Waysa - what is Waysa? Origin, tradition, effects & more!

Waysa – Was ist Waysa? Herkunft, Tradition, Wirkung & mehr!


In this article we look at what Waysa is. The new drink is increasingly popular and alternative by many as coffee and energy drink. There are impact -resistant reasons for this that we explain to you. Before that, however, we go into the origin and history of the plant and describe the traditional use by the Kichwa indigenous people of Ecuador.

If you don't care about the story, you can simply jump directly to the part of your interest via the table of contents.



  1. What is Waysa?
    1. Origin & history
    2. Kichwa
      1. Use & tradition
      2. Dream of lucid
  2. Waysa ingredients
  3. Effect of Waysa
  4. Recipes-your own Waysa Energy Drink
  5. Buy Waysa
  6. Conclusion


1. What is Waysa?

Waysa is one of many names for Guayusa, a plant from the Amazon rainforest. It is mainly used by the indigenous group of Kichwa as a natural energy drink. Other peoples also call the plant to orphans.

Outside the indigenous tribes, Waysa is as Guayusa known. For this article we stay in the name Waysa, in our Blog but you will be the name for most articles Guayusa read.

1.1. Origin & history

Waysa can im western Amazon area can be found from Colombia to Peru and grows at heights of 200 to 2,600 meters above sea level. The reason for this strong drift is the Napo river, which rises in Ecuador and extends north towards Colombia and south towards Peru. Waysa is mainly in so -called Forest gardens, found by humans.

Despite the fact that the plant was described for the first time in 1901 for the first time, hardly a publication on this fascinating plant appeared until 2009. Since then, the ingredients and effects have been described and demonstrated in several studies, which the Kichwa as a "Condition of focused and relaxed vigilance"Described.


1.2. Kichwa

The Kichwa are by far the main users of the Waysa plant, since it plays an important role in their culture as a healing, ritual and crop. Each Kichwa family has scattered at least one handful of Waysa plants in their forest gardens or around the house.


Use & tradition

Kichwa Drink Waysa as a kind of tea daily. The leaves are boiled with water and the resulting drink is drunk. Waysa is sometimes linked to the consumption of Yerba Mate. At Waysa, however, the tea is prepared in a separate pot and only the tea is served. In contrast, at Mate, the shredded leaves are served together with hot water in a cup. A straw prevents the leaves from drinking.

For Kichwa, Waysa plays an important role in the daily coexistence of the family and the entire tribe. It is generally the task of women to take on the preparation for the family. In families it is specifically the task of the daughter -in -law and in cases of a special major event, the responsibility of all women in the tribe.

Traditionally, Waysa is drunk in the early morning, before sunrise to initiate the day. During this gathering, dreams are interpreted, clothes sewn, fishing nets braided, tools created, tasks for the day distributed, wisdom of the elders shared and children taught new things. Punishes and strengths are also carried out. It is generally a time when the municipality finds together and making collective decisions. Even festivals and competitions can be found in the name of Waysa or Guayusa instead of.

Due to its stimulating effects, the tea is mainly used as a guardian, but is also used under the Kichwa

  • Stomach tonicum
  • Diuretic
  • Flu
  • Headache
  • Potency
  • Anti -inflammatory
  • Moskito protection
  • Antiaging for the skin
  • Mix with alcohol


Waysa traditional use


Dream of lucid

A widespread use is that for lucid dreams. Guayusa Has the ability to focus and keep us as stimulants during the day, but at the same time it also revives the dreams and is therefore drunk by the Kichwa before sleeping as a dream herb. More on this in our detailed article “Lucid dreams - learn to dream lucids, techniques & instructions“.

Dream of lucid

2. Waysa ingredients

Waysa has by far the most caffeinated leaves in the world. With up to 7.6 % more than Matcha and even more than the Guarana fruit.

What is special is, however, the unique complex of all active ingredients and less the caffeine alone. The combination of the following active ingredients leads to the extremely popular effect of the tea.

You can read more information about the individual active ingredients in the linked articles. L-theanine is particularly noteworthy, since this active ingredient only in Guayusa, the tea plant and mushroom occurs. Accordingly, it is a rare active ingredient.


Guayusa ingredients


3. Effect of Waysa

We have described the effect in detail in a separate contribution, otherwise it would go beyond the scope of this contribution. You can find all the important information in our article “Guayusa Tea effect - Guayusa Effect what you need to know". At this point we will give you a brief overview.

As already indicated, Waysa has both invigorating and focusing and relaxing. This sounds for the most caffeinated drink in the world, but if you try Waysa, know what we are talking about. Waysa should be drunk on an empty stomach in the morning to have a persistent energy level throughout the day, which is noticeable in mental and physical challenges.

The effect is different from coffee, mate, matcha or guarana. There is neither a caffeine push nor a caffeine crash.


Guayusa Effect


4. Recipes-your own Waysa Energy drink

You can buy the Waysa leaves as a packaged tea and prepare the home yourself. The good thing is that the leaves do not contain bitter substances and is simply in the preparation. You don't have to Draw times still consider water temperature.

How you your own Bio Energy Drink can be prepared, we will show you step by step in the following article: “Waysa Energy Drink Recipe & Preparation yourself!" 

The short form is:

  1. Boil 9g per 1 liter of water
  2. Tea
  3. With raw raw sugar and
  4. refine a shot lemon.


Waysa recipe make energy drink yourself


5. buy Waysa

Original Waysa tea or Guayusa You can tea in our Shop buy. GUYA Is Germany's first start-up which Waysa/Guayusa In Europe, and work directly and without middlemen with farmers from Ecuador. On our Youtube channel Through our short documentaries on site, you will find out everything about the cultivation, the processing and can convince yourself of biodiversity and environmentally protecting cultivation method as well as fair cooperation.


Guayusa Save discount voucher

6. Conclusion

The common pronunciation of Waysa is Guayusa (Gwhy-you-Sa). Due to the special effect, which differs positively from other guard makers, their consumption is becoming increasingly frequent and more popular.

Since it is a rainforest plant, you should pay close attention to how the cultivation takes place and only trust companies that disclose their work transparently and understandably. The Amazon is unnecessarily smaller in Austria every year. In view of this, it is important to only buy products from companies that support additional afforestation and already grow biodiverses for their products.

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