Which tea is healthy-healthy tea varieties in comparison

Welcher Tee ist gesund – Gesunde Tee-Sorten im Vergleich


In this post we would like to give you an overview of which tea is healthy in what type. We will concentrate on the effect of the ingredients and give you the most important properties. To do this, we look at the best known teas such as rooibos, greener tea, black tea, Guayusa, Mate and Jasmin tea to see how healthy they really are.



  1. Green tea
    1. Matcha
  2. Guayusa tea
  3. Black tea
  4. Rooibos tea
  5. Yerba mate tea
  6. Jasmine tea
  7. Chai tea
  8. Conclusion


1. Green tea

Grüner tea is known to everyone. The same are his Health advantages known to many people. But there are big differences in quality and ingredients, especially in green tea. The green tea considered the highest quality comes from Japan.

Grüner tea mainly has the following healthy properties

  • Antioxidant effect:
    • Reduces free radicals
    • Reduces inflammation
    • Insulin regulating
    • Increase in fat burning
    • Improvement of the metabolism
    • Reduction of cancer risk
  • Invigorating effect


1.1. Matcha

Matcha is "ground greener tea". In low quality it is actually only ground green tea, in the high Quality level Matcha is the finest green tea, which is a special one Cultivation and special workmanship went through.

The Matcha ingredients are identical to those of green tea, but significantly intensified in their quantity.

Green tea and Matcha are an ideal functional food due to their composition of active ingredients to do something good for the body. Unless you fall back on a bag of the discounter, Grüner tea is very healthy.


2. Guayusa tea

In our Matcha vs Guayusa Comparison If we have already compared the two guardians to their ingredients, effects, taste and the aspect of health.

Guayusa is a plant from Ecuador, which Highest caffeine content of the world. However, its effect is anything but negative and the taste is not bitter. The unique Active ingredient complex ensures:

  • Increase cognitive skills
    • Better reactionability
    • Stronger vigilance
    • Better memory
    • Long -lasting focus and concentration
  • Long awakening feeling without crash
  • Increase physical performance
  • Reducing
  • Antioxidant effect
    • Anti -inflammatory
    • Insulin regulating
    • Metabolism improvement

Guayusa Tea is by far the ideal tea if you want to work awake and focused for a long time or want to bring more power in workout without To get side effects such as rapid heartbeat, shaky and stomach problems.

The health properties and antioxidant effects are comparable to those of Matcha. Guayusa Tea is extremely healthy, as healthy as green tea. or Matcha


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3. Black tea

Black tea is quite healthy due to its bitter substances, but it cannot be used with green tea or Guayusa keep. A look at the ingredients shows how healthy black tea is. Except for the bitter substances, these are significantly lower than with green tea.

Nevertheless, black tea has healthy properties:

  • Antioxidant effect
    • reduction of blood sugar levels and cholesterol
    • Anti -inflammatory
  • Improved The stomach health
  • Reduced Blood pressure
  • Reduced The risk of stroke


4. Rooibos tea

Rooibos, too Rotbusch tea called, comes from South Africa and is extremely healthy. In addition to the well -known red rooibos, there is also a lesser known green variety.

In contrast to green tea and black tea, rooibos hardly has bitter substances, but more than Guayusathat has almost no bitter substances. Rooibos is also very healthy due to many antioxidants and well suited if you want to drink a tea that is free of caffeine is.

In studies, he has proven the following properties for health:

As a healthy caffeine -free alternative, rooibos tea B. can be drunk in the lunch or evening hours.


5. Yerba mate tea

Mate tea is a caffeine tea from South America, which is mainly drunk in Paraguay, Chile, Peru and Brazil. Its caffeine content is around 1.4% and is therefore less than from Guayusa, Matcha and coffee.

Mate tea has many saponoids that form the bitter substances, polyphenols as antioxidants and xanthine as a guard. This also makes Yerba Mate Tea a healthy companion. A detailed contribution to Mate tea effect can be found in the linked article. Here are the three most important:

  • Making awake and slightly focusing
  • slightly increased physical performance
  • Protect possibly before infections

The Mate tea taste However, most drinkers do not convince the first time because it tastes very bitter and smoky.


Healthy teas-healthy types of tea


6. Jasmine tea

Jasmin tea is so healthy because it is based on green tea. He gets the aroma through the jasmine blossom, which is mixed in the tea leaves during storage. This aroma is released again when brewing.

Like greener tea, Jasmin tea has the following properties:

  • Antioxidant effect
  • Promotes weight loss by stimulating the metabolism
  • Can the Heart health support financially
  • Can Oral health support financially
  • Can improve the mental functions


7. Chai tea

What we in German -speaking countries as Chai Designation is a spiced tea. In other countries means Chai Nothing other than tea. Let's go from a spiced tea like ours Chai Guayusa then, then it usually has ingredients such as cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, licorice and black tea or in our case Guayusa Tea.

  1. Cinnamon can prevent heart disease and improve insulin sensitivity
  2. Nelken contain magnesium, antioxidants, kill bacteria and improve liver health
  3. Suckwood reduces acid, reflux and helps with the treatment of stomach ulcers.

So you can say that too Chai Healthy is depending on how the composition of the tea is.


8. Conclusion

In general, one can say that all teas, whether greener tea, black tea, Guayusa, Rooibos or jasmine tea, etc. are healthy. Tea infusions of all kinds are popular worldwide. Each country has its "tea" and this in turn has certain healthy properties.

As a rule, the properties for health can always be attributed to antioxidants. In the case of caffeinated drinks such as Guayusa, Mate and green tea also work the caffeine and especially in the case of Guayusa also L-theanin, Theobromine and Theophyllin, which Guayusa in the Wachmacher comparison To the most pleasant and efficient guards without Side effects might.

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