

In addition, your own preparation of the personal gaming energy drink also enables determining the strength of the drink and thus the intensity.

The basis is particularly suitable Guayusa PURE and DARK, because these varieties from 100% Guayusa exist and thus contain the largest proportion of active ingredients.