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How much caffeine has black tea? Including comparison


In this short article we give you an overview of how much MG caffeine black tea has and compare these values ​​with other caffeinated drinks.

In the end we go into why black tea works differently and give you a short conclusion.



  1. What is black tea?
  2. How much caffeine has black tea?
    1. How much mg caffeine has black tea?
    2. How much caffeine has black tea in comparison?
  3. Why does black tea look different?
  4. Conclusion


1. What is black tea?

Black tea is created from green tea. All teas, whether green, black, white or yellow come from the tea plant Camellia sinensis.

The difference is always in the processing of the harvested leaves, this ensures the different tastes and caffeine content. In green tea, leaves are treated directly with hot steam and then dried with hot air. You can find more about this in our post Matcha vs green tea.

Black tea, on the other hand, is oxidized for some time after harvesting. This oxidization is a fermentation process that makes the leaves black. The process changes the taste and percentage composition of active ingredients in the leaves. We turn a similar process at our Guayusa variety DARK at.


2. How much caffeine has black tea?

How much caffeine black tea ends up in the preparation depends on the cultivation area, the sun's radiation and the processing of the leaves.

A normal standard black tea has approx. 1 % to 3.5 % caffeine. This percentage is expected on the dry matter of the tea leaves.


2.1. How much mg caffeine has black tea?

At 1g tea this is 10 mg to 35 mg of caffeine. How much cup of a cup of black tea has depends accordingly on how many tea you use.

With a glass like our heat -resistant 400 ml borosilicate glass, would be used about 2.5 g of tea. A cup of black tea then has about 25 mg to 87.5 mg of caffeine.

How many mg caffeine does a cup of black tea have in comparison?


2.2. Caffeine in comparison?

A cup with an ordinary black tea usually has more caffeine than a normal green tea, but not excessively much more.

Matcha In contrast, green tea is also and has a lot more caffeine than black tea at 44 mg per g.

A cup of coffee with 400 ml, on the other hand, has approximately 90 mg to 120 mg of caffeine, although coffee itself contains only between 1.4 % and 3.2 % caffeine. However, significantly more grams per cup of coffee are used. 15 g to 20 g per cup are not uncommon.

A comparison of many caffeinated drinks can be found in our Comparison of drinks -containing drinks

In the following graphic we show you in comparison how much caffeine black tea has approx. You will see that black tea does not protrude strongly, but is about on the level of a green tea.


How much caffeine has black tea in comparison?


3. Why does black tea look different?

For many, black tea looks more intensive than the "weaker" green tea. However, since the caffeine content is not significantly higher than from green tea, the different effects of another active ingredient must come.

The fact is, however, that the stronger effect comes from the fact that the caffeine can look faster. The fermentation process of the leaves mentioned at the beginning ensures a destruction of the Antioxidants, which were previously available in high quantities in the green leaves.

In caffeinated drinks there is not only caffeine, but a variety of other active ingredients, such as Theobromine, Theophyllin and L-theanin. You can find an overview of the most important active ingredients in our Contribution to ingredients.

Some of these other active ingredients have a direct and indirect effect. Antioxidants, for example, often have a non -noticeable effect, but if they are missing, the caffeine looks faster. For this reason, coffee also works much faster than green tea or Guayusa tea. Compared to 1/7 of the antioxidants of green tea and only 1/14 of Guayusa Tea.



How much caffeine black tea has depends on the origin and cultivation, as well as the event of weather.

In comparison, it does not have significantly less or more caffeine than green tea. Nevertheless, the effect differs due to the changed antioxidant values, these are significantly lower in black tea and make the caffeine look faster.

This difference in the antioxidants to green tea arises from the other processing in which the leaves of the black tea are oxidized.

With approx. 10 mg to 35 mg caffeine per 1 g, black tea has a low to medium content compared to other caffeine -containing drinks.

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