Matcha vs Mate - Difference Matcha and Mate Tea

Matcha VS Mate – Unterschied Matcha und Mate Tee


This comparison is part of our extensive Matcha seriesthat you can find in our blog. In this article we compare Matcha vs Yerba Mate and go as with our other articles, e.g. B. with Guayusa tea, on the differences in ingredients, effects, origin and taste.

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  1. Difference Matcha and Mate
  2. Ingredients & effects - Matcha VS Mate Tea
    1. Matcha
    2. mate tea
  3. Taste - Matcha or Mate?
  4. Conclusion - Matcha vs Yerba Mate


1. Difference Matcha and Mate

The biggest difference between the two teas is that Yerba-mate Strictly speaking, there is no tea at all, but a leaf infusion. According to the definition, only tea is what comes from the tea plant. Mate, however, comes from the South American Ilex paraguaria, one with ilex Guayusa Related plant.

Matcha, on the other hand, are ground tea leaves, in fact, in fact, green tea leaves that have previously been passed through special treatment during cultivation and processing.

Therefore, our comparison should be taken Matcha tea vs mate infusion be called.


2. ingredients & effects - Matcha vs mate tea

To make the differences between Matcha VS Mate and to answer the question of whether Matcha or Mate is better, The ingredients and their effects are best suited.


2.1. Matcha

The Matcha effect is particularly health -related. Matcha has a lot of caffeine, with 1.9 % to 4.4 % far ahead of other caffeine drinks, but this does not make the main effect.

Above all, the numerous antioxidants and that are L-theanin, which also inGuayusa Tea occurs, interesting. 

If you are interested in an exact list of the most important ingredients, you can do this in our article “Matcha ingredients - why is Matcha healthy?“Read.

  1. Not only the content of antioxidants with 120,000 to 180,000 Trolox makes Matcha a vital bomb, but also the type of antioxidant. In Matcha, so-called catechins mainly work, which have about twice as strong as vitamin C.
  2. L-theanin and caffeine In studies, studies have proven to improve cognitive skills.
  3. Fat burning and improved metabolism are also increased. The antioxidant EGCG led to a 17 % higher fat burn in a study.
  4. The caffeine in Matcha wakes up, but can quickly become uncomfortable, as is the case with coffee. There should therefore not be too much of the powder. 


2.2. mate tea

The caffeine content of Yerba Mate is just about 1.4 %in comparison Matcha VS Yerba Mate. Whether Matcha or Mate has more caffeine we can therefore already answer that Mate tea moves on the lower scale of caffeinated drinks. Despite the fact that the perceived intensity of the caffeine is located further up.

In our Caffeine comparison or our free E-book for caffeinated drinks You can find more information about Mate and other drinks.

  1. Yerba mate tea contains Theobrominewhich, similar to caffeine, the cardiovascular system stimulated And also improves oxygen absorption. In Matcha barely available.
  2. Also Theophyllin Is a friend ingredient, which mostly works in the airways room. He increases oxygen absorption, improves its transport, relieves chronic symptoms and reduces tension.
  3. The bitter substances make up a big difference between Matcha and Mate. Matcha also has bitter substances, but these are much less noticeable in terms of taste than that of Yerba Mate Tea. For many, bitter substances are uncomfortable in taste, but good for digestion, our immune system and blood circulation.


Matcha vs mate comparison ingredients


3. Taste - Matcha or Mate?

Of course, the better taste lies in the eye of the viewer, or rather in the tongue of the ming. We would therefore like to give a general overview of the tastes of both drinks. Accordingly, everyone can then decide for themselves which the winner is in our comparison Matcha vs Mate.


The green tea powder of extra class has an intensive Umami aroma, which is accompanied by a bitter and grassy note. Good Matcha is less bitter and lets a minimal sweet swing.

Yerba Mate

In contrast, the tea from South America has a strong, bitter and herbal taste. In addition, many mate varieties have a strong smoked aroma, which is created by drying over fire.


Matcha vs mate taste


4. Conclusion - Matcha VS Yerba Mate

We hope we were able to give you an insight into the differences between Matcha and Mate. Like everything in life, this comparison of Matcha vs Mate is no black and white comparison. Both drinks have their advantages and disadvantages.

We think that Matcha is particularly suitable as a luxury food, but also as a health functional food. Yerba Mate, on the other hand, is more of a cultural drink that causes a stronger (noticeable) wax effect.

Both drinks are very getting used to and in particular the fire drying does not make Mate particularly healthy in many cases. When buying, attention should be paid to hot air drying as with Matcha.

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